Sunday Confessions

Howdy hey ho there, bloggy friends! 

I'm pretty excited about my new blog layout!!! Lemme know what you think - I'm worried it might be too "busy."

As you know, it is Sunday, and time for my weekly confessions! Get excited, people. 

1. I have a motto, and it is this: open mouth, insert foot. Guys, I'm a talker. I love giving my opinion on things, I love offering advice, and (even though it may be surprising) I love to listen. There are times, however (pretty often, actually), when I don't think before I open my mouth. I just talk. Then I realize that what I said was probably not the smartest thing. Usually it's funny, but sometimes it gets me in trouble. 
You wanna know what, though?! I've gotten better. 
2. I secretly enjoy being totally lazy once in a while. I have always been the type of person who has to be busy. In high school, I was in the marching and symphonic bands, on the swim team, active with student council, working 2 jobs, and in all honors classes. In college, I filled my time with homework, clubs, working out, research, work, and friends. Now... I have free time. I sit around on my computer (mostly because I live in the middle of nowhere) in my sweatpants with my hair all askew after waking up at noon, and I like it. I am perfectly fine with being a little bit (okay, totally) lazy. Could I live like this all the time? Probably not, but it works for now.
3. I don't like chocolate. Yeah, yeah, I know. Pick your jaw up off the floor. It's okay sometimes (if you're a lady, you know what I mean), but I have never been able to eat more than one piece at a time, and almost always turn it down if I am offered a piece (unless it's a Lindt truffle). I prefer skittles. 
4. I started eating carrots. Guys, this is a huge deal. Until last month, I had not eaten carrots in approximately 18 years. Unfortunately, Germans (and Hubby) put carrots in almost everything, so I've had to suck it up and eat them. This does not mean raw carrots. Heck no, techno. Not in a million years. 
5. I tried to be vegetarian once. It lasted all of 5 hours. As soon as I saw the delicious steaks that Hubby planned on making for dinner, I was a lost cause.

Hope you all are having a fabulous weekend. My team lost got slaughtered yesterday, so I'm still recovering from that disappointment...


Michelle said...

I used to hate chocolate up until recently. I used to prefer only sweet and/or sour candy, but now I will eat pretty much any candy.

Carina Schoen said...

I think your layout is lovely!
Oh man, I am big on chocolate AND carrots, but not together. And way prefer raw to cooked. I hope you still like me! :)

Nicole said...

haha! such an awesome list of confessions! i especially love the bit about being lazy. i'm so lucky cuz hubs encourages me in laziness. too bad i have to work so much. :) and remember that wasting time doing something you love is not wasting time. :)

and i really love your header. such a fun weekly layout.


Vivian said...

Not even Milka? with yoghurt? YUMM!! You are too funny! Your new layout is great my friend. I'm sure you've done your research but is there a sports club or some kind of club or organization you can join so that you stay more busy? Just me being you trying to give you some advice...;)

Robyn said...

Hi-first time visiting your blog! I like it-I like the header and your' new adventure a day post-its' -but think you are right, it is a little bit busy. It is so hard isn't it.

Chrissy said...

Hi, nice to meet you! Coming over from your feature at FTLOB! Where in Germany do you live? We just recently moved from Chicago back to Germany - we are near Stuttgart. Hugs, Chrissy xxx

Unknown said...

ha! love this post. and i love that you don't like chocolate cuz i'm jealous! i wish i didn't like it :( haha. ps i like your layout! i think it's super cute ;)

Jacqlyn said...

I am right there with you, I love a lazy day too. (Maybe a little too much!)

Anonymous said...

I never saw your old blog lay out, but I really like this one. I don't think it's too busy. It's a whole lot of fun!

Unknown said...

I REALLY wish I could say I don't like chocolate. I could honestly say I would be probably 5 pounds (at least) thinnner. haha oh sad.

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