I've Got Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

Guys. I never win anything. Seriously. But I wake up to find that not only did I win an awesome giveaway from The Shine Project, but Alicia, from Imprintalish, awarded me the Sunshine Award! Score! Thanks, Alicia! So anyway, I thought that was pretty cool. Because I won the award, I get to answer these awesome questions, then pass on the award to other super amazing people! 

Favorite color? Red. 
Favorite animal? dogs. 
Favorite number? Seven.
Favorite drink? Coke Zero. 
Facebook or Twitter? Facebook. I still don't get twitter. 
Your passion? Learning. Blogging. Taking pictures of pretty things. Exercising. 
Giving or getting presents? Both. Can I say that? If I have to choose one - Give. I love doing things for other people! 
Favorite day? Saturday
Favorite flower? Don't really have one. Anything bright - pink, orange, yellow. 

I am nominating...
Vivian at A Dance for 5. 
Daryl at Roots, Wings, and Other Things

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