Favorite Things Friday

Hello there, people of the Blogosphere! 
Holy moly, guacamole. This week has just flown by. It seems like just yesterday was Monday, but, I digress.
It's Favorite Things Friday. It's actually a really good thing that I'm being forced to think of some of my favorite things for this blog, because today has been less than ideal. I'm sure thinking of/writing down tons of awesomeness will help get me back to my usual chipper self.

1. Cute shoes. Yeah, shoes are some of my favorite things. I can't help it - I'm seriously addicted to shoes. I need to go to therapy or something, because this is a very expensive habit. Like the shoes I just ordered? They're a birthday present to myself.
2. Parents. Ohmygosh. 7 years ago, I never would have seen myself saying this. But seriously, guys. My mom is an amazing woman (for many reasons, not just the one I'm about to give). She has put together a care package for me with a brand new coat (b-day present), taco seasoning (incredibly hard to come by in Germany), ranch dressing mix (another item missing from all German grocery stores), 4 pairs of various colored tights, and a pair of super cute black flats. Love. Her.
Still on the parents note... I love my dad, too. He's seriously just an awesome guy. I like that he's willing to leave Skype on on his computer at work, just so that if I want to talk to him, he's there. See that goofy guy down there? Yeah, that's my freaking awesome dad. And Mom looks a little mad, but she was happy, I swear!!!
3. The way Hubby looks at me. I think the above picture is a perfect example. He's looked at me like that since the day we met, and I love him oh so very much. 
4. NOVEMBER!! It's my birthday month, and even though I'm getting old, I still love it. Plus, the weather is awesome, you get to eat as much turkey as you possibly can, and there's so much football. I freaking love this month. 
So there you have it - a few of my favorite things today! 
Happy finally weekend, everyone! 


Jenni Austria Germany said...

hey - just read your comment. so cool to "know" another fulbrighter in germany! i'm not sure right now if i'm going to the berlin conf. in march. i went last year though and i loved it. if i'm able to go this year, i will for sure. i recommend it!

Stesha said...

i love those top shoes. so cute!!

Classic & Bubbly

Unknown said...

When is your birthday? :) We should do something!!! Also, there is a shoe store I want to take you in Frankfurt. :)

<3 Daryl
Roots,Wings,and Other Things.

haileynicolle said...

yay for living in a foreign country! yay for awesome moms who send you american things! and yay for awkward stuff happening everyday! it is definitely good to know someone out there is experiencing 'foreign' just like me :)

Lacy in the Sky with Diapers said...

Love the wedge oxfords.... amazing living far away the things we miss... I am happy some one can send you some Ranch!!

Cami @ All Things Lovely said...

oh my goodness love your blog! Thanks for your comment!! I'm glad I can give some fashion ideas :)

Your mom is the sweetes to send you that little goody bag! Funny the things we take for granted.


Hilary said...

your husband looks like he adores you...how cute! :)

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