Christmastime for Alyx in Germany

Well, hello friends! Watch this video, and pretend that the words "springtime" and "Hitler" are replaced by "Christmastime" and "Alyx," and you'll be good to go.

So, that being said (and hopefully watched), I'm going to talk about the best holiday ever - Christmas. You know what?! I totally can, too... because there's no such thing as Thanksgiving here, so I'm not breaking any rules!

Christmas items started popping up in stores about a month ago, and I was totally okay with that, because it meant getting a few of my favorite things. One of those things is these cookies:
Good news for you: YOU CAN BUY THEM IN THE STATES!!!! Just try to find a grocery store called "ALDI." I know they have them in the midwest - not sure about the rest of the states. Even better news - you can buy real German chocolate and Haribo candies there, too! Here's a picture of my favorites:
So... that's just a little taste of what it's getting to be like out here - I can feel the pounds creeping on, and I'm OK with that! 

Happy Tuesday, everyone!!! 

PS: If you wanna ad swap, email me at:


Jenny-O said...

Oh my goodness I KNOW! I am sooo excited and love seeing new decor in my town every day! I cannot wait until MONDAY and the 'markt opening ceremony!!!

his little lady said...

ha, i usually don't allow myself to celebrate christmas until thanksgiving after the macy's thanksgiving day parade, but i suppose since there is no thanksgiving in germany, you are allowed. i'll just live vicariously through you because christmas is by far my favorite holiday of all time!!!
xo TJ

Vivian said...

It's ALL about Thanksgiving here, we are so inundated with its upcoming celebration that I totally forgot it's not celebreated there. Awww Gummi Barchen!!! I grew up eating those!!! You can find them here at Walmart for .99. I buy them often for my kid and they fight over them. Just how I used to with my brother :)

Lacy in the Sky with Diapers said...

Hey dah-ling... Without judging me what does ad swap mean? And I love the food over there... did I ever tell you my hubs is Austrian? anyways I saw those gummy bears at Costco and snatched them right up!! YUM!

Hanna said...

Hi alyx!!! Thank you so much for the lovely compliments on my blog about my weight loss journey!!! It's my pleasure to meet you:) xoxoox Hanna

Lydia said...

I LOVE those gew├╝rz cookies. They're even better dipped in your tea, but totally addictive.

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