I Miss Cheeseburgers [& Other Things]


I don't know if you guys know this, but I kind of love food. Like, a lot. 

You should also know that Germany has some amazing food. We're talkin' Schnitzel, Bratwurst, Döners (actually Turkish, but they are sold everywhere here, so I count it), Bratkartoffeln, Spaghetti-eis, Knödel, Haribo candy, any type of Schokolade, etc. etc. 

You should also know, though, that there are some areas where Germany just cannot compete with the good ole USofA. Food items that are just plain better in America include:

TexMex. I mean, seriously. You can't even buy tortillas and taco seasoning in a normal grocery store! And when you find tortillas - holy balls are they pricey! And dude. You don't even want to know what passes for salsa here.
Cheeseburgers. Whether it's from McDonald's or a nicer sit-down place, America just does burgers better. Our beef is better (at least in the midwest), our burgers are juicier, and we have more options. Not to mention the fact that we eat them with our hands. Unless you're at McDonald's here in Germany, you'd better pick up a fork!
Pizza. Again, in America... we eat this with our hands. We also understand the importance of cheese.  And that pepperoni is meat, NOT little peppers (okay, that's just a language thing). And stuffed crust. Actually, not just stuffed crust, but crust in general. Germany, have you never heard of deep-dish pizza? No? Research it. You'll thank me.
Steak. I will say this again: beef is just better in America. I love me a good, juicy steak, and steak here is just, "meh."
Any Fast Food Anywhere. While my waist-line is probably thankful that Germany sucks at fast food, my taste buds that occasionally crave the goodness that is Taco Bell, are not. Sure, they have McDonald's and BK, but those two places somehow manage to taste even worse than their American counterparts.

Also.... If you're German, please tell me WHAT IS UP with finger foods with a fork thing? I mean, WHY?!

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Katherina said...

haha. I hope you survive with these kind of food in Germany... It's really bad not to have your comfort foods around you...


Michelle said...

I would be so sad without all of this food!

B said...

It's so sad that I read this and nodded my head in agreement at everything you said.


WHY is pizza so damn good? And WHY does Taco Bell sprinkle crack in their food so I crave it? and WHY OH WHY does a good burger make me moan when it's made the right way?

Because I *love* food. Just like you.


Unknown said...

soooo funny, i was planning on doing a german vs. american food post tomorrow! I recently made my own corn tortillas because we missed tacos so much and they turned out pretty good! and it's fun. :)

San said...

This post makes me laugh... and of course I am over here missing all the German food that you listed, because there is nothing like Döner here :)

In regards to the "eating finger food with fork and knife", I think it's just a cultural thing.... nothing to explain really.

Pizza is - sorry to say - much better in Germany, because it is so much closer to the original Italian Pizza. The deep dish pizza is an American thing - again, something that you just grew up with and that we just didn't have growing up in Germany (therefore, I am not a fan of the deep dish pizza).

It's all about what you grew up with and come to love over the years.... it's hard to "accept" that other countries do things differently ;)

Natalia Lynn said...

Ok the most disgusting Mexican foo I have ever had was in London! And I had. Pretty gross cheeseburger in Scotland. I have never been to Germany but I will agree that there are just some things America does the best :) -christie

erin e flynn said...

I actually prefer the beef in Germany--something about it tastes less processed?
I also prefer McDonald's in Germany. Their fries are FAR superior to American ones--actually, I think all German pommes have American fries beat. And Germany has way better mayonnaise for dipping your pommes in. American mayonnaise is the most disgusting stuff ever! I can't even eat it on a sandwich without wanting to puke.
I think I remember that Germany/Europe in general uses different oil or something for fries and cooking and stuff so maybe that's the taste difference.

Pizza--I LIKE German pizza, but I REALLY LOVE American pizza. I don't really consider them the same food. It's like comparing apples and oranges. I do enjoy pouring balsamic on thin crust pizza. =]

I don't know, I don't eat fast food here except for pizza once a month--I ate more fast food in Germany because we were traveling all the time.

I really miss doners. I've been trying to recreate them here, but no luck. =[

Unknown said...

ha ha! this post made me laugh out loud. Sounds like I am missing out on some german food. xoxo

Kylie said...

My heart hurts for you. While I'm not a huge beef fan, I can definitely empathize with your sorrows. And you truly haven't had Mexican (or TexMex) until you've visited the Southwest. The Midwest may have beef covered, but we've got your back on burritos and salsa.

