The Random and Ridiculous.

Hey, hey, hey! (Please read that like Fat Albert.)

Me: What's so funny?
Hubby: I just watched a GIF of a cat eating spaghetti. 

Hubby: So I watched the new Footloose last night. 
Me: Ummm... the dancing one? Isn't that a girl movie? 
Hubby: Ummm no. It's not some stupid movie like Step Up. 
Me: You've seen Step Up? 
Hubby: Psh. No... that's not the point anyway. It's not a girl movie! 
Me: Yes, it is. And you watched it alone. 
Hubby: Well... whatever. I watched it because there was a hot girl in it. 

Me: Wanna play another game of Catan?
Hubby: No, I'm tired of winning all the time. 

And... a vlog that contains information that will change your life. 
For the better. 


Unknown said...

this made me laugh
and i love catan.
and wish i owned it so i could make my husband like it.he thinks he hates it - but he's never played.

Niken said...

hahahaha.thanks for sharing makes my day

Carina Schoen said...

you are funny. and i do love peanut butter in my ice cream. but my ultimate favorite is peanut butter chocolate from baskin robbins, which may very well have 4 million calories in it but SOOO dang good.

Anonymous said...

you crack me up. and i wish i could watch the video now but i cant (internet is lame over in my parts...getting new service in 9 days)

my boyfriend watched step up with me. i kind of have to make the remarks before putting a movie in that go like this:

me: 'wanna watch step up?'
him: 'what is it about?'
me: 'well it is kind of a guyish movie, not much focus on love, but with guns and bad parts of baltimore and stuff.'
him: 'sure...sounds like my kind of movie.'

then when it is over he always says "that was a pretty good movie". i think i just have to kind of make him think it is guyish and he seems to believe it. he just asked me the other day if 'the notebook' was any good. i can't figure out how to sell that one yet.

Heather said...

oh my - you're a strange and funny girl :) I love this vlog - so random but SUCH a good idea. I'm going to try it. Yup. I am.

Anonymous said...

Ice cream at 1AM? Yep, I knew we were friends for a reason! :o) I'm going to have to try out this PB/ice cream concoction tonight...

Keri said...

CATAN!!!! YES!!!!!!!! We love it. My husband thinks he's the mayor. And I'm pretty sure I would be homeless. But we love it! :)

Dulce Moonchild said...

ICE CREAM!!!!!! i love it :)

Kym said...

so, that was pretty awesome. thanks for the laugh. btw, your ice cream shop will have so much variety it'll make people's heads spin. i mean, 3 different choices? come on....

Kelly Clark said...

I think you should open an ice cream shop. It sounds delicious! And I will definitely have to try mixing peanut butter with my ice cream.

Sara Louise said...

Peanut Butter/ Nutella ice cream. Yes please.
And my husband LOVES The Notebook. Just thought I'd throw that out there.