Since I'm FINALLY Allowed to: CHRISTMAS!!


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I thought that, since we are away, I'd do a post about how we're going to celebrate Christmas this year! You may have seen this on Alicia's blog for her Kickoff to Christmas. Sorry!!! 

 So. On to the good stuff - Christmas Traditions. 

My husband and I have only been married a little over a year, so we are still trying to figure out our own holiday traditions. We are currently living in Germany, where Christmas is pretty much a huge deal. Observe: 
That picture is a typical Christmas Market. We fully plan on visiting a few of those while we're here, but since we aren't here permanently, that doesn't exactly make for a tradition. 

Of course we plan on incorporating some of our family's traditions...

Every year, Hubby's family has a real tree (except last year, but that doesn't count), so we've decided to keep on keepin' on with that one. There's nothing like the smell of a real Evergreen just hangin' out in your living room, and that's something that I never really experienced until last Christmas. 
Yes folks, that is a real tree. 

Every year, my folks gather together on Christmas Eve to bake cookies for Santa and read the story of Christ's Birth. This tradition has been really special to me, so it's definitely been a keeper (No, we don't have children yet - yes, we still bake cookies for Santa). 

As for our own traditions - Hubby and I have decided that every year, on the day after Christmas, we will all pile into the car (or onto a plane, if we're rich enough), and go to a surprise destination to open our "big" presents for that year. This year, we and Hubby's parents will go to Paris, France, and open our presents under the Eiffel Tower. We thought this would be a really cool tradition to pass down to our children! 

SO. What are your Christmas traditions? How do you and your family celebrate this magical time of year?! 


Susanne said...

I was in Dresden once and I have to admit the Christmas market was huge... on the other hand, I did not find many interesting stalls (like it´s all only food, food and food) so the visual site was definitely over the practical one, haha.

Kendra said...

oh goodness, I am so jealous right now! I wish my Christmas traditions involved Paris :)

Breenah said...

We always read the story of Christ's birth on Christmas eve and then the kiddos (who always have a million presents) are allowed to open one present. We set out the cookies and milk then the kiddos go to bed. The adults and adult kiddos then talk a little more and then head home.
It's really weird how the tradition's changing now that most of the "kiddos" are teenagers and there's a new generation that's too young to appreciate anything (22 months, 3 months, and 3 weeks).

Natasha Louise Taylor said...

I love that, a surprise destination to open presents, cool tradition!

Sarah said...

Those are wonderful traditions! My family still bakes cookies for Santa too.

Heather said...

J and I have a few. We always get a new ornament representative of where we are living, each year.

We always have certain foods when we can't celebrate with our families, in honor of them.

We also went to the Weisbaden Weihnachtmarkt today. It was so neat to experience our first one! :) I look forward to hearing about your markets, too!