Heather in DE said...

So true. I actually just wrote about my continuing quest for Mexican food yesterday! Whenever my parents send packages, I always have them throw in some taco seasoning, but it's really not the same. And if I never had to try and eat pizza with a fork (aka, the most awkward thing ever) again, it would be too soon!

Rosie said...

My boyfriend left from visiting me in the UK, with jars of curry sauce, a load of spices, sausage rolls, chorizo....I always take big packets of tea and mexican dinner kits too. Try a chinese supermarket, they stock more authentic asian cuisine and bizarrely some mexican foods. I wonder what I'll be bringing over in a couple of weeks!

filmansantiago said...

they say, beer is food. if that so, then perhaps that's the only food i'd love to have if i'm in Germany. this country is known for their best beers!

"what is up with finger foods with a fork thing?", it's like, yup, and why is that again? LOL! i'm not american but i'm into "finger lickin good" kind of eater.

happy blogging!

Pia said...

I really don't get why we don't have Taco Bell in Germany. I have heard so many good things about it and I want to try it!

Susie said...

Oh my gosh, you just hit EVERY SINGLE ONE of my favorite foods. I don't know what my life would be like if I grew up near bad pizza places!

We have this great Mexican restaurant here, even though I'm in Indiana. Their camarones al diablo is amazing, and I order it every time, even though it's so hot that I cry uncontrollably while I eat it.

kim @ a positive peace said...


Actually the hardest part for me about traveling is that I'm a really picky eater and I can barely find anything I like. When I lived in costa rica and then panama i couldn't believe it... even the ketchup was bad! (no salt added!) so the second time i went i went prepared with my own bottle! lol!

If you need someone to send you some taco seasoning packets (as i personally eat tacos 3-4x a week ... problem much?) let me know because Id be happy too!! :)

Unknown said...

So when you move back we should meet somewhere for dinner. Sounds like we love the same kinds of foods!! How you live without Mexican food (HELLO TACOS!) and a good steak... I wouldn't make it!!!

his little lady said...

oh gosh, i had no idea how deprived you have been, ha, just kidding! but it does remind me, we really do need to enjoy the small things.
xo TJ

momto8 said...

I remember thinking the same thing in Germany...the food was the only thing that wasn't great!! But everything else was great! have fun!!

Liz Brown said...

Poooooor thing. How you must be pining. No Nebraska steaks?? No Taco Bell??

I wouldn't be happy.

lori said...

i loveeee food, too! oh my goodness, i don't know how well i would do in germany!

Casey said...

Oh man! Now you have me wanting Taco Bell! Too bad I live in the middle of no where. I feel for your cravings.

Niken said...

that pizza look yuck!

Jennie said...

AND THE CARS. THE CARS! I drive a VW and it slays me. Fun to drive, but also it's expensive and it's also really complicated to open the dang hood.

PS This is my blog entry for tomorrow. PPS You're getting a shoutout just because of where you live the end.

Emily said...

ahh! pepperonis! that reminds me, when I was in Italy i was so shocked to find out that pepperonis were an american invention and they basically do not exist anywhere but in america

Keri said...

Mmmmm some of my favorite foods! :) Cheeseburgers for sure...I have no will power around them.

Katrin said...

Your post is so funny to read. :) As you know, I am German and I have to agree that there are many differences between America and Germany. I don't eat meat so I can't say much about beef but I am a big Pizza lover. I'd say that I like the German one a little better. I like to have a thin crust. I like American Pizza too but sometimes I feel like I only eat cheese and crust. German Pizza is more like Italian Pizza and that's my favorite.
I have to agree that there is some American food I miss in Germany. Like ranch dressing. You just can't get it there.
I don't like fast food (except of fries) so I can't really say much about that. But I have never seen so many fast food restaurants before. It is so weird that every small town has at least 3 McDonalds, 2 Burger Kings, 5 Taco Bells, etc. I really miss my little Italian Pizzeria here in America.
And I have never seen people eat a cheeseburger with a fork. :) Where have you seen that? :)) It's funny!In general I think people just like their forks...but we eat with our hands too!
And no, I have never heard of deep-dish Pizza but I will find out! :)

Sara Louise said...

You need to get your butt over to France! We may not have Tex-Mex or good cheeseburgers (my heart is crying) but you can get DELICIOUS steak here and the pizza down here in the south is AMAZING (lots of Italians in Marseille)

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