Sunday confessions Link-up.


I haven't had internet at all today, and I forgot to schedule this post! So sorry it's late. Anyway, here it is. Better late than never, right? 

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1. I have a bad habit of leaving glasses (or jars, because that's what we drink out of) all over the apartment. I'm like that girl on Signs, except I leave empty ones instead of ones that are half-full of water.
2. I am the world's worst procrastinator. It's bad. Like, I always wait until the last minute to pack for a trip. You can imagine how awful that was when I was packing last minute for the move to Germany. I also have this thing where no matter how late it is when we move in somewhere, I unpack everything to make it a home. Like, I will stay up the entire night just to unpack. It's ridiculous.
3. I am a chronic furniture re-arranger. Since we moved into our apartment in August, I have re-arranged the furniture five times. I would do it more often, but it drives Husband crazy, so I try to hold my urges in.

4. I have the worst sweet tooth ever. Like, if I have a bag of Haribo gummies, I will eat them all in one sitting. The entire bag. Because of this, I only allow myself to buy one or two bags a week.
5. I can't think of a number five right now. I have so many other things that I should be doing. So.... that's that! Happy weekend!

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jes @ twosmuppies said...

haribo gummies are my favorite things, ever. EVER.
my mom always gets on my case about it because supposedly "they aren't good for your teeth".
whatever, mom!

hope you had a nice weekend :)

Susanne said...

do not tell me that about sweets, I have learnt hard to share with anyone around because I am able to eat it all at once.

Anonymous said...

HAHA I leave cups all around my house too!!

And Haribo rocks!!

Sarah said...

I can never procrastinate packing! I get too excited thinking about what clothes I want to wear, and make lists in my classes. Haha. Great confessions!

Lish @ Imprintalish said...

I leave glasses all over too, but more often then none they are sitting on my nightstand, still with water in them. When we run out of glasses downstairs I stacke them all up and bring them down to wash them, my husband hates it! LOL!

Kelly said...

I come from a long line of furniture rearrangers!! Haha! My mom would rearrange the living room, and all 3 bedrooms with each season! My house isn't too rearranger friendly and it DRIVES ME CRAZY! I like change...I would probably move every 2 years if my hubs was ok with it! I even BOUGHT my condo back in my single days in an attempt to SETTLE down a bit! Hehe! Man,,,you make me want to rearrange my house now!!! Perhaps I'll do a blog post on my attempt! Girl,,,you genius!

Unknown said...

I'm the same way - on my writing desk now is a pack of Twizzlers I have been sneaking glances at for the past hour.


Courtney B said...

Really?? I NEVER change my furniture around! If I like it then it will stay that way foreverrrrr. Ha ha!

Michelle said...

I'm really bad with leaving glasses everywhere.

And I hate moving furniture haha

Unknown said...

I'm a serious procrastinator too. Things seem to get done so much better when I am an in mad rush to do it. I'm more focused then too. Must be all the adrenalin. LOL

Amy Harris said...

procrastination is something i am extremely good at. i usually end up packing at like 3 in the morning right before i'm supposed to leave. blogging instead of homework..ahemm..right now. it's a bad thing, but it works for me. haha

Andrea D said...

I leave glasses all over the house, too! My husband could kill me for it :)
And I think my sweet tooth could beat your sweet tooth in a fight. I can easily eat a whole package of Reeses eggs in one sitting. I shouldn't....but I can.

Left brain, right brain, pug brain.

Shauna said...

I agree with you on the unpacking wherever we go .. it makes it a little less stressful, and homey like so you are not rumaging through luggage to find what you need! And Im the same way with The Gummy Bears. How can you not eat the whole bag? I think in not doing so would be like a crime .. xxx

Unknown said...

I do the cup thing all the time. 'll have a cup in my room forever before I take it to the kitchen. And I'm horrible at not eating an entire bag of candy in one sitting. The other day I ate an entire bag of gummy bears in one sitting. That's "8" servings of gummy bears!

Liz Brown said...

I'm afraid I share the procrastination habits. I ... haven't done my taxes yet. Don't report me.

Annnd I just took not one, not two, but THREE half full water glasses to the kitchen from my room.

Sara Louise said...

Every time I go to the grocery store with my husband he chucks a bag of Haribo in the cart and I try to chuck them out and he always says, "but you like them" and I'm like exactly, that's exactly the problem, I will sit there and eat the whole bag, and sometimes I'll eat the whole bag in the car, before we even get home! Haribo gummies are my kryptonite.

Kristen said...

I'm with you on the Gummies! I just bought Gummy Bears from Trader Joes, and I ate the whole bag on the way home (by myself!) good thing I got two more bags!


Just when you thought

Tami said...

I loved your guest post on Lori's blog! I'm also living overseas so I could definitely relate to a few of the things in your post. Luckily we have lots of American chains here but they are definitely not the same. I look forward to following!

Unknown said...

I leave glasses all over the house too! And then I'll want my glass and spend forever looking for it... When it's sitting right on the counter or something silly! haha.

alicia said...

I can definitely relate to the gummi love haha

Genn said...

hi alyx!
loved your guest post on lori's blog! i just love that girl.
germany... what a fun adventure!
i've never been to europe but i can not wait to one of these days. i read your post where you said you are a giant, and my thoughts... giant, no, gorgeous, yes. i'm 5'9 and now as an adult i wouldn't mind be a tiny bit taller even.

anyway, so fun to find your blog. i'm off to sign up to follow you. nice to meet you. :)

Rosie said...

I hope Scotland is treating you well. Loving the guest posters!

I nominated you for an award. Here are the details:

Rosie x

Amy S said...

Hahahaahah I LOVE that little girl in Signs "Theres an amoeba in it" LOL ... too funny! AND I so am a chronic furniture mover! :P its stress relief! :) love these! going to write mines in a few!

Sheridan in the City said...

I'd have to confess all the same things, right up to gummi bears. While I do have a major sweet tooth, my downfall is chocolate covered cashews (gummi bears just don't do It for me). ( not sure if I'm spelling gummi right. Gummy/gummi/gummie all look about as right as one another).

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