Favorite Things Friday [Ibiza Edition]

oooohhhhh Happy Friday the 13th!!

It's forecasted to rain all day today, so we're not really sure what the plans are, but hey - I might get the chance to edit some of our five billion pictures, so that would be nice!

Anyway. Favorite Things. 

1. Clear blue water. It's probably one of the most beautiful things ever. Am I right, or am I right?
2. Hiking. Oh, man. The past couple of days have helped me to rediscover how much I love hiking. Me+TheGreatOutdoors=Love. 
3.The Sunrise. So beautiful. This is not the greatest picture - I took it off our balcony (I didn't want to run down to the beach in my underwear). I'm planning on getting some good ones tomorrow, though.
4. Nature. When I look at all of the beautiful things nature has to offer, I am stunned. Seriously - just go look out your window, and look at the world around you and tell me that it's not amazing.
5. Okay, so this isn't a Spain thing, but it's still cool! A picture of a professor from my alma mater has become a viral internet meme! Seriously, people. There's this 68-year-old professor at University of Nebraska-Lincoln who skateboards to class. Every. Day. Not even kidding. I always chuckled as I was walking to class and he'd whiz by, but who knew that his photo would become a meme?!

What are some of your favorite things this week?? 


Ronida said...

You look awesome on that 2nd photo! :) And I agree with you, appreciating the tiniest bit of wonderful details scattered in this Earth is a great way to enjoy life. Beautiful sunsets are my favorites. And common, your professor is the ONE! lol


Lauren said...

haha the pictures of the professor are awesome. And it looks like you're having a great time! Gorgeous photos lady :)

Leanna Vera said...

The post is making me want to get outside over the weekend! It's supposed to be in the 80s here and I can't wait to enjoy the nice weather.

Sarah Kate said...

Beautiful shots!!! I know ya'll must be having a fabulous time!!!

That college professor on the skateboard is amazing!!! I hope I am JUST like that when I'm older!

E :-) said...

Those photos are amazing! I love the one of the sunrise!

Shauna said...

Love the photos! The sunrise is beautiful, and that water is amazing! happy Friday!


Alex Butts said...

you know a viral sensation?? way legit

Liz Brown said...

Spain looks incredible. I am jealous. Forgive me.

HAHAHA and some of my friends have had that professor too! I didn't know he'd become a sensation though! That is too good.

Raych said...

1. Your pics from your vacation are killing me! So pretty! I want to go on a trip now.

2. OMG I remember that guy! I was jamming to my music one time and didn't see him and he almost took me out... I love that he's an internet sensation now!

kimberly rae said...

lol awesome meme!!

i tried to get a good pic of the sunrise this morning on the plane but the clouds messed it up!!

i love your pictures! can't wait to see more!!! keep having fun! :)

lori said...

okay that professor is amazing. love it.

Kym ((bitty)) said...

that one about your college professor is inexplicably cool!!! and the rest of your photos are just awe-inspiring. you are so right. nature is where it's at. it's so gorgeously beautiful and it's just everywhere.


Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

What do you mean you weren't running to the beach in your undies!?! You're in Spain! Undies on the beach are no big deal... haha. Well, I don't know that actually. Where are the nudie beaches??? Never mind. haha.

Kelly said...

That picture of the skateboarding prof is ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS! I love it! Also, I love the pictures of your trip. The water looks beautiful and that sunset picture off your balcony is gorgeous! I wanna go there RIGHT NOW.

Blush said...

Great photos! The last one is so funny :D

Keri said...

Whatever! Your pictures are great! So stop apologizing for them. :) The professor on the skate board is AWESOME!! Love it. I'm so glad you're enjoying your trip. I also love hiking!

Casey said...

Haha I wish I had had a professor that cool!

Sara Louise said...

"got his BA in being a BA" - brilliant

Anna said...

68 years old and skateboarding...I love it. :)

theM.A.D.creationist said...

Great photos! love the first!



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