The Blank Because Bandwagon - I'm Hopping On.

HEY! So, I'm getting ready to do a giveaway once I reach 100 followers. I'd LOVE to be able to do the giveaway on Friday. Let's see if we can make it to 100 by then!! 

Guys, I'm jumping onto the bandwagon. I do believe that this was first done on Casey's and Ashley's blogs. So here goes:

I am weird because: 
I have to do everything with my right side first (first shoe, first leg into pants, first step, etc.)
I have a certain way of loading the dishwasher, and if it's done any other way, I take the dishes out and re-load them.
I prefer to dip my fries in either ketchup and mayo mixed together or a chocolate shake.
It takes me less than 5 minutes (on average) to fall asleep.

I'm a bad friend because: 
I suck at returning texts, FB posts, calls, etc.
I would sometimes rather stay at home and be lame than go out.
I'm really bad at giving cards (birthday, Christmas, thank-yous, etc.)
I'm really bad at remembering birthdays. :(

I'm a good friend because: 
I will wake up in the middle of the night to come get you if you need me.
You always have free reign over any food in the kitchen/house.
I'm a good listener.
I'm loyal.
I'm honest (this is kind of a double edged sword, because you always know what's up, even if I don't like something you're doing).
I'm trustworthy.

I'm happy because: 
I have been incredibly blessed - so many amazing opportunities have presented themselves over the past couple of years.
I have an amazing family, and I married into an amazing family.
Christmas is coming up.
I've met new friends recently.
I get to live in Europe and travel a ton.

I'm sad because: 
I miss my best friends.
I miss my family.
Taking a 50% income cut to move somewhere where the cost of living is higher is not the most fun.

I'm excited for: 
Hubby's parents to come visit.

Happy Tuesday!!! 


 Curly J said...

I do the SAME thing with the dishwasher!! OMG. My husband kinda just throws everything in... and I always have to reorganize it lol.

Siri Natalia said...

Love your list! I should do something like this too :)

Whitney & Devin said...

Alyx... I am totally trying the texting thing with creepo math guy. You are awesome! XO

gapoole said...

-I am anal about the dishwasher
-fries are best dipped in a Wendys frosty
-I suck at giving cards and calling family members, and I haven't yet finished the letters home that I started two months ago
-I would pay absurd money for the ability to fall asleep quickly, it sometimes takes me hours

Bri said...

Hi! I saw your blog on FTLOB and I just love it. We're almost the same age (I'm 22) and recently moved to a new city (even though it's not in another country) How did you end up in Germany?

I'm a new follower now too, I hope you reach your goal of 100!

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

adore this list! and good luck reaching your 100 followers girl. you're so close!!!! it's the best breaking that first big number!
xo TJ

Melu103 said...

Hey love!
thanks for stopping by my blog!
=) i am glad you liked the idea
did you join all of us?
I would love to have you as part
of our Secret Santas!


Aimee Lee said...

Hi! I'm a new follower.. I spotted you on a giveaway I was entering... I'm also an American living abroad (Norway) and was wondering if I could enter giveaways. You're welcome to check out my blog too!

Fash Boulevard said...

hey love. i SUCK at returning calls, but sorta rock at returning text. lol. adore this post. thanks for sharing, love. I've got a new fash trend report. Love to hear what you think. xo

Ugly Duckling said...

I'm your 100th follower! I feel special!

Thanks for commenting on my blog.

Having read this post I feel like we're very similar. The bad friend and good friend reasons are exactly like me!

Hope you'll stop by my blog again soon :)

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Natasha Louise said...

Hello! Thanks for the comment on my blog! Always nice to have new followers and now I'm a new follow to you! hehe, your blog is cute and I'm glad I'm here in time for a giveaway as I spotted your now at 100 followers :) woop woop

Heather said...

Hey Alyx! I'm in Germany, as well. :) I can't wait for the Weihnachtsmarkts, either!

brooke field said...

i love this list

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