WIWW Purple People Eater. And All Things Ashley.

YO!!! So.. let me just tell you how freaking cold it was outside. I was shivering hardcore, and when I zoomed in on these photos I had goosebumps. 

All this purple makes me feel like a grape. Or a one-eyed, one-horned, flying purple people eater. 

Anyway.... I'm busy playing cards with Hubby, so I have something special for you guys. Let me introduce you to one of my lovely sponsors, Ashley. She's got a great post all written up, and I hope you guys stop by her blog and give her some love!! 

hello to all the dear readers of Every Day Is a New Adventure.

i am so happy that Alyx invited me to be a guest blogger.

now, before you start reading more into the guest blog post, i should introduce myself.

my name is ashley & i blog over at All Things Ashley
my blog is a mixture of all the craziness that my life is.

i don't really have a "themed" blog.

i just blog about what i love to listen to, clothes i buy, projects i make, places i've visited, my friends, family, working out, etc.

today though, i wanted to take a different approach and write about something i've become really interested/passionate about as of late.

that is: traveling.

i recently went on two trips within the past month.

i must admit, i've caught the traveling bug.

while i was in california, i visited balboa pier (near longbeach).

it was the absolute dreamiest little beach-front community.
i decided that i want to travel more.
i am a single lady, therefore i don't have a spouse to take care of.
children to fuss over.
i am a free woman in that regard.

so i've made a bucket list of places i'd like to visit before 2012 comes to a close.

i'll share a FEW of the places i'm interested in going.

- zion national park
- my family cabin (heaven)
- disneyworld (yes, WORLD)
- virginia beach
- seattle
yeah, i would love to visit all of those places so very soon.
the world is a big place and i can't wait to be able to explore and see
all the marvelous things each individual place has to offer.
who knows, maybe i'll stop by germany and visit my dear friend alyx!

i would love for you to come stop by and visit me sometime.
come and say hi, you're always welcome over at my blog.

xo ashley


Unknown said...

You look so cute!! And you are so brave to wear heels! I sooo can't walk in heels, just ask my hubs and my family. I'm incredibly awkward in them hahahaha but yours are stinkin cute!

Keri said...

You're the prettiest purple people eater I've ever seen. And yeah, I've seen TONS of those.

Jenny-O said...

Ach du meine gutte! You look HOT or GEIL! :) Seriously, purple is one of my favorite colors to wear and those shoes are killer!
You seriously need to help me Alyx. I dream of a trendy, fashionable wardrobe and just never seem to be able to afford the things I want... or I buy one thing and then never have something to wear it with and by the time I do, I've either donated it or it's disappeared... any advice or tips??? :)

Natasha Louise Taylor said...

Lovin your outfit, super purpley cute!! :) hehe

Kym said...

alyx, you look ah.maze.ing. so tall, thin, and chic! in the first photo i thought you were doing your best model/zoolander impression, but now i realize it's probably your "i'm so cold i can't even handle life right now" face. amiright?

Amy Harris said...

your shoes are HOT!! i love me some heels. also.. i may just have to accompany ashley to germany for a visit :)

Maria Larsen said...

Ooh! I love the purple though, it's my little sisters favorite color so I've definitely seen a lot of it growing up!

Mandy@OrangeAutumn said...

I love your outfit, I think it's super cute. That scarf is lovely. Love the guest post! Seattle would be so much fun :)

JanandJill.com said...

What a great blog you have and brr, that does sound really cold if you could see your goose bumps zooming in. But you look really cute hehe. Thanks for sharing Ashely's blog, I'll have to check it out. Following you now


TicoTina said...

dang gurl, you lookin HOT, Alyx!

good luck with your travels, Ashley!

Dearest Lou said...

I love your outfit. Look at those long legs they go for miles I tell ya (; I love Ashley she's such a sweet gal.

Jessica Ruud said...

I LOVE PURPLE! And Ashley is adorable. Loving both blogs!!

Esther said...

that's a HOT outfit, girl!

ashley.warner said...

you are gorgeous and tall and skinny and just fabulous all around! :)
thanks for sharing! and thanks for having me on the blog! :)

you rock Alyx!

xo - ashley