On Love, Life, and Husker Football.

Okay, okay. I know the title says Love, Life, and Husker Football, but... I really just want to dedicate a couple minutes to my Huskers. If you're really disappointed, let me say this: love is great and life is fabulous. 

Now on to the good stuff. If you know me, you know that I love football. And not just any football - I love my 'Skers. I moved to Nebraska 5 years ago, and I was brainwashed. I am now a die-hard fan. Anyway, we play Michigan tomorrow.

This is a problem because, you see, Hubby's entire family is full of Michigan fans. Looks like we have ourselves a family rivalry. I'm thinking it's a good thing that we're in another country right now, or else that game could get pretty heated (I'm a passionate person when it comes to watching a football game).

Since we're thousands of miles away, though, I can cheer on my Huskers as loudly and obnoxiously as I want (until our landlord comes down).


(No offense, Michigan fans. :] )


Stesha said...

ahhhh love how you edited these pics! we have a big game this weekend too. ASU vs. UoA!!!

Classic & Bubbly

I'll Love You Forever said...

haha, cute pictures! :)

Funmilayo said...

lol Awesome pictures :)

Alyx said...

Stesha - hopefully your guys' game went better than ours!!!!

Lacy in the Sky with Diapers said...

Did you know I live in Michigan? uh Can we still be friends?

Courtney said...

I'm a Buckeyes fan myself, and so I'm naturally okay with anyone who is against M*chigan. :)

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