WIWW in Ibiza and a Giveaway!!

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Sunglasses [3,90 EUR], Pants [6,90 EUR], Shirt [$3]: F21 Sandals [$10]: Target
HIII!!! You can also find me here today, sharing a story about pink polka-dot panties. I bet you're super excited to go read it, right? Right.

Oh, and let me tell you about those sandals for a second - I hiked [yes, hiked] six miles in those puppies today. I think there is crack in the water here. Anyway. 

So. I'm sure you have all seen the My Memories Suite digital scrapbooking software that has been sweeping through the blog world as of late. I have, too. I've entered a few giveaways trying to win it, but never had any luck. I was pretty stoked when I got an email asking if I wanted to review it and choose one lucky winner to give another copy away to. I agreed, of course! 

The opinions below are 100% my own. I was not given monetary compensation, just a free copy of the software to review and keep for personal use. 

Because I like lists, and I like multiples of five, I'm going to clue you in on my five favorite things about this software: 

1. It's so easy a caveman could use it! Seriously! I'm pretty sure that even my computer illiterate great grandma could use this (okay, so I don't actually have a computer illiterate great grandma, but you get what I'm sayin').

2. It came with a ton of fun templates. Like, slap your picture on and you have a beautiful scrapbook page within seconds kind of templates. Not even kidding.
3. It comes with a bazillion embellishments. I really like page embellishments on the rare occasion that I scrapbook. I think it's awesome how many this program comes with! 
4. Fonts. If you're a font junkie like me, this program is awesome, because it lets you use all your cute fonts! 
5. SO FAST to make pages, AND you can get it made into a bound book!! I created that page above in less than 5 minutes! Imagine how many hours would be cut off of your scrapbooking time! a lot. If you're anything like me, you have approximately twenty (I tend to exaggerate, so twenty actually means three) unfinished scrapbooks laying around. This removes that mess and takes way less time! 

My Memories is offering my readers $10 off this software PLUS a $10 coupon to the My Memories store - that's a steal, people! Just use this code: 

If you're not into discounted things, you SHOULD be into free things, so why not try your luck and enter the giveaway? 

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Marilyn said...

Awesome outfit.. I love your pants, very funky and springy.. ;)) Pretty.. Lovely blog you have here.. Officially a follower with smiles... Stopping in via Pleated poppy WIWW ;)) Hope you can visit too.. Wishing you a lovely mid-week.. xoxo ~Marilyn (http://www.theartsygirlconnection.com)

Katrin said...

Oh, I would soooo love to win this!

Your pants are awesome, Alyx! You look fabulous and I hope you are having a wonderful time!


Katherina said...

Wonderful view and good thing you were able to hike with those sandals (they're cute)!


Keri said...

You are so gorgeous! And it appears you are enjoying yourself. :)

Jenny-O said...

Don't even have to tell you how hot you look and how much you completely rock those pants!!!! I hope that you and hubby are having an amazing time in Ibiza (although all I can think about are those crazy German reality shows that take place there with the crazy displaced Germans). Hopefully your reality will be FAR better!!!! Viel spass und mehr fotos bitte!!!

Rosie said...

I want the trousers...the Ibiza weather and a beach to hang out on.

Jealous rant over...love, love, love that you are having a great time.

Rosie xx

Alex, Speaking Denglish said...

the red pants, I NEED some! Hope you're having a blast!

Kylie said...

Oooh I love your skinnies! Red looks dang good on you. Also, I like your sandals.

Unknown said...

You are so stinkin pretty!! So not fair ;) Hope you're having the best time ever! ;)

Christie said...

Those pics of you are hot! Love the outfit!

sophie-mayanne said...

ohmy i am totally in love with your blog ! now following and cannot wait for your future posts, and I love your red pants & you are so pretty !!

hope you can visit my blog sometime :)
sophiemayanne xox

Shauna said...

Beautiful photos!
Im so jealous, wish I was on the beach today!

Kelly said...

Kay I TOTALLY love those pants. Nice find!!!

Unknown said...

I LOVE the red pants!

Catherine Fishback said...

You're in Ibiza?! I've heard it's so amazing there.

Hope you're having a blast!

FEST (food, style & travel)

Kym said...

hey alyx, so much to say. ok, deep breath and here we go:
first, omg your photos are beautiful. so this is the non-party side of what ibiza has to offer, huh? i've always wanted to go and rave to my heart's content but now i'm thinking a few hikes may be added to the ibiza wish list too.

second, your red skinnies. i wish i looked as good in my red skinnies as you do in yours.

third, how wonderfully serendipitous to get offered a FREE copy of the software you'd been coveting. isn't it great when the universe works like that?

fourth i love your panty story. seriously, mr. sexy face was probably pretty excited that you dropped your lacy pretty panties (pun!) and that they weren't some oversized, ratty granny (or worse - period) panties.

fifth (can i keep going? will this be the longest comment ever?) i can't believe you're still reading and commenting on my blog while you're on vacation in ibiza. i love you for it.

and lastly, please please use more sunscreen. reapply reapply reapply! :)

have fun on vacation!!!! i can't wait till you're back so we can email about dirty hair and other beauty quandries.


Sara Louise said...

I'm not entering because I did one of these too, but I had to comment to say that you look like a total badass in the second phonto! It's awesomesauce.
And are those the Forever 21 pants?

Casey said...

I'm seriously jealous you've the guts to wear red pants. They scare me! (But no worries, they look great! Especially with the red sunglasses.)

Casey said...

I'm seriously jealous you've the guts to wear red pants. They scare me! (But no worries, they look great! Especially with the red sunglasses.)

Samantha said...

love your pants! hot lady!

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