Your Questions Answered! [Part 1]


It's your lucky day!!! You get to learn a little bit more about the girl behind the blog. 

I decided to do a little Q&A session, and I got some really good questions. I thought I'd go ahead and answer them in today's post. 

1. Alex from Ifs, Ands, & Butts: What are your favorite coding tricks you can share with us? 
A: Okay, so my favorite coding trick is probably how to do a navbar like mine at the top. Husband taught me how to make it look shaded whenever you hover over a certain part. Unfortunately, the code for that is really, really long, and I don't quite understand why you put every single part of it in there - I just know how to do it. 
Take Some Code
I was explaining this to Mike the other night, and he had the bright idea that my blog shouldn't be about HTML/java/CSS tutorials, no siree. His should. So... he started a blog. And he's going to be sharing a new little snippet or tutorial each day. I've told him he'll need to do that one coming up soon, so look out for it! He's really thorough in the way he goes through things, though, so be prepared for that one to be LONG. No, seriously - it'll be longer than the line at walmart on Black Friday. 

2. Erin from eef etc.: What made you want to start blogging?
A: Ummmm. Hmmm. Well.... I started a blog a few years ago when I came to Germany to do an internship, but didn't stick with it and only wrote a few entries. I decided to take another go at it when I found out I got the Fulbright and we moved out here. I didn't really know there was a blogging community when I started, and intended to just write boring stuff for my family to read, but then other people started reading, and all of a sudden, I had 40 random followers, and no idea where they came from or why they cared about what I was writing. 
I started blogging to keep in touch with family, but I love that it's morphed into this place where I have friendships and stuff. 

3. Erin from eef etc.: What is your favorite place that you've traveled? 
A: Oh, man. If we're talking Europe, hands down it is Prague. It is by far the most beautiful city I have ever laid eyes on, and I loved it. 

I am, however, more of a beaches and sunshine girl, so Dominican Republic could probably tie it if we're talking worldwide travel. 

4. Courtney from From Here to Eternity: What made you decide to go to Europe? 
A: Well... I hadn't applied to grad school and still wasn't really sure what I wanted to study. About a week before the deadline, a professor told me about the Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship in Germany. I love Europe and I love Germany, so I decided to apply. I wrote some essays, got some recommendations, turned in the app seconds before the deadline, and voila. I was notified in January that I was a finalist, then notified in March that I had been awarded the grant. Husband and I moved out here in August, and will stay until July. 

5. Anna from The Days When I'm Not a Nurse: What's the secret to life? 
A: Bahahahaha! I am totally as wise as a buddhist monk, so good job asking me this. I mean, really. My answer to this question will change your life. Forever. In a really big way (can you tell I'm stalling, trying to think of an answer?). I guess all I can think of is... do what makes you happy. Don't compare your situation to other people's (gosh I suck at that one), and don't do something just because you feel obligated to do it. Love without limits, don't be afraid of failure or disappointment, and treat other people the way you want to be treated. Exercise regularly, but don't be too much of a health freak. Make new friends, meet new people. Try one new thing a month (or more often if you're a daredevil). 
And my personal success tips: eat lots of chinese and italian food, stay away from mustard and pickles, only eat carrots when your husband forces you to, keep a large supply of JIF peanut butter and macaroni and cheese around, invest in a cat with opposable thumbs, and wear sweats as often as possible.

So.... I'll leave it at that for now, and answer the rest of the questions in another post! 

And... if you have any more questions, you can still send them my way!! 


Shay said...

You are such a lucky girl to be able to experience so many neat places- I would love to see Prague someday!

gapoole said...

Caitlin and I are going to Prague this Thursday! We're super excited. Got any must-see suggestions for us?

Anna said...

haha, loved your answers! especially #5. my life will never be the same now that I've read that.

Angie said...

Looking forward to your husbands blog for a code resource! Love your navbar and life advice ;)

B said...

Awwww. This was so cute. I enjoyed this. And now I've googled some questions for you to answer! Yay!

1. If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you would do?

2. What would you name the autobiography of your life?

3. What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done?

4. What is your first memory of being really excited?

Too much? Oh well. I'm an overachiever. <3

Abbey said...

My youth pastor in high school did a whole week on the idea "love without limits." It really, really affected me. So cool to see you using the term. :) Also love the advice to eat food and wear sweats. Yes, please.

Gentri said...

Love learning more about you! :) And how awesome that your hubby started his own blog!!

Danielle and Trev said...

Those pictures of where you've been are AMAZING!! Love your blog.

Unknown said...

Im loving your advice for the secret to life- you are so right.

Sarah said...

Great questions and answers! What are you going to do after you leave Germany in July?

Anonymous said...

Hmm... several things to ponder about Alyx! ;) So what does Mike do in Germany?? If you've talked about that and I missed it, sorry!!!

Bri Buzali said...

I love these!!! Can't wait for you to do more!

I totally agree with you about prague, it's my absolute favorite city that i've visited thus far, and you could totally write a book about the secret to life! haha love it!

Sara Louise said...

I'm so excited for your husband's blog, because I need a lot of help.
And here's a question... when you leave Germany, where do you think you'll go?

Alex, Speaking Denglish said...

Ha yes I'm so glad your husband started a blog for this. I always can Google the simple codes but I love random fun tricks I would've never thought of.

And I kick myself sometimes for not knowing about things like Fulbright, sigh.

Unknown said...

I love that you mentioned Prague as your fvorite city in Europe. I have always been facinated with Prague and Czech Republic as a whole. I have booked a trip to Prague later this year and I am beyond excited about it. I just wish it was closer.

Courtney B said...

What an amazing experience to live in Germany! I know it's been tough with the crappy weather... and having to rinse your trash ;) But you two are SO lucky!

Keri said...

Hahaha #5!!! You're so cute and funny. :)