Sunday Confessions Linky Party!

Hey everyone!!

Just in case you missed it, yesterday I was over here talking about the pros and cons of living in Europe. Check it out!

And... I really should start writing these up ahead of time and just having them scheduled, but alas, I am not that organized. Forgive me? Great, thanks. 

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If you haven't already entered the giveaway, there's still time! Go here. Okay, now for the Confessions. 

1. Some mornings when I wake up, I think to myself, Can I call in sick today? This has gotten better since I've contacted Fulbright and spoken with the people at my school - I'm starting to enjoy myself a lot more because I feel needed. I'm not going to lie, though - it still happens every Thursday. 

2. I have started to sort of like chocolate. Oh my gosh. I don't know what's happening to me. Maybe it's the fact that I live in Europe where the chocolate is superior. I don't know, but dark chocolate is starting to be my favorite. 

3. I hate mustard and pickles, and I'm afraid of the day that I become pregnant and start liking these two food items. No, I don't know it will happen, but it seems like it happens to everyone else. 

4. I haven't actually put effort into doing my hair in approximately 5.5 months. I discovered that the humidity of Germany would automatically ruin anything I tried to do, so I gave up. Now I just wear it curly or up all the time. 

5. I hate the smell of fish. That is why it is a choice insult of mine. Ha. 


B said...

Dark chocolate is absolutely delightful. I love it and it's fattier cousin.

Looking at that picture of the pickles and mustard actually made me a bit nauseous. o_0

Love what you did with the site. It looks great!

two birds said...

i love both mustard and pickles, but that picture looks absolutely disgusting. love these confessions!!

Alana Christine said...

I swear, we are just alike!
I only eat chocolate if there's caramel in it, and I hate mustard and pickles!!

Natasha Louise Taylor said...

I love dark chocolate, hate the smell of fish, hate mustard...
Awww man, I need to do another Sunday confessions, I always post before I remember.. have to make sure I do one in the week and set it for Sunday! :)

Samantha said...

i love mustard and pickles! it's not a complete burger without those two ingredients!

erin e flynn said...

I didn't really like chocolate until I lived in Germany either! The chocolate is so much better in Europe! I love dark chocolate.

I also love mustard. German mustard. Mmm.. You're missing out. Go load up on some senf and eat it! you'll learn to love it. lol

I posted my confessions on my blog!

Amy Harris said...

ohhh goodness. that mustard and pickle picture makes me want to vomit. what an awful combination!! i like mustard but with pickles...sick, sick, sick.
also, i now refer to you as "my german blog friend alyx" hahaha yesterday we were at the movie and a preview for "the lucky one" came on and all my friends were talking about how they want to see it and i said, "i heard its so good! my german blog friend alyx said it's her favorite NS book!!" haha so yes, that is you :)

Anonymous said...

I always feel so guilty calling in sick, even if it is completely necessary.

I LOVE chocolate, it may be my biggest weakness.

I wouldn't say I hate mustard or pickles but they are definitely not my top choice for condiments.

Hope you have a wonderful rest of your day =]

Anonymous said...

I just busted out laughing at that little cartoon!!! :o) It's so true though - the term "female problems" can get you out of anything. Even tickets. I may know this from experience...

Bri Buzali said...

oh my gosh these made me laugh out loud! Wasn't it so much easier to "be sick" and skip class when we were still in school?! Ugh I miss those days. and what the heck is that pic of the mustard and pickles from, I like both but that pic made me want to vom!!!

I like the new blog design!

Lacy in the Sky with Diapers said...

I knew I loved you more than life... I hate Mustard it is nasty stuff.... My German man loves the crap!! Oh and I never craved pickles while pregnant!

Unknown said...

How could you not like chocolate before?! haha well better late than never! And trust me I hear ya on the calling in sick thing. I have this conversation with myself every Monday!

Michelle said...

I hate mustard, but LOVE pickles.

Keri said...


Nicole said...

but curly and up is cute! :)

Sara Louise said...

I've definitely always been more of a savory girl than sweet, but since living in Europe, I have found myself eating chocolate more and more. It's just so damn creamy and delicious!

Unknown said...

My fear is that if I'm ever pregnant I'll crave hotdogs...worse nightmare right there! :-D I hate hotdogs!

Mandy@OrangeAutumn said...

Lol, I like the "call in sick" picture, too funny :)

Alex, Speaking Denglish said...


Also, I NEVER ate chocolate except for Reeses before I got to Germany and now I'm addicted to Milka bars, particularly the Milka + Keks. Ugh.

I met 2 people from Nebraska here recently and thought I needed to share.

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