Hunger Games Thoughts.

Yes, I already posted today. 

HOLY FREAKING CRAP, PEOPLE!!! That is all I have to say after reading this book: 
Yes, I know I'm late jumping on the bandwagon. 

Yes, I read it in German... I know, I'm crazy. I could have had it done in a few hours, instead I decided to torture myself and read it at a snail's pace in another language. 

All of that aside, let me present this one question: 


You make me want to punch a baby. Okay, dude is obviously head over heels for you, RUE FREAKING TOLD YOU HE WAS, and yet you have to go and break his little heart? 

You suck. 

You better freaking redeem yourself in the second book, because right now, if you and I were together in an arena... I'd let the monster wolf tribute things eat you instead of Cato. That's right, I said it. Or... I'd feed you those poisonous berries. Yeah, that's a little nicer. I'd do that. 

Girl... I better be a lot happier with you once I'm done with the second book. 

The End. 

Now I'm going to go answer emails. Yay for an awesome Friday night. 


Hannah said...

I keep hearing all about the Hunger Games!!! I may have to finally give these books a try.

Natasha Louise Taylor said...

Hahahaha! Alyx you are so funny! I am glad you posted your thoughts though! Arrrgh it's so hard not to let out spoilers!!!!

Liz Brown said...


I'm in the middle of Catching Fire right now. The suspense it is killing me.

Libby's Life said...

Ha ha ha oh my gosh I know I was a little upset with her too for breaking the boys heart!! He kept her alive and saved her life on more than ONE occasion and then she goes and disses him like that!? I was pissed. To me that's a dude you want to spend your life with... come on he's cute & has loved you since he was 5!

Courtney B said...

Hahaha! I can't wait for you to read the last 2 books! Have you seen the trailers for the movie? I die!

Eryka said...

hahaha. i love this! she will redeem herself. no worries!!! :)


Dorothy Explora said...

ahahah! i am with courtney - just wait until you read the next 2 book. OMG..! :D eheh.

and i plowed through all 3 books in a matter of a few days. but this was like - hours one end of leisure reading!

Keri said...

I haven't read them yet either! I'm intrigued.

Keri said...

I always post comments, then think "CRAP I forgot to say (insert random comment I forgot to say)"

I forgot to say....your ceiling is cool! HA

Dorothy Explora said...

...and i normally don't have that bad of grammar when it comes to my typing. i really didn't notice all those errors in my initial reply until RIGHT NOW - that just shows you how excited i was when i replied! ahah.

Unknown said...

Don't worry, she will. But not without pissing you off a little more! :P

I <3 Peeta!

ACW said...

I am on the 3rd book and if she doesn't end up with Peeta I am going to lose my mind!

Emily said...

I was mad at her at the end of the first book too! I finished the third book right after Christmas, and quite a few of my 9th and 10th graders are reading or have read them and they love them too! They're the kind of books that are loved by students &&& adults! :)

twiggy@thedirtlife said...

don't kill her, just embarass her for life, that's way worse.

Brooke @ Silver Lining said...

Haha just keep reading - you'll find out :)

And also, random detail, but what is that ring you're wearing? I'm really intrigued by it.

Anna said...

You're reading it in German!? Hardcore. :) I totally felt the same way reading that book. I've finished all 3 now and I'm still not sure how I feel. I think I need to re-read the whole thing again...

Vapid Vixen said...

I read all three of them in less than two weeks. I liked the first one the best. If you like this trilogy you'd probably like Battle Royale. I think that's what the Hunger Games are originally based off of. I actually liked Battle Royale better...I think. I read it quite awhile ago.

And really? German? Holy crap I'm impressed.

Jenni Austria Germany said...

so impressed you read it auf deutsch!

Sarah said...

Haha. I agree! The second book is way better in my opinion, so get excited. Haha.

Unknown said...

I definitely agree about that! I was so frustrated with her!! You're going to love all the other books as well.

Sara Louise said...

I haven't read it yet!!! I got a kindle for my birthday and I have a whole list to download... this is number 1 because I'm beginning to feel like a pariah.

Melanie said...

hahhah you read this in german??? WOAH! you're amazing!

Alex, Speaking Denglish said...

ah start the second book NOW!

And way to go for reading it in German, so impressed. Bettering yourself while indulging in a little bandwagon fun!

Heather said...

You are so inspiring! I want to be able to read books in German, or really any other language and understand it!

I need to get the Hunger Games books, I have heard great things.

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