Thankful (+ Awkward & Awesome) Thursday

Hellooooooo Germany (see video below)!!!! Oh, and all you other people, too.
Since it's close to Thanksgiving, I thought I'd join in on the "Thankful Thursdays" party. Here are three things I'm thankful for this week:
1. Family and Friends. Seriously, I don't think I've ever been so thankful for these people. Living thousands of miles away from the people who mean the most to you really puts things into perspective, just sayin'.

2. These guys. We feed them every week, and they're great. I don't care if you're mormon or not, you have to admire a 19 year-old young man who is willing to dedicate two years of his life to serving Christ. These are 2 amazing missionaries, and we're so glad that we've gotten to know them since moving here.

3. My health. I complain about my stupid body every other day - I seriously have the joints of a 90 year-old lady (not kidding, Hubby tells me all the time). But ya know what?! At least I have a body that functions properly. I may not be able to run marathons, and my knees may not be able to handle constant running and jumping, but I can run, I can walk, I can skip, hop, and jump. I don't have any major health issues. I am so blessed, and half the time I complain about it! What the heck is wrong with me?

Anyway, that being said... How about a little awkward/awesome (-ness)? 

-- Accidentally flipping a kid off in a 6th grade English class yesterday. Don't ask how it happened. I didn't even realize it until they all started laughing and one said, "Sie zeigte dir den Stinkefinger an!" Oops. 
-- Pushing on every single pull door today. Not even kidding - every single one. 
-- Explaining to a teacher that I missed her class yesterday because a) I thought it was Thursday, and b) I wrote it down in my planner wrong anyway.
-- Looking at Hubby during dinner with the missionaries and saying, "Oh, for a second there, I thought you forgot to put on a shirt!"

-- Being told by a student today that I gave an awesome lesson. On Aboriginal Canadians (a not very exciting topic). Score! 
-- Getting birthday cards in the mail.
-- Finding a German book (Eine Unbeliebte Frau) that I actually like, can read fairly quickly, and can understand! If you speak German, I highly recommend this book! 
-- Having students recognize me and smile and wave at me instead of running away.

HAPPY THURSDAY (real this time), EVERYONE!! 


Anonymous said...

I do the same thing! Complaining about a body that works just fine, when there are people who can't do all the things I do. It's shameful!!!

I'm not Mormon and I can totally appreciate what those boys do. It's a huge thing to give two years of your life solely to Christ, but it's even bigger when you're that young. I have the utmost respect for that.

his little lady said...

that video is too cute! love all of your things to be grateful for girl. i love this month so much because of that. it just puts everything in perspective!!
xo TJ

Alex, Speaking Denglish said...

Um so making one of those YouTube videos. It's necessary.

Glad you are surrounded by such awesome and loving people!