Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday (BC I'm Not Fashionable Enough for WIW)

Guys, we all have those days. Those days where we wake up late with barely any time to get ready. Those days where we grab the first thing we see in our closet because we don't have enough time to pick out something cute. Those days where we don't put on any makeup because we are throwing our shoes on as we are running out the door to catch the train. You know, those days. And today, What I Wore Wednesday, just happened to be one of those days. 

Needless to say, because I looked a little... homely... today, I'm linking up with The Vintage Apple for Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday instead of the usual WIW. Enjoy! 









So there you go! Those are some of my favorites from Pinterest today! Maybe next Wednesday I'll look decent enough to take my picture... 


Trish said...

love the boots!
Trish @ Tales from ... 

his little lady said...

pinterest is so amazing. i wish i could afford at least half of the things i stumble across there. perfection!!
xo TJ

Stesha said...

love your pins! and those Tori boots! amaz!! check out my pins for the day :)

Classic & Bubbly

Petchie said...

Love the boots, so cute! and the quote!


Meredith said...

haha! oh my gosh, that seal pic is so funny. HAAA!

Why Girls Are Weird said...

Oh my gosh, the one with the seal. Cannot stop laughing!

Fash Boulevard said...

love the boots and that mustard dress. so cute. i seriously need to go to pinterest rehab. it's a problem. lol. adore this post, love. stop by sometime. xo


Rebecca said...

Oh man those boots are perfection.


Unknown said...

i love all your pinterest choices (: