Oh, Just Livin' the Dream. In Scotland. Or... Kenya? AND A GIVEAWAY WINNER

Yes. I'm in Scotland. Yes it is awesome. Yes, you could say that I'm livin' the dream. 

But... we're not talking about me today. OR Scotland. We're talkin' about a singin' fool who spent a summer in freakin' AFRICA!! Awesome, right? Or am I the only one who's dreamed of going there? This girl has spent time in all the parts of the world that I want to visit, but haven't had the chance. Sierra is awesome, and I'm pretty positive you'll love her, so read on!! 

Dear Future Blog Readers,
My name is Sierra and I blog over at Oh, Just Living the Dream
I am so happy that Alyx has allowed me to stop by her blog today to tell you a little bit about myself!
I started my blog a couple of years ago, initially for myself. I love to write. I love to put things down on paper (or on the internet! ha!) and it was a good outlet for me. I write a lot of funny things, sad things, deep things, etc. I have an extremely dry sense of humor. And most of the time I ramble on about random crap! Ha. But I swear, it's awesome! My blog is a wonderful way to put down memories, thoughts, and pictures from my every day life.

Here's a little sneak peak into the life of Sierra:

*I lived in Kenya this past summer in a village, teaching the children. I see the world completely different because of this. I have also had the incredible opportunity of serving in Mexico, Fiji, and Puerto Rico. These special experiences are shared throughout some of my posts. (Maybe that's why I have jungle fever?)
*I currently sing in a choir called LDC. We have our show this upcoming weekend! Come! it's going to be great. Singing in this choir has not only made me a better person but also a better singer. Music is a perfect escape for me.
*I am currently writing a book on Depression with a friend of mine to help others cope with this trial. It's empowering and quite inspiring.
*I am currently acting in a short film that will hopefully make it into the Sundance Film Festival this upcoming year. Yeee!!
*I am finishing up my elementary education degree this summer and I start teaching this next fall. I'm not sure which grade, but that means I have 30 children's education in my hands. YIKES. I have a feeling there will be a ton of stories going to come to pass. Ha. Kids crack me up.
*I am a clean FREAK. Like, it's kind of a problem. I had two professors tell me today that I am also a perfectionist. Eh, could be worse, right?

Things I have learned since blogging:
1. There will always be a blog that seems more put together or better than yours. Don't let that stop you from writing. It's YOUR blog, with your own style, with your own words. Treasure that. Don't compare.
2. Blogging friends are so fun! I feel like I have a friendship with all these girls because of it. (kinda weird, right? But awesome, too!)
3. Sometimes I wish my life was as wonderful as I make it seem on my blog. Don't get me wrong, I am very real. Very real. I express my opinions, thoughts, idiosyncrasies, etc. but it's still not my diary (you're welcome for that!).
4. Just have fun! This is a creative outlet for you. Work it, ladies.

Come and stop by! Become a follower! Comment away. Don't be shy. Because, quite honestly, I am probably already following your blog ;)
Blogging love,
Oh, Just Living the Dream
Thanks, Sierra!! If your name is Michelle, you won the giveaway!!! Check here.


Georgina said...

What an inspiring post - I love to hear about others adventures, travels and especially - their blogging tips. Thank you Sierra and thank you Alyx for spotlighting such a wonderful person!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! I LOVE Africa! Finally made it last year and got engaged on the Serengeti! I can't wait to go back!



Anonymous said...

Fantastic! I LOVE Africa! Finally made it last year and got engaged on the Serengeti! I can't wait to go back!



Kell said...

I love this! What an inspiration.

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