A Giveaway. Or: Something Better than What I Wore Wednesday because I Don't Feel Like Making Husband Take My Picture. AKA Meet Amy!!

Hi Friends!!!! 

I'm not doing What I Wore Wednesday (but check out the super cute scarf I won from Ma Nouvelle Mode), and I'm not going to tell you about how I got made fun of by my 13th graders because of my laugh, and I'm not going to tell you that I "danced" my way home while rapping to some Hammer Time and consequently felt the intense urge to make a music video while rapping my heart out and wearing some parachute pants. 

Instead, I have my friend and sponsor Amy here to tell you guys a little bit about herself. Stick around to the end... she has a surprise for you! 

Oh, and remember last week when Ashley hosted a giveaway? I picked a winner. Go here to see if it was you! 
Hello, Hello readers of the lovely Alyx!
today i come bearing two spectacular gifts i would like to give away,
but before we get to that, allow me to introduce myself.
I am Amy and I blog over at Life As I Know It.

i blog about my random life, which generally happens to be pretty great.
i love the color turquoise and purple.
i think elephants are the cutest thing ever,
and i am obsessed with people watching.
check out my latest, greatest encounter.

i recently purchased two things that i love oh so dearly, and i wanted to share them with you today.
one lucky reader will win this beauty.
another reader will win my favorite mascara of all time.
it does wonder for the lashes i tell ya

winners will be announced in one week, on February 22nd.
happy winning!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Michelle said...

Great giveaway!

I would say the above legging look is the worse, I see it too often

Keri said...

Oh, that poor woman. Did she forget her skirt?!

Anna said...

I've been looking for a new mascara. :) that one looks amazing.
Poor lady. Maybe she thought her top was longer than it really is...

Natasha Louise Taylor said...

Oh my Gosh, I can't believe I won, what do I do now???! :D

Natasha Louise Taylor said...

and people watching, hahahaha, I seriously don't know whether to laugh or cry for that poor woman.

Breenah said...

People need to learn the difference between tights and leggings. Leggings are opaque.

Jaclyn said...

do people really truly not know that is what others can see? omg!

Brielle said...

oh gosh, my life is a fashion faux pas. one time i went to work in bright blue sweats that were three sizes to big with a whole in the crotch, knee, and lower butt. classy. i also then accidentally pantsed myself while i was working so all our customers saw my booty. i rock.

Alana Christine said...

It won't let me enter as a follower of Amy : (

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot said...

The worst to me is ratty old pajamas in public. Im all for having days where I dont want to get out of my yoga pants and hoodie, but when people wear their 20 year old, holey, faded PJs it drives me nuts!

henning love said...

i try not to commit fashion faux pas so i don't end up on the people of wal-mart sight or have ugly disasters like the woman in the tights. when i wear leggings, i make sure they are leggings and not actually tights!

megan danielle said...

definitley have never, everrrr in my life worn leggings as pants. once when i was little i had a purple, corduroy, overall, dress. yeah, that was pretty crazy...and i loveddd it haha other than that i just wear tees and jeans

Unknown said...

Thongs showing through pants!

Unknown said...

Worst faux pas... probably wearing sweats and no bra to the grocery store late at night. ick!

Jessica said...

I wanted that scarf!!!

Courtney B said...

Love this giveaway!

his little lady said...

umm, no WAY did you find someone walking around like that. HILARIOUS!!!
xo TJ

Lauren Gardner said...

i noticed that my ad is no longer on your blog. did you want to continue our ad swap? i'd love to still have ya!

Lish @ Imprintalish said...

Oh my....don't people look in the mirror??! Ah....I love that necklace and I want it...LOL.... My biggest fashion fauz pas that I[know] of..wearing pj pants to the store!

Alex, Speaking Denglish said...

I cannot stand when people wear Uggs and a cut off jean skirt. If its warm enough for a skirt, lose the Ugg boots.

Rachel Sayumi Porter said...

AHHH that picture. BURN MY EYES

Lacy in the Sky with Diapers said...

ah I love that necklace!!!! I hope I win!!

Haley Brianna said...

You and your husband are so precious!! I love these pictures. Especially of the cheesy smile. :)

Sara Louise said...

Oh lordy! That woman needs a roommate to keep her in check before she leaves the house. Sad. So sad.
And the necklace is AMAZING! My fingers are crossed :)

Mallory said...

Love that necklace! Oh, and I need new mascara :)

Funny pic!

Jenni Austria Germany said...

the worst fashion faux paus...i wrote about here:


you will appreciate it, living in germany.

Julie said...

I'm living in Paris and whithout pretention i don't witness a lot of Faux Pas here BUT when i need a good laugh i pleased myself in there :


Enjoy :)

Crochet Addict UK said...

I have a fashion faux paus everyday. I go to drop my son off at school in tracksuit bottoms, scruffy t-shirt and my coat. Not a pretty site but i haven't got the energy to look beautiful for school

Natalia Lynn said...

That picture is hilarious!

Leah said...

i detest people wearing leggings like that, in my last school, all the girls didn't bother wearing school trousers, they just walked around in leggings and their school jumpers! I was like, ooh eehhrrhhh, definate fashion faux pa

Bella & Poppa said...

I saw a woman wearing what looked like pants made out of lace!!

Julie said...

Worst fashion faux pas- well, maybe it's not really a fashion faux pas, but I hate those "shorts" that girls are wearing these days that are basically the same size as boy short underwear (except made of denim) and the pockets stick out of the legs!!!!! What isssss that!!!!

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