Sunday Confessions


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1. I completely forgot about confessions till... right now. Sorry guys!!!

2. I am so easy to scare, it's ridiculous. Seriously - Mike can just walk up behind me and grab me around the waist and I will almost pee my pants and scream. Usually this occurs after midnight, so I'm sure our landlord hates us (it looks a little like the pic below, except he's not michael jackson, and instead of smiling, I'm screaming and getting ready to slap my "attacker" so that I don't die).
3. I bought dry shampoo, and I'm currently having a stare down with it. I mean, okay so I spray the stuff in my hair. Do I do this the first or second day of not washing it? Or just whenever it starts to look greasy. Yes, I suck at all things beauty.
4. I bought red lipstick, and secretly enjoy giving Husband kisses on the cheek and leaving evidence behind. I'm pretty positive he secretly likes it, too. :)
5. I once ate a whole large pizza by myself. I also happened to win a pizza eating contest against a bunch of guys when I was 14. I was pretty amazing in the pizza eating department. Googling this picture just made me really miss Papa John's.


Amy said...

I have never used dry shampoo! Ive heard good things about it though.
Let me know how it goes!
Amy xo :)

Breenah said...

J startled me so bad once I crumpled to the ground and started crying. It didn't help that I was just in the shower so I was wet and cold and only in a towel.
For the dry shampoo, I just use it when my hair is ALMOST icky greasy and I don't want to/don't have time to shower. Luckily this takes awhile because I have drier hair.

Bri Buzali said...

I like dry shampoo because I have pretty fine hair, is that the spray or powder kind? I think I've found that the spray works better, and I usually use it when my hair starts looking greasy, gross I know. Anywho, please post a pic of the red lips! I've been wanting to buy red lipstick for a while but haven't been brave enough yet haha

kim @ a positive peace said...

i wish i knew how to use dry shampoo!! i hate dealing with my hair, but i dont want to cut it!! so make sure you let us know how to do it once you figure it out! hahaha

Anonymous said...

Ha! A whole pizza!? Well, if you work out 16 hours a week like you told me then you must be crazy hungry! And, btw, those pizzas do look delish! We don't have Papa Johns where I'm at!


jes @ twosmuppies said...

i am really easily scared too.
but i am the type that gets angry if you scare me because i'm so mad at myself for being so easy to scare. you know? you must. because you ready to "slap your attacker"! my preferred method is pinching.

xx jes

Anonymous said...

Ditto on the scare-ability. Once my sister stood outside the bathroom door waiting for me. When I opened the door I screamed my head off even though she was just standing there with no expression on her face.

Jenni Austria Germany said...

ah! papa john's. haven't eaten that in years. what a tragedy.

Bonnie said...

I am really, really easy to scare, too. I freak out like whoa at the smallest things.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Anonymous said...

I've been wanting to try dry shampoo! If you figure it out, tell me what to do. I absolutely hate washing my hair. (I swear I'm not gross!!)

A friend just gave me a bunch of lipsticks and a few of them are red. I tried one on and looked in the mirrow and scared myself. It takes a little getting used to...

Nikkiana said...

I think you're supposed to use the dry shampoo when it's first starting to get greasy, but I'm honestly not sure. I've only ever used it when friends have sprayed it on me...

erin e flynn said...

Anthony LOVES to scare me. It's gotten to the point where I'm terrified of showering while he's home because he loves to scare me in the shower. I lock the door and place things in front of it so if he picks the lock he'll knock things over when he opens the door and I'll hear it.

One time, I was walking out of the bedroom and Anthony came running at me from the closet and I almost had a panic attack and passed out.

Yeah, he thinks it's hilarious!

lori said...

apparently, i suck at dry shampoo techniques. everyone tells me how much they love it... so i try it... and feel like a grease monkey with gray/white hair. help a sista out if you have success.

Alana Christine said...

Dry shampoo is a great investment! Since we all know I go DAYS without washing my hair, dry shampoo is my bff. I use it when I notice signs of greasiness. Mainly I just use it on my "bangs" since my hands are always messing with them.
I LOVE Papa John's!

Courtney B said...

Papa Johns is the BEST! Yummmmm!
Ok, dry shampoo. Just spray it on when you're looking greasy. Your hair won't feel clean, but it will look clean! It soaks up all the grease :) If you have anymore questions, let me know!

momto8 said...

my kids scare each other so much and they never get used to it!!!
I could eat that whole pizza right now!!

momto8 said...

my kids scare each other so much and they never get used to it!!!
I could eat that whole pizza right now!!

Kym said...

wow, straight up pizza beast. damn. though, if i allowed myself, i'm sure i could eat an entire pizza too. especially pizza hut or dominos, because as much as they claim they have "larges" everyone knows they're really just glorified mediums. :)
(and i'm glad you found my ground breaking instructions on how to use dry shampoo! i hope you love it!)

Vapid Vixen said...

It's all about Wasatch Pizza for me. Although, to be fair, I have yet to try Papa John's, even though their commercials are very convincing.

Amy Harris said...

i'm not a huge pizza person, but papa johns is pretty naughty. that's my pizza of choice. isn't red lipstick fun?! at first i was nervous and always felt too "done up" when i wore it, but i just decided to rock it, and now i love it.

Sara Louise said...

I love dry shampoo! I have curly curly hair, so when I have it done, and it's all blowdried and pretty, dry shampoo lets me get an extra day or two out of it.
Use it when you would normally wash your hair, like day two. Just make sure to really comb it through and out so you don't look like you have white roots :)

Steven Brown said...

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Keri said...

MMMMMMM!!! That pizza looks awesome. :)

Anonymous said...

Good thing I found this!! I will be doing this on Sunday!

Unknown said...

Papa Johns Garlic Sauce is DELICIOUS!!! LOVE it! :) I scare easy too... and if I'm grouchy and the hubs scares me... I may or may not just burst into tears. Which makes him feel bad and me feel better.... haha.

Karina Marie Powell said...

You make me crave pizza! Your blog is darling! mine is! my husband and I went to byu but just recently moved to texas! love your blog!!

andrea m. said...

you go girl! eating a whole pizza- thats quite an accomplishment :)

andrea brionne

Kelly said...

Ok, so I LOVE this post!! I am totally linking up at the next one! Dry shampoo sorta freaks me out...i just learned how to really put on eyeliner...used to just sorta do it quick and so it would hardly show up ....actually not show up because i was afraid i would poke my eye out.

Unknown said...

Dry shampoo has never worked for me T_T

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