Dear Parents.

What's crackin' mah homie G's? I know... I should probably just channel inner valley girl and be like, "Hey girl, hey!!" But I just can't do it. 

Warning: this is kind of a long post, so if you don't read the whole thing - I won't hate you. Or blame you. 

Anyway, I was looking through some pics of the cruise that my parents just went on, and I realized that I really miss those two lovebirds. I mean, how could I not? See how cute and lovable and missable they are?? 
Dear Parents, 

I'm gonna start off with the mushy gushy stuff so that it's over fast - like ripping off a band-aid, only instead of hurting, I'm sure it'll make you smile and feel all nice inside. You guys are the bee's knees. You're sunshine on a cloudy day. You're like big strong Amazon people (<-- Okay, I realize that's not mushy, but I thought it had a nice ring to it). You are two of the most amazing, talented, loving, caring, and patient people that I have ever met. I love you guys. 
Oh, and you're weird. I like that you're weird, because now I know where I get it! 
DUDE, MOM (we always joked that that should have been her name, because half the time us kids would greet her that way). Thank you for putting up with my witchy 13-14-15-16-17-18-year-old self. I commend you for your patience and love. I would have probably smacked my smart-butt face more than once. You have a lot of self-control. I know we butted heads a lot as I was growing up, but I am so thankful to have you now not only as a mother, but as a friend. 
Thank you for acting as a chauffeur until I got my license. Thank you for allowing me to drive, even though it probably scared the living daylights out of you. Thank you for supporting me in all of my endeavors - even the ridiculous ones. You knew I would be too gangly and giraffe-like to ever be a gymnast, but you bought me that leotard anyway, because 5-year-old Alyx was convinced that gymnastics was for her. Thank you for believing in me, and encouraging me to get an education. Thank you for setting that example for me - you are smart, beautiful, strong, successful, and the best mom ever. 
PS: what the heck is this fuzzy thing you're wearing??? I forgive for this fashion mishap, because I'm sure in the early 80's, this was hip/cool/rad/awesome/whatever word they were using back then. 
DADDY!! To this day I am a daddy's girl, and I am proud of it. I get my competitive nature from you (which, let's be honest - it can get a little extreme, but I like it), and I think I get my freakish height from you, too. Thanks for that - because of you, I can always reach the cookie jar. Seriously, though. 
Thank you for teaching me how to drive (even though one time you were asleep and I almost hit a deer and slammed on the breaks and you woke up thinking that you were going to die - sorry about that). Thank you for helping me with my math homework, thank you for encouraging me to go to college and get an education. Thank you for humoring my 5-year-old leotard-clad self and teaching me how to do a cartwheel. Thank you for serving your country for 25+ years. 
Thank you for loving me no matter what, thank you for the snuggles, and the bear hugs. Thank you for never letting me settle for less than I deserved. Thank you for putting up with the phone call a day for the first three years I was away from home, and the 4 phone calls (at least!) a week after I got married. Thank you for being a great father and a great husband to my mother. Because of you, I knew what kind of man I wanted to marry (obviously the kind that tries to throw his wife off of the cruise ship).

You guys have shown me that marriage isn't always easy, it isn't always fun, and there are plenty of struggles, but it is so worth it. You are still in love after almost 28 years and 4 kids. You are awesome, and I can only hope to be like you someday. 


Anonymous said...

Oh my dear niece, thank you so much!! I know they need to hear how loved and appreciated they are as parents. Especially with the tough year they have had. Love you!! Can't wait for you guys to be stateside to visit.

Natasha Louise Taylor said...

:) I am big smiles right now, this was adorable! and I read the whole way through!!

Guess who started the book club, if it's only you and me Alyx, it'll still be awesome I figured hahaha!

Marsha Mckeever said...

Awesome! It's always good to have great role moels as parents to help guide you when that time comes when your looking for a spouse :)

Jenny-O said...

Alyx, this was so sweet to read! Sounds like your parents are pretty awesome and it really is wonderful that you have a great relationship (that foundation is soooo important in life). :)

Jamie said...

This is so sweet. Great post.

Anonymous said...

I bet you just made your parents boo-hoo a little!!! :o) This was so sweet! Your parents seem like they'd be super fun to be around!

bonbon said...

Such an adorable post. it is great to see parents who are still so in love after so much time together. gives us all something to hope for and strive for :)


Grateful4Crochet said...

what a lovely post, and just what every parent wants to hear

Alex, Speaking Denglish said...

they seem like an amazing couple, you lucky gal!

Keri said...

This is absolutely wonderful!!!! And, I think I've said this before, but your parents are ADORABLE. I hope and pray and pray and hope that my kids have fond thoughts and memories like yours when they're all growed up. :)

Jennie said...

This is so sweet! Your parents sound like they are freakin' amaaaazing!

Ck said...

Aww its a beautiful thing!!