Once Upon a Time I Craved Cupcakes with Frosting [and I went all the way to Scotland to get them]

Yo, yo, yo! What's crack-a-lackin'? 

Did you all have a hip-hop-happenin' weekend? My weekend just seemed too short, but isn't that how they always are?

So... I just wanted to tell you guys some really exciting news, but you have to suffer through this post before you can get it. [Don't skip to the bottom, either... that's just not nice]. 

Anyway, I'm sure you all remember this little breakdown that I had a few months ago:

If you don't listen to it, I'm basically crying my eyes out over fatty American food. Totally normal.

So. Imagine how over-the-top ecstatic I was when we went into ASDA (the Great Britain Wal-Mart chain) after 8 p.m. (the stores in Germany would all be closed by then) and found CUPCAKES WITH FROSTING!!!!!! You bet your freaking bottom dollar I bought some of those bad boys.
They were glorious. I will not tell you how many I devoured over the seven days that we were in Scotland. 
I didn't just go to the Wallace Monument, I went to the Wallace Monument and ate a freaking cupcake while complaining about the hike up the hill. 
Oh, to go back to being a lazy American.
Speaking of the Wallace Monument, we hiked up to it, but opted not to go inside.

We did Scotland on the cheap. We went to probably twenty castles and monuments while we were in Scotland and only paid for one. We still got good pictures and saw a lot of things, but we didn't spend a fortune doing it.
Scotland has castles up the wazoo, and almost every single one charges more than five pounds entrance fee. Multiply that by two, and we would have gone broke with everything we saw.
So... most of my vacation entries will be about traveling on a budget. Since, you know, we're so po we can't even afford the "o-r."

Now for the news...

HA! I bet you all are thinking I'm preggers, right? WRONG. But. I did get admitted into the master's program at The University of Southern California. 
Now, before you go all crazy telling me to enjoy the weather, know that it's an online program (I still have to do all the student teaching and classroom stuff - they have connections all over the world to set you up with it). It's the perfect program for us and our little travel bug (and Mike since his schooling is priority).

We will still be heading to Buffalo, New York in the fall, and who knows where we'll be in the spring of 2013? Probably somewhere new, because, as the name of this pretty ole blog suggests, Every Day is a New Adventure. 

Finally, check out the latest design! You can click the picture to go to Katie's blog and see it live.
I used lace brushes from SSDema,  random brushes by Seasonstea, and the fonts are passionsans, playdate, and cursif. 


Katrin said...

Congratulations, Alyx! :))
Great news! I am so happy for you!!! YAY!

I will never understand why Americans like frosting on their cupcakes! :)

Laura said...


Breenah said...

I have to number this otherwise it's gonna get jumbled.
1. Still jealous of your travels. I want to go overseas so bad!
2. Scotland is so pretty!
3. So are you :)
4. Congrats on getting into USC!
5. I'm totes not happy you'll be all the way in New York. At least Nebraska was kind of close.
6. There was something else, but I forgot.

Amy said...

Seriously I got excited for you for finding cupcakes with frosting!
I had one today and you cant be unhappy with a cupcake in your belly!
So glad you had a great trip :)
Amy xo

Sadie Dear said...

What? Cupcakes with icing? Whoever heard of such a thing?! What am I talking about: I'd have been diggin' right in with you! And especially complaining about the hike up the hill.

Amy S said...

Ahhhhhh congrats girl n beautious pics !!!!!!

erin e flynn said...

I'm not big on sweets, but when I wanted one in Germany it was the worst since their sweets are NOTHING like American ones. Beautiful cake, tastes like nothing! haha

When I was in Europe castles got pretty boring and I stopped going in them. lol we also traveled for really cheap. One time I spent 3 nights sleeping in a van in various parking lots. haha

B said...

Alyx, you know I love you. But the crying. Why did it make me laugh? I understand you're having a hardcore "I miss home" moment and needed to cry it out. But WHY was it funny to me? And why was it when Mike laughed, I only laughed harder?

I don't get it. I started blubbering to G about how much I missed the beach last night only for him to look at me with an insane side eye.

I'm a bad friend. :-( But I love you and I'll always be there to cheer you up! LOVE YOOOOOOWWW.

Lauren Talon said...

