What It's Like. (Awkward and Awesome Part Two)

Greetings, Bloglings! 

Remember that one time I told you about all the awkward stuff you would see if you were a creepy stalker fly on our wall?

Well, this is part two of that post, which means this is all the awesome stuff you would see/hear. Oh, and sorry for the crappy webcam pics. Mikey-poo is taking a nap, and I don't want to bother him to take my picture. 

1. Little love notes left on computers because we're too lazy to use a pencil and paper. 

2. Hubby singing at the top of his lungs. Dude has an amazing voice. I find it comparable to Josh Groban's. He hasn't ever had any professional training (hard to believe, right?), but he is fantastic. 
3. Lots of diet coke, poured into jars instead of glasses. I realize our obsession with this beverage is probably borderline unhealthy, but I think it's awesome that our fridge is always stocked, and that I can offer guests a nice big jar of cold diet coke. Mmmm, refreshing. 

4. Laundry waiting to be folded. I like to think of this as awesome because it makes me feel better about myself. No, I didn't take a pic of my awesome piles of laundry... I don't want to be judged. :)

5. PRETZELS!!! I freakin' love pretzels. Mmmmm. Add a little PB and you have my favorite snack! 


Jaime G. said...

your eyebrows looks amazing. i'm jealous.

Unknown said...

You are so funny! My laundry is in a huge mountain right now....I don't wanna bend over and pick it all up and fold it hahaha Silly preggo belly gets in the way ;)

Abby said...

Diet Coke in a jar?! I have never thought of that one! I like it best in a large Route 44 cup from Sonic. Or from 7 eleven. Or from anywhere.

Yes, I agree, borderline unhealthy. I can't help it, it just makes me so happy!


Michelle said...

haha we always have a HUGE pile of laundry.

Kym said...

alyx, what's really awesome is that it is so NOT obvious that your hubby hasn't had professional voice training. he sounds fantastic!

have you noticed that european diet coke tastes different than american diet coke? or maybe it's just the swiss coke lite....or whatever those weirdos call it...

Keri said...

I will never look at jars the same way again! :)

I love these little peeks into your life. Because I am a creepy stalker.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever tried pretzels with hummus?? Ooooh it's so good!!! That's my favorite snack!

You fold your laundry? I thought it was just supposed to stay in those piles until you wore it again? :o)

Niken said...

we're on the same page about laundry. your diet coke in a jar has inspired me

Alana Christine said...

Boy, you are the healthiest eater I know! hahahahaha

Unknown said...

You're hilarious! I love reading your blog :)

And don't feel weird, I love hearing what other bloggers sound like too! haha

I'll Love You Forever said...

I have a ton of laundry sitting on the couch waiting for me! Love that you leave little love notes on the computer!

Natasha Louise Taylor said...

awww little loves on the computer, I drink out of jars sometimes too! Yay!

B said...

Love notes on the computer is adorable x10. I might have to pick that one up myself.

I think you know why I don't do diet sodas anymore. *HUGE WINK*

Your husband has a fab voice. I'm kinda jealous. Stupid question, but he's German, right? I can kinda hear it when he sings. I'm weird and over analytical like that.

I wish I could like pretzels, but I really don't. :-(

I DO like you though. :-)

his little lady said...

pretzels are definitely the bomb!! i always forget about them, but when i finally do get to eatting some i never put the bag down. yum!
xo TJ

Stesha said...

i always drink out of Mason Jars! I am obsessed with them! Loving your Thursday!

LATOYA. said...

What a freaking coincidence! As I'm sitting here reading your post ,I'm eating pretzels with peanut butter and starring at pile of laundry on the floor that needs to be folded lol. But for real, I'm actually shocked by this

Maria Larsen said...

Now all I want is a huge diet coke and a bag of pretzels. But it's okay, I'm settling for a frozen coffee and gummy bears (super healthy, right?)

Unknown said...
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Natalia Lynn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Natalia Lynn said...

I drink my soda out of a jar too! Seems to make it taste all the better :) And love notes on the computer most definitely make you two awesome! so cute- Christie

Shay said...

YUMMY- I miss Diet Coke so much...I really have tried to lay off the caffeine since getting pregnant! You are hilarious!

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Love the idea of a jar of coke! But make mine full calorie Coca Cola Classic. ;) HA.

Danielle said...

TOTALLY relate to the diet coke and the laundry. I'm ridiculous with laundry. And the jar... because everything tastes better out of a big glass thing!! Love your blog. Newest reader!

Anna said...

you're right, he's got a really good voice. And I love that song.
You guys are cute together. :)

Kelly Clark said...

Love the Diet Coke in jars! Have you ever tried putting pretzels on peanut butter sandwiches? It adds just the right amount of crunch :)

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