Sunday confessions Link-up.

Hola! Que pasa?! Donde esta la Bibliotheka? Yo quiero cinnamon twists. [that is the extent of my Spanish, and I realize it is probably very, very wrong].

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1. I only own one white bra. This is a weird confession, I know. But I have this thing for fun bras, so I own like 15 bras [that does not include sports bras], and only one is white, one is black, one is pink, and one is nude. The rest are animal print and fun patterns.

2. Since we're on the topic of bras... I'm a bra snob. All of my bras are from Victoria's Secret. You can try to convince me otherwise all you want, but nobody makes a better bra than Vicki.

3. It really bugs me when people brag about how much money they have. I think it's tasteless. Oh, you have lots of money? That's great. You don't have to tell me about it. I think the only time it's really appropriate to talk about money spent is when it's money saved or you got an awesome deal. Here's an example: Me: Oh, I LOVE your shoes! You: Thanks, I got them for $10 - SUCH a good deal! See? That's fine. Now here's an example of what is tackyYou: I went and bought a $35,000 car yesterday, and after that, I went to the mall and spent $500 at the following stores. I love spending money, because I have so much of it. Guys, it's just rude. I'm not just saying that because I'm dirt poor for the first time in my adult life - I'm saying that because I've always felt that way - even when we had a lot of money. How much money you make shouldn't matter, and it doesn't to me (or most genuine people, for that matter), so quit talking about it. 
4. I almost bought lipstick the other day... but then I didn't. Because I'm a huge freaking chicken. 
5. The closer we get to going home, the more I miss America. Isn't this a little backwards? Shouldn't I be trying to get in as much of Germany as possible before we have to leave? I'm so torn. I love this place so much, but I'm so ready to go home and see my family and friends and move on.


Frances said...

I'm SO with you on the bra snobbery. All my underwear, panties included, is from Vicki. She makes fantastic underwear and bras and you cannot convince me otherwise. I don't care that it's more expensive. They're wonderful and some of the bras do wonderful things. ;)

Can't wait for the Hunger Games link up!
-Frances @ Keynotes

Amy said...

Yes!! Boring bra's do not come into my home! White and nude are just too plain and boring!
Amy xo

Alana Christine said...

I only have one white bra too! lol. My favorite is a zebra print one!!
When do you move home?

erin e flynn said...

I only have one white bra too--it's actually my dirndl bra. Do you have a dirndl? Anyhow, the funny thing about the bras is that you know how normal bras have pushup padding on the bottom? Dirndl bras have padding on the sides to squish those boobies together.

Of course, when you're an A cup, it doesn't really matter where the padding is. =[

I don't really care too much where my bras come from, but I'm picky about my underwear. I'll only buy it from American Eagle. I mean, unless it's the kind that gets taken off really fast. haha

I don't think I've ever worn lipstick in my life. I've worn gloss, but anything very pigmented scares me. I also feel like it makes me look funny. I don't know.

I'm with you on the money thing. I hate talking about money but it comes up a lot since I'm self-employed and people want to know about it. And then they tell me how much I could make at a normal job. lol

erin e flynn said...

PS. I just finished Mockingjay - OMG! I almost cried. Almost. haha

kim @ a positive peace said...

¡¡muy bien!! tu espanol es excelente, aunque tienes algunos problemcitos con la ortografia (biblioteca)!

has visitado el sitio: highly recommend if you are trying to learn another language!! :)

also, i also only have one white bra. and i only bought it a couple months ago bc i was like wth, i need my zebra/leopard/cheetah/hotpink bra not to show through my shirt while i'm at work with high schoolers!!

also i think it's really normal to get super excited about going home, i think it wont hit you until you're back in the USA that you miss alemania

i also really want to wear lipstick but i am afraid im not cool enough

also ... totally with you on the money thing! can we add an addendum and have ppl stop name dropping! one of my friends from elementary --> HS also lives in ny and everytime she posts something on FB its like, "jimmy fallon sent us shots" (she works for NBC, this actually happened tonight) and im like, great! ... maybe im just a bitter betty?

happy sunday!

Niken said...

to the contrary of that bra collection. i don't have any printed animal or other fun patterns. haha. eek, it's bugging me too when someone bragging about how much money they have.

Breenah said...

Haha, I only own three bras that work and two are cheapos from Wal-Mart. That's because pregnancy jacks up your boobs. I'm waiting to see what size they wind up before I buy fancy ones. Probably from VS.
And I ALWAYS do the "aw thanks! they were only $x!" I love bragging about my deals :)

Breenah said...

Also, it's biblioteca and canela giros.

Amy Harris said...

i don't even own a single white bra! haha but i like target bras the same as VS ones. I buy bras, underwear, and socks like no ones business. i'm not sure why or when this started but i just love new unders.

Madeline Grace said...

I'm a VS snob as. ALL of my bras are from there. I don't even own a white bra! I normally get nude colored ones!

-Madeline Gr○7ce

Just Let the Sparrows Fly

Lacy in the Sky with Diapers said...

I think all of us are Bra snobbies.. Once you go Vicki you never go back... I am with ya... I am trying to enjoy my last little bit in Michigan, but instead of soaking it all in I find myself counting the days to head back to the west!! Let try to enjoy our places ya? lol

Anonymous said...

I'm a bra snob, too! Even my sports bras are all from VS! (I think this is even more important since a lot of people actually SEE me in these bras vs. my regular ones that only CORY sees...)

I haven't ever known anyone to brag about how much money they have, but I could see how that would be super annoying. I must hang around with a bunch of poor people. ;o)

Nikkiana said...

I don't think I own any white bras... I have four beige ones though. I can't wear Victoria's Secret because I'm too big for their bras... which is annoying because they're pretty.... and readily available... which my size is certainly not.

Unknown said...

Don't be afraid of lipstick, I promise you'll love it!

Kylie said...

I need to get me a good bra. I've never had one from Victoria's Secret, but it's one of my life's goals.

Unknown said...

My bras are all from Vicki too... But I'm also cheap... So I have like four. Yeah, go ahead do the math. haha.

Alex, Speaking Denglish said...

So speaking of you going back made me think about Fulbright which reminded me that my friend here is in Fulbirght and that he just got back from the conference in Berlin and when he was talkinga bout it I was like whoa I wonder if Alyx was there. Random, anyway, were you there?