Congrats lady!! And cupcakes? Always worth being excited about!! :)

ashley.warner said...

holla atcha gurrrrl Alyx!
CONGRATS on the new program - that is so exciting and such a blessing for you guys! :)

ps. i just want you to know how much I love frosting - there's a little bake shop in Provo called "The Sweet Tooth Fairy" and they have something they call "frosting shots" - PURE HEAVEN i tell ya!

Unknown said...

Yay for you! And those cupcakes look good!

Alana Christine said...

Yay for cupcakes!!
Congrats on the Master's program! So exciting!

Anna said...

ha! I love that video so much. :) yay for cupcakes WITH frosting!
and WOW, congrats on the masters program Alyx!!

Madeline Grace said...

Congrats on the Master's program!

& now I feel like I require a cupcake!

Hannah said...

Yeah you're right! for a moment i thought you're pregnant. But you're not and i am soo happy for you guys. What a exciting experience this gonna be.

Katie @ My Darling Days said...

Yay, congrats Alyx!! So happy for you :) And just hold up, over the big blue ocean, they DON'T put frosting on their cupcakes??! That is like, a sin! Glad you found some, that pic makes me crave a good one :)

M. said...

I'm a little confused. Can you not make cupcakes with frosting?? This is making me re-think my whole love-of-foreign-places thing... Oh, and kudos on the grad school!!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow!!! Congrats girl!!!! That is amazing you got accepted! So happy for you! :o) Is there a plan to keep going after the master's, too? Will you be Dr. Alyx in a few years?

I'm not sure which I'm happier for you for - that you managed to see Scotland on a budget or that you found cupcakes. Both are phenomenal experiences. :o)

Rosie said...

That is awesome news. I am really excited for you....for everything. I think you have officially seen more of Scotland than me. I don't know how you managed it on a tight budget, although I imagine Asda helped!!

Take care.

Squeeze. Rosie x

his little lady said...

love your latest design. so darling!
congrats on the USC admission. that's definitely very exciting and an accomplishment!
that castle is absolutely beautiful! i want to travel to europe so bad to see these beauties ;)
and yay for cupcakes!!!! my favorite, yum yum yum!
xo TJ

Anonymous said...

congratulationsssssssss on getting into their masters program!!! that is a big deal girl!!! :)

but not as big of a deal as finding cupcakes.


Alex, Speaking Denglish said...

the steering wheel on the other side boggles my mind. i think id turn the wrong directions.

and major congrats on usc!

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

Congrats!!!! Cupcakes are the best.

Kelly said...

Okay so I played that video and you had me in tears. absolutely hilarious. I mean, I can totally see how you can miss fatty American food if you can never have it, I just think it's awesome that you got your breakdown taped :P

Those cupcakes look so epic, and congrats on your acceptance!!

Kelly said...

Okay so I played that video and you had me in tears. absolutely hilarious. I mean, I can totally see how you can miss fatty American food if you can never have it, I just think it's awesome that you got your breakdown taped :P

Those cupcakes look so epic, and congrats on your acceptance!!

Unknown said...

Absolutely love the design!! Gorgeous! Those cupcakes look yummy I'm on a detox now and I'm starving lol

Jaclyn said...

such a great post!! i need a cupcake. now!

lori said...

haha aw i love how excited you got for the cupcakes. i would be the same way... do they eat cupcakes, just with no icing? or no cupcakes at all?

gorgeous pictures.

and CONGRATSSSSSSS!!!!! so excited for you :)

Nicole said...

Love the design! That monument is gorgeous!!

Courtney B said...

So wait. They don't have cupcakes with frosting over there? Really?
And these pictures are GORGEOUS!!

Sara Louise said...

What wonderful news! Both getting into the USC program and eating frosted cupcakes while marching about Scotland! So very chuffed for you :)

K said...

Congrats Alyx! Sounds like a fantastic opportunity!
ps. so impressed that you found legit cupcakes IN EUROPE. I doubted their existence. I stand corrected.

Nikki said...

Omg...that video is too funny/adorable Alyx! Awww makes me just want to give you a hug because I soooooo know how that feels! I want a sausage mcmuffin and a donut too!

(And congrats on your master§ program!Đ and now Ićve switched the kezboard somehow and canćt get it back(=

jan said...