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Happy Tuesday!

Sorry I missed yesterday's post - I totally spaced it over the weekend, so it didn't get put together in time. Anyway, this week's real product review is Norwex!
If you haven't heard of Norwex, I pulled this little blurb from the "about" section of their website:

"Our purpose is simple but powerful: The idea that working together, with trust, integrity and honesty as our core values and radically reducing chemicals in our homes as our mission, we can improve the world around us." 

Basically, Norwex produces cleaning products with no chemicals. I was totally skeptical at first, but after attending a Norwex party and watching numerous demonstration videos (like this one), I was hooked. I had to try this stuff. I went ahead and ordered the basic household package. I ended up winning a makeup removal cloth,  and my mom gifted me a bathroom scrub mitt. I have also used so many more products, but I thought I would review the few that I actually own (and just let you know that I haven't used anything from Norwex that I didn't want for myself).

First up: The basic household package (more specifically, the envirocloth)

 I LOVE my envirocloth. I will never use another washcloth in my kitchen (or anywhere, really) again. It makes me sad when my envirocloth is in the washing machine. I use this thing for everything. I wipe my table and counters off with it, I clean my stove with it, I wipe the floor with it, I wash my windows and mirrors with it (combined with the glass cloth). It is seriously a must-have and I honestly don't know how I lived without it. See the picture above? Cleaning my microwave literally took me less than a minute. I know the envirocloth might seem a little pricey, but it is worth every single penny. I'm actually going to order another one so that I don't feel sad when mine is in the wash.

Next up: the makeup removal cloth

I don't actually have photos of before and afters for this one because I haven't worn makeup since before I decided to review Norwex this week, and there was no way I was going to lather my face in makeup just to take it off ten seconds later. Anyway, the cloth works great at taking off your makeup from the day. It actually works better than most makeup removers I've tried, and doesn't leave that greasy residue. I love it.

Finally: the bathroom scrub mitt

This is actually one of the only Norwex products I've tried that I will tell you you can probably live without. Don't get me wrong - it works so well! BUT... it's not perfect (as you can see from my disgusting before and after photos of my nasty shower... GROSS). It holds a ton of water, and that really bothers me when I'm trying to scrub at something - I don't like feeling the squishiness of excess water. Other than that, it does a good job of scrubbing. It really is no match for some good old bleach and icky chemical cleaner, though (although the whole point of Norwex is getting those icky chemicals out of your house).
Other products I have used and would recommend: the kitchen cloth, body cloth, and mop.

The final Verdict: YES. If you are worried about having harmful chemicals in your home that may not even be truly getting rid of all those icky germs, then you need Norwex. I cannot recommend these products enough. I haven't had to buy cleaners in forever - I just don't use them anymore. I don't worry about Elsie getting into my "cleaning" cabinet, because all it is is a couple of washcloths. It has made such a difference having a safe way to clean my home. An added bonus? Elsie can help.

Have you used Norwex products? What did you think? 

Sometimes It's Okay.

As moms/women/humans in general, there is a lot of pressure to be perfect all the time. In this world of social media, our lives are constantly on display for the world to see (yeah, yeah, we bring it on ourselves). With that, we see everyone else's lives. We all know that people post the best parts of them and their family on social media, but sometimes it's hard not to compare our bad to other people's good.

We find ourselves feeling guilty and getting worked up over the stupidest things (I say, "we," but by that... I mean "me/I"). I've been thinking about this a lot, and I've come up with a list of things that we beat ourselves up over, but really... they aren't the end of the world.

Sometimes it's okay.... 

to be selfish. I know so many women who don't take any time for themselves. They are constantly putting everyone and their dog first, and you know what?! That sucks. Stop it. Take a friggin' day off. Pawn your kids off on somebody, take a day off of work, whatever it is that sucks up your time... leave it for the day. No one will die without you - life will go on. Sure, the house might look like a tornado when you get home, you might have an inbox full of emails when you get to work, but those things don't matter. Your sanity and well-being matter. Quit feeling guilty for wanting a day off and just take it. Seriously. Get over yourself - you're not that important, work and family will survive 8 hours without you there.

to quit. I am not a quitter. I was raised knowing that if I started something, I sure as hell better finish it, because quitting is not acceptable. Except when it is. Sometimes we spread ourselves too thin and realize it too late. It is okay to quit. In fact, sometimes it's good to quit. I'd rather be able to give a couple people 100% than half-a** my way through 20 different things. 

to say no. I wrote a whole blog post on saying no a while back. I still maintain that it is a necessary evil, and it is oh, so wonderful to be able to say that word and not feel bad about it. 

to be a hypocrite. I tell Elsie all the time that she can't have oreos until she's eaten dinner. But guess who's a big, fat hypocrite? That's right, ME!!!  I eat all the oreos I want before eating dinner and I don't even feel bad about it. HA!

to scream. I've screamed at my kid - I'm not proud to say it, but it happens. We are all human. I'm not talking about screaming at my kid, though - I'm talking about screaming at the world. The other day, :I was just pissed. I hated the world, I was mad at myself for being upset about things because, really, I have it pretty good. I seriously left my house at 11:00 at night, got into my car, and proceeded to drive and just scream. It's a good thing it was nighttime and no one could see into my car, because I'm pretty confident that I looked like I'd escaped the madhouse. But you know what?! It was really therapeutic. I just screamed and cried and screamed some more. It was awesome and I felt sooo much better after that. Try it, you'll see.

to look like a hot mess when you leave your house. Living in Utah is like this whole other world. All these women at the grocery store, perfectly made up... me in my sweatpants covered in boogers, poop, and spit up. I've come to terms with the fact that I enjoy sleep more than I enjoy looking like I put effort into my appearance, and it's okay. You can see in the photo below with my non-made up face and greasy hair that appearance really isn't my top priority most of the time.

What about you? What could you add to this list?