Favorite Things Friday


Happy Friday, everyone!! Of course since it's Friday, I have a list of my favorite things... I thought, since I'm starving, instead of making food like a normal person, I'll just give you my top five favorites to make myself even more hungry and miserable. Also, I haven't really talked about food in a while.... what is wrong with me?!

I feel like I talk about all of these foods a lot, so if you don't already know half of them, you should be ashamed of yourself. Kidding. [or am I?]

1. Steak with mashed potatoes. I'm a midwest girl through and through - I love me some good Nebraska steak and mashed potatoes!
2. Macaroni and Cheese. How anyone can not like Mac'n'cheese is beyond me. I mean, who could pass up that cheesy goodness?
3. Peanut Butter. I don't know if this really qualifies as a food, but I count it. I love the stuff. My peanut butter of choice? JIF. 
4. Nutella. Like peanut butter, I don't think it actually counts, but I don't care. Ask anyone that knows me, and they will tell you - I'm seriously addicted. I've been known to eat it with my fingers out of the container.
5. Bratwurst. Because what lady in her right mind doesn't love a good, juicy sausage? HA!! Sorry, that may or may not have been an intended innuendo...

So there you have it. Does peanut butter and/or nutella fall into any of your favorite foods lists? If not, we can't be friends. Totally kidding... but what do you eat if you don't partake in any of this gloriousness? Enlighten me... heck, leave a link to your favorite recipe - Husband will love you forever. 


Unknown said...

Oh my goodness I think I may have to make sure I get some macaroni and cheese at some point today now! This morning on my way to work I was craving a toasted blueberry muffin with a little bit of butter - so I got it.

I love good (especially nutella) but have never tried Bratwurst, I may now due to your suggestion!

Have a lovely weekend xo

Laura said...

Ok now I am hungry!

Natalia Lynn said...

I like peanut butter, but seriously don't like Nutella! I know it's crazy but I don't like the flavor hazelnut and it's in everything around here!!

Michelle said...

Yum I love all of this!

Whitney @ EHFAR said...

I love steak, mashed potatoes, and macaroni and cheese. I like the other stuff too, but the first three are my top faves. How could anyone not like steak and Mac and cheese? Haha. I have two recipes for you... one is chicken and the other is pork (basically schnitzel)



Abbey said...

I'm a vegetarian. In high school I was dating a boy named Nathan. One day Nathan was hanging out with his fiends and he called me and they all made fun of me in the background of our call because I don't eat sausage. Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge. Oh, high school...

Nathan lasted less than a month (for many reasons) and about a year later I found out all his friends thought I dumped him because of that call. Haha.

Breenah said...

You need to try Pioneer Woman's homemade mac'n'cheese recipe. It's super easy.

I opened a new jar of peanut butter yesterday so I could dip my apple in it. Mostly because I needed to do the dishes so I didn't have anything to put the peanut butter in. Then I continued to eat some out of the jar with my finger. It was a slightly low point in my day, haha.

Anna said...

mac and cheese is a favorite.
grilled cheese would have to be on the list too. :)
I loved this spaghetti and meatball recipe:
and this crockpot chicken recipe:
(do you have a crockpot in Germany?)

Katrin said...

What kind of Nutella is that on the picture, Alyx? I have never seen that before!

Maria Larsen said...

We have the same list. Except for the last thing. I've never had Bratwurst.

Anonymous said...

I love me a big, thick spicy sausage! :o) LOL. Actually, I love all of your picks except for the steak. Yuck. I could do without that.

My favorites: cereal, peanut butter (it goes on EVERYTHING), and donuts. Yep. I'm the healthiest person you know.

Unknown said...

love these - and nutella is my absolute favorite! and if you love macaroni and cheese you NEED to try this chipotle mac n cheese recipe i found - martha stewart says its the best mac n cheese yet and ben and i love the little kick the spice gives it


seriously - so good.

his little lady said...

okay, i am officially hungry! it's almost 3 o'clock here in the afternoon and i still haven't eaten anything. i think my mouth is drooling now because of this post!!
xo TJ

lori said...

girl i love me some peanut butter. and mac and cheese... omg. im drooling. i love anything that involves cheese, actually.

i've actually cooked some yummy goodness this week and i'm posting a couple of recipes soon. maybe... just maybe you can cook them in your itty bitty kitchen. haha.

Katie said...

I am a steak and potatoes kind of girl, too! And then I always wonder if that isn't very feminine, but then I decide I don't care one bit. And Mac n' Cheese. Seriously. Love the stuff. I don't understand when people don't. I especially love homemade Mac n' Cheese. Mmm. Makin me hungry just thinking about it.

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

Agree, Mac & Cheese & Nutella are out of this world!

Alana Christine said...

bahahahaahhahahahaa. SAUSAGE!!!

I love mac n cheese : )

Keri said...

Of course it's food! We eat it, don't we?! I love them both. I love all your favorites.


Lacy in the Sky with Diapers said...

YUM..... I am back from my trip and back to blogging... I have missed you!! xoxo

Kym said...

yes, yes we all know about your 2 jars of nutella - the fancy one for guests and your naughty one full of double dipping. :) i have to agree with almost all the foods you listed. mashed potatoes are my absolute favorite food ever! mac n cheese is a pretty close second, especially when it's homemade with like 3 bricks of delicious, full fat cheese. oh, i could talk about food all day. and hair...i love to talk about hair. but you already know that...

have a great weekend, alyx!!

Dana Fox said...

Ah I'm hungry all over again! I've never tried nutella though! Is that weird? Haha
Xo Dana

Kelly said...

Oh my god WHY would you post all these yummy food pictures in one post!? I want KD now....

M. said...

Man, that Blue Box is my JAM! PB totally counts. I also love Strawberries. A kid from Sri Lanka recently asked me what a typical "american" meal was. Steak and potatoes was what I came up with!

NaNa said...

my my your evil, you made me very hungry *DROOL =) thanks for sharing the post hehe

love from the NANA girls xoxo

Natalie said...

the macorani and cheese look delish!! it was my favorite meal as a kid (:


Julie said...

I'm a Nutella and peanut butter addict!
If you go to Belgium you have to try the Sirop de Liège, pretty sure you will love it ;)

Katie @ My Darling Days said...

Ha, ditto! These are all my favs too (except Nutella, I've NEVER tried it. Crazy, I know.} You can sure tell a midwestern girl when you see what she likes to eat :)

Katie @ My Darling Days said...

Ha, ditto! These are all my favs too (except Nutella, I've NEVER tried it. Crazy, I know.} You can sure tell a midwestern girl when you see what she likes to eat :)

Dearest Lou said...

Thanks so much for the congrats Alyx! That food looks delicious especially the mash potatoes and mac and cheese! Hope all is well dear!


Brittany said...

My favorite peanut butter is white chocolate peanut butter from peanut butter & co. So delicious!

Unknown said...

Have you tried peanut butter on pancakes? Instead of butter. MY FAVORITE. ;)

Sara Louise said...

Nothing like a good steak, or a bowl of Mac & Cheese (hmmm... tastes like America!) and is there really anything better than Nutella or peanut butter? The answer is no.

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