Some Love for your February.

Yo. I'm over here today, interviewing myself... because I'm cool like that. 

So, I love blogging. Really, I do. And you know what?! Part of me is glad that I got shoved out in the middle of nowhere like I did, because not only has it allowed me to get to know myself and find new hobbies, but it's allowed me to get to know you people and your awesome selves. 

Some of your awesome selves are my sponsors. 

As I introduce my sponsors this month... I want to remind you all that it's February, so if you see a bunch of pictures of my sponsors with cutesy hearts all over them, it's because I asked them to give me a picture of themselves with someone they love. 

Amy at Life As I Know It 

Hello readers of Alyx!  I am Amy from life as i know it.  Come over and check out life through the eyes of a 24 year old girl. The random, the weird, the funny, I've got it all.  Come over and say hello...I'd love to meet you too :)

Who is that in your pic with you? Why in the world do you love them? 
A few reasons I love Matthew Brooks Harris:
-He truly is the sweetest boy I've ever met.
-He lets me watch shows and movies with the subtitles on.
-He thinks my ugly faces and weird voices are cute.
-He's not afraid to be himself.
-He brings out the best in me.
-Our sense of humor is so similar its frightening.
-He is my best friend.
-He loves me weirdness and all.

Kassi at Truly Lovely

Truly Lovely is an "all things lovely" blog written by myself (Kassi) with fun little snippets from my sister, Kayli. Things we consider to be lovely are crafts, recipes, DIY, etc. We host a link up party every Friday called Fancy This Fridays where we want to see what you fancied up over the last week! There's a feature post every Monday highlighting our favorite links from the party. Hope to see you over at Truly Lovely sometime soon!
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Who is that in your pic with you? Why in the world do you love them? 
Top three reasons why I love my hubs: 
1. He's a tall, sexy cowboy. 
2. He makes me laugh. 
3. He lets me decorate our house however I want! ;)

Kylee at Sincerely, Kylee

Hi! I'm Kylee, I blog at Sincerely, Kylee. I'm a mess most of the time, and that's the way I like it. I love Jesus, my husband, and sharing my musings through my blog. I hope that you'll come by and say hi! 
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Who is that in your pic with you? Why in the world do you love them? 
I love my husband, Jacob because he's adorable. :P He's my leader, my best friend, and my partner in crime.

Vivian at A Dance for 5

I'm Vivian. I'm a Colombian and a Mormon living in Utah. A Housewife, all things pretty lover, party planner, avid decorator, crafty, world traveler, healthy food fanatic, but above all a MOTHER. I can dance in my dreams as I try to make the world a better place. P.S: And who says Colombians can't have babies with BLUE EYES?
Who is that in your pic with you? Why in the world do you love them? 
Why I love him:
Because he accepts me and loves me just the way I am. Because he offers me security, forgiveness and a chance of a forever family. Because he gave me my most precious treasures in the world.


Jane {In The Pink & Green} said...

So I just came across your blog and I absolutely love it! I have been trying to convince my hubby that we should move to Europe, that's so awesome you're living there! I'm your newest follower! Xoxo

And I'll definitely check out some of your sponsors as well! :)

Amy Harris said...

ohh i love this! and the hearts.. they just gave it the nicest touch. haha seriously i'm a sucker for love (: also my dear, i have just posted your guest post on my bloggy blog so you will have to check it out. have a good day senorita (except senora cuz your married but senorita just sounds better)

Candace Shiflet said...

I love this post! everyone sharing their love for their special someone :) so cute

Lovely Little Rants

Anonymous said...

Loved your guest post!! Maybe you should plan on moving to India next. You'd have a much better chance of having a pet elephant there...

Loved the design you did on her blog, too!! You are super talented!

his little lady said...

aw, what great sponsors, and all have such beautiful little significant others!
and loved your guest post girl!
xo TJ

Anonymous said...

These are so fun! So glad to be apart of your fun blog Alyx!!! ;)