I May be En Route to Scotland, but today it's all about DEUTSCHLAND!!!

YO peeps!! Hope you all are doing fabulous. Apparently I am... I just looked at my followers and saw that I hit 400!! WOW!! Thanks. If you want to have a sneaky peek at some spain pictures... Add me on Facebook! The link is to the right. :)

Yesterday was our last day in Spain, and we are ready to hit up bonnie ole scotland for a whole week! Unfortunately (or fortunately) our itinerary is crazy full and we may or may not have internet access at all, so you might not hear from me too much. 

BUT. That is why I have lots of awesome guest posts for you, some about travel, some about love, some about fears... all of them AWESOME (and I would know... I already read them!). 

Anyway. This first one is from a bloggy friend who recently turned expat, and in none other than my favorite country - GERMANY! You guys have all heard my opinions on the Germans, why not see what someone else has to say? Take it away, Bailey! 
Hi Alyx's friends!
My name is Bailey and I write over at my little blog, Lost&Found.

Alyx asked me to keep you company while she is away,

traveling through some pretty beautiful parts of Europe.

So, here I am.

and I am super excited to be here!

I am a recent expat myself-

I moved to Germany a month ago to work as an Au Pair for at least one year.

In case you were wondering,

au pair is a glorified word for,


and, I love it.

I live with the most amazing family ever.

Anyway, today I wanted to write about living abroad.

I've only been in Germany for one month,

so here are some of my first impressions...

1. Germans really do love their sausage, beer, and ice cream.

This is no myth.

Sausage stands are everywhere- these fine creatures are consumed at breakfast, lunch, and dinner;

It is not uncommon to see German's drinking a beer or two at noon (or earlier);

and rain, snow, or shine, people will be seen enjoying ice cream.
2. The rail system in Germany (and all of Europe) is incredible.

Seriously, those of us living in the US got the short end of the stick.

It is so easy to travel all throughout Europe because public transport is so efficient.

Even better?

They are almost always on time and rarely breakdown.

3.  People love to walk.

It's true.

If people can walk, they will.

Unless the market is 5km away, you will not see a person get in their car to drive there.

No wonder German's are slimmer,

and still enjoy their sausage and beer.

4.  Automatic cars are rare.

Much to my horror,

automatic cars are still becoming popular over here in Europe.

This has been the biggest challenge for me,

since part of my job is to drive the kids around.

until a couple weeks ago, only knew how to drive an automatic car.

Manual cars are a royal pain in my ass,

and I still breakout in a sweat every time I have to drive.
5. People look at me like i'm insane because I wear flip flops.

not even joking.

I'm from CA, so unless it's raining, I will wear flip-flops.

and this, well, this baffles the German's.

I've lost count of how many strangers have asked me if my feet are cold

(or, I assume that's what they're saying since I don't understand a word of German).

6. Living in Europe is pretty cool.

I love Germany,

and I am so lucky to have the opportunity to live here.

The people, places, history, traditions...

there is so much to see and do and learn.

Moving here, experiencing a different culture, and traveling,

make this one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Yes, the traveling.

I have been here a month and I have already visited places like,
Eibsee Lake, Germany
Wurtzberg, Germany
Prague, Czech Republic
Bamberg, Germany
But, sometimes I do miss home, especially...

the food,

the sunshine (it's snowing at the moment),


friends and family.

If you had the chance, would you move abroad for a year??

If you want to see more, head on over and say, Hi!


eef said...

I used to live near the Eibsee! You've been to Garmisch then! XD

I LOVED living in Germany. Such a fun time!

Tara said...

Looking forward to hearing more about your adventures! I can't wait to start traveling more once I make the move to the UK. The pictures are great :)

Katrin said...

I am a German living in American and I am always surprised to see people wearing flipflops when it is 50 degrees outside. :)

Alex Butts said...

ah can the 3 of us hang out like NOW? thanks.

Melissa Estes said...

Wow..I always said I never wanted to travel abroad but those pictures really make me want to!

Abbey S said...

Oh my goodness, I was a wreck when I tried to learn stick shift. (Luckily, not literally.) I accidentally got onto a real road instead of the not-often-traveled roads we'd been practicing on and absolutely PANICKED and haven't tried again. So kudos to you for learning!

DarkNiteV said...

I LOVE Europe. I love Germany and I am very excited about visiting Prague this fall. I would ablsolutely live there for a year or more if I was given the opportunity. I would move there tomorrow if I could. :) Thanks for your story.

Kecia said...

You're making me excited for my move to Germany! Can't wait!



picadaisy said...

Going to Germany this summer, definitely great to find out more about what it's like there!

Casey said...

Fantastic pictures! I don't know who *wouldn't* move over seas for a year with surroundings like that. =]

Kell said...

Um.. I would in a heartbeat. The experience is irreplaceable! I'm so jealous of all of this.