March Madness [Sponsor Edition] Pt. 4 & WIN SOME GERMAN CANDY!!

Happy Weekend!! 

If you haven't entered for your chance to win some German goodies, go here and do it! By midnight - please and thank you!

I hope you all are doing fabulous and have some awesome plans. I also hope that your weather isn't as craptastic as Germany's is!! 

That being said, I have three more lovely people for you to check out today. I had some pretty awesome sponsors for this, my last month of having sponsors (for a couple of months, at least), so you should definitely get to click-clicking and make some new bloggy friends! 


Becky said...

All these bloggers sound really neat! I'm going to check out their blogs now :)

Sophie @TheForge said...

oh yes, German candy. i have a whole drawer full of the stuff. i think some of it is a few years old already ;) guess we're not the biggest candy eaters around here.