November Awesomeness (Part 2)

Hey guys!
I have the rest of my lovely sponsors up for you all to check out today! These ladies are all great, and their blogs are fabulous, so you should get on to clickety-clicking (as usual, the picture is the link to their site)!!

Hi! I’m Holly from Our Dayley Happenings.  Just a little about me and what you’ll find at my blog… I’m in love with my little family. I married my best friend.  We have the most darling and naughty boys {my fur babies}. We bought our first home last fall and we are living our happily ever after here in Happy Valley Utah. Just a few things I love – Pepsi, Gardening, Photography, learning, spending time with my family, enjoying good food, Fall, canning - all of which you’ll find over at my space. I like to keep things real. The good, the bad, the ugly and of course all the beauty I experience. Please feel free to stop and get to know me!

What I Would Wish for if I was Granted Three Wishes:
1. I'd love to have a personal chef!
2. I would love to never clean a bathroom again.
3. The freedom to travel frequently.

My blog, Imprintalish, is a lifestyle blog with a focus on family and being a mom of two little rascals, Grayson is 2 and Westyn is 7 months. I share crafts, turtorials, giveaways and anything I find that is colorful and pretty! It is loaded with photographs and inspired me to open up my Etsy shop, which specializes in Custom Photocards and Creative Photography. Writing and photography is such a creative outlet for me and I love sharing it with others! You can also find me on Facebook and Pinterest

What I Would Wish for if I was Granted Three Wishes:
1. That I will never have to see my kids in pain/sad - I know this will never happen, but hey... if I'm wishing... 
2. I wish I had an extra arm... or maybe just a maid.
3. That I was rich. Really... who doesn't wish for that?!

Hi, I'm Vivian! A Colombian Mormon living in Utah. Housewife, dancer, all-things-pretty lover, party planner and decorator, world traveler(or at least wanna be), crafty but above all a Mother. And who says Colombians can't have babies with BLUE EYES???

What I Would Wish for if I was Granted Three Wishes:
1. To be able to travel the world without having to worry about money or any commitment back home
2. To dance on stage in front of a large crowd
3. For my family and myself to never ever get sick again

Hi I'm Ali from Our Happily Ever After! My blog is a place for me to write down the random things that happen to me and the hubs in our crazy lives ;) We got married last December and are expecting our first child next June! It's been a great year for us to say the least! Come by and say hey and if you like what you see I love meeting new friends!!

What I Would Wish for if I was Granted Three Wishes:
1. Disneyland Annual Passes
2. A library like the one in Beauty and the Beast
3. A kitchen big enough for both me and the hubs to work in

So... there you go. Great women, great blogs. I encourage you to check them out!! 


My Life as Whitney said...

Aw how cute!!! They all look like such fun girls! Congrats on getting sponsors!

Kndbbdjk said...

Hi!!! I am friends with Vivian and Ali so I found your blog through them and it's so cute! Love it! I am you newest follower! Feel free to visit me over at if you want to share the blogger love!


I'll Love You Forever said...

Jumping over from Vivian's blog at Dance for 5 :) She wrote about you in her post and that she was featured, I love her blog. Your blog is adorable! I am a new follower..