Do I Look Like a Clown? Because I Still Feel Like One...

Hi there!! 

I hope your weather is as glorious as it is here in Germany! After a few days of cold, cloudy, weather, the sun reared its pretty little head again today.

Of course that meant that we had to go get some Spaghetti Eis. OMG so delicious.

Before I get to the point of this post, I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to all of you who "liked" Mikarose's facebook page and told them that I sent you there - I won!! I chose this outfit: 
Also, in case you didn't know - I have a facebook page and twitter where you can follow all of my updates and random thoughts. I'd love it if you'd join me in both of those places! 

Anyway, on to the point of this post. I need your opinion on something very important. Can I pull off the red lips or do I look as goofy as I feel? 

Yay or Nays welcome and encouraged.

Sorry this post doesn't have more substance - I'm attempting to finish an entire independent study English class by... Sunday. 

Happy Tuesday! 


Unknown said...

You TOTALLY pull it off ;) I can't at all hahahahaha I've tried but I'm way paler than you unless I'm hot then I turn bright pink which doens't look all that great with red clown lips hahahaha But you look gorgeous with them!

Shauna said...

It looks great!
A total Yay from me.

M. said...

The second picture totally sells it!

Andi said...

The red is perfect!

Unknown said...

A lot of people can't pull off the red lips...but you look great!

Natalia Lynn said...

love them!

twiggy@thedirtlife said...

yay, yay, yay. look, you know that i'm honest.

you can totally pull off the red lipstick. ESPECIALLY with that new chic outfit. especially with that.

Unknown said...

It looks fantastic!! Not enough people wear red lipstick. It's gorgeous on you!

Courtney B said...

LOVE that outfit you picked!
YES to the red lipstick. And I want your long eyelashes :)

Rosie said...

YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! I think it looks lovely.

R xx

erin e flynn said...

Congrats! That's a cute outfit, you have to model it for us when you get it! =]

If I didn't know that you didn't normally wear red lipstick I think I would assume you always do! So that's a yay! =]

Anonymous said...

You look fabulous!!! You know what that red lipstick would look good with? Your new outfit!!!!!! :o) Love it!!

B said...

Not very many gals can pull off the red lipstick look, but you do it marvelously. :-)

Get out and enjoy that sunshine, sista!

Elisha said...

your ADORB!! now following. <3

Alana Christine said...

Cute outfit!! I think you can pull off the red lips!

Kylie said...

That outfit is adorable! And I think you pull off the red lips well :) The best thing you can do is to wear them with a smile and confidence!

Brielle said...

you look awesome! i say yes! wear it more! pretty pretty pretty.

Michelle said...

You look very pretty!

Love the outfit you won.

Becky said...

Congrats on winning the outfit! The one you picked is gorgeous :) And I say yes to there red lipstick!

lori said...

ahhhhh so happy you won the outfit!!! obviously, you must post pictures when you get it.

and i love the red lip on you. im kind of jealous actually. i look ridiculous in it myself.

Liz Brown said...

Ohhh I do know that 'clownish' feeling! It always seems like everyone else LOVES it, but seeing it on myself is like whoa.

Anna said...

The red is always a shock at first. :) you'll get used to it the more you wear it, which you should! Bright red doesn't work well for me but I found a pink/red that I love. You can keep experimenting, but nothing like a little lipstick to make you feel sassy. :)

kim @ a positive peace said...

love the outfit and love the red lipstick!! you are inspiring me!! haha

i think when you first start wearing make up that you're not used to it just seems crazy bc you're used to looking at your face w/o it .. right? right!

for example, for my sister's wedding i went all out with the make up and i NEVER wear any and people i rarely see were like it looks so great! the only problem is that im too lazy/sleep until the last possible moment to wear makeup on the regular!

Dearest Lou said...

Congrats on winning the contest Alyx that is awesome! Also you can totally pull off red lips (: lipstick always takes a little bit of time to get use to.

Amy said...

It looks great!!! You will get used to it in no time!
Amy xo :)

Barbara said...

Yays all the way!

Sarah said...

I love red lips! They're so much fun!

Unknown said...

Whoot that you won!! :) I think the red lips looks great! That last photo you've got like a vampiress thing going on... red lips, white skin... ;)

Keri said...

Love the red lips with your gorgeous eyes! Congrats on the win...I can't wait to see the outfit ON YOU! Ok, that sounded rather creepy.

Sara Louise said...

The red lipstick looks really pretty on you, especially with the black mascara. I can't wear lipstick (because it does make me look like a clown) but I've found a red gloss that I love lots :)

Style-Delights said...

You are so beautiful!! You know you look like Blake Lively!!! super gorgeous..If I were not straight, and not happily married, I'd be having a crush on you right now!!;-) Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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Unknown said...

YES.. you can totally pull off the red lips - looks great. :-)

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