WIWW & Ibiza Castle

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Dress: F21 Shoes: Four Star Necklace: c/o hooked goods Bracelet: tourist shop in Ibiza, Spain
HEY!!! Wow, it's so good to be back. I missed you guys!! Thanks so much for all of the kind comments and emails while I was gone, and thanks for showing so much love to my guest posters!! Oh! Thanks for helping me reach 400 followers, too! I'll have to think of a fun giveaway in honor of reaching that milestone!! 

Anyway, I actually won that necklace that I'm wearing in a giveaway - it's so fun and I just love it. You should all definitely check out Margot's shop, because her stuff is really fairly priced, and these necklaces are awesome. 

Anyway.... I'm sure you all are not just here to hear about necklaces and cool stuff like that, so I'm going to tell you all about part of our trip to Ibiza, Spain! 

The first full day we were there, we went on a loonnnngggg hike up to the castle. I'll tell you more about that hike later, but today I wanted to talk about the castle, which is the main attraction in Ibiza Town. 
This photo was actually taken from the pier, but you can see the castle up at the top of the hill. 

The castle was built in the 16th century, and offers beautiful views of the city. and the island. 
Part of the castle
 The church on the castle grounds
 View of the piers and town from the castle
Looking up at the castle
Walking down from the castle, there are narrow cobblestone streets filled with shops and bars. I can only imagine how packed this place is in the summertime! I'll share more about the downtown area and piers later - we did all of that on a different day. 

Ibiza Castle was awesome, and we could have easily spent a full day just wandering around. Unfortunately, the castle was under construction, so it was hard to get good photos. I actually had to hardcore edit the photo up top!! 

In other news, I'm now back to doing design work, so if you need anything done, shoot me an email!!  I did finish a blog design while I was gone, though - here's a quick screenshot! 


Mindie Hilton said...

Gorgeous pictures.

Anonymous said...

ibiza looks so pretty! i have never been...but always wanted to go (ashamed to say it used to be for nightlife...but now im too old for that!) welcome back to the read world!

Stesha said...

beautiful pictures and that dress is stunning! I want to travel like you do!


Keri said...

Welcome back!! Beautiful pictures, beautiful you! :)

Danavee said...

LOVE that dress!!!!!!!!! SO cute!

M. said...

Great design on the blog! Looks really nice!

Bri Buzali said...

love the print on that dress, and your red lipstick! It looks awesome!

Glad you had a good trip but I'm glad you're back too!

Katrin said...

I have never been to Ibiza but these pictures make me wanna go! And you look so fabulous, Alyx!
Glad you are back!

Katie @ My Darling Days said...

So SO glad you stopped by blog, so I could come here and tell ya how much I adore your blog... and your outfit! :) Those pictures from your trip look amazing!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Beautiful photos! I can't even tell you edited the top one. What did you edit out - construction cranes?? :o)

P.S. Glad you're back!

Katie @ My Darling Days said...

OH, and P.S. - I am your newest follower :)

Katie @ My Darling Days said...

OH, and P.S. - I am your newest follower :)

Shauna said...

Great photos! This totally makes me want to go here one day. Cant wait to hear about the rest of your adventures~

Happy Wednesday.

Kylie said...

I love your dress. And that castle would be so cool to visit!

Megan, TfDiaries.com said...

i love that dress on you!

Kell said...

Sooo pretty! Both you and Ibiza. I want to go to that castle.

lori said...

i am so jealous of all of your travels. it sounds amazing!!

and i love your dress. you look so cute and classy in these pictures!

Unknown said...

I've always wanted to check out a castle! It looks like a very cool place! Loving that new blog design! Good job girl!

Kelly said...

Soooooooooo gorg girl!!!!!!

Katie said...

Such beautiful pictures! And love the blog design :)

Courtney B said...

Gorgeous!! I can't wit to read about your trip! I'm so glad you guys were able to get away and EXPLORE!

Anonymous said...

You look great and I'm happy to see you're still rockin the red lipstick! It suits you!



Alex, Speaking Denglish said...

Ibiza, not too shabby my friend! Looks like a great start to the trip! And dude your design work is getting awesome!!! Love that new one

his little lady said...

yeah, your design work is always incredible! these images are perfect. and you are totally rockin' in that outfit post! LOVE that red lip :)
xo TJ

Sara Louise said...

Fantastic job on Jen's blog, it looks great!
And I love your dress, you should rock your red lips when you wear it and look all pretty and retro :)

Natalie said...

you look so gorgeous!! i love the dress print and the red lipstick just enhances the look!


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