Sunday Confessions Linky Party!


Folks, this is the 3rd week in a row that I have this up early enough for your pretty selves to link up. That is probably some sort of record. So... what are you waiting for!? Grab a button and link up! 

1. I have not washed our duvet covers in... you know what, I'm not even going to tell you, because I'm embarrassed by how long it's been. Seriously. You don't even want to know. Spring cleaning, I promise I'll get to you eventually. 
Instagram makes it look dirty... 
2. I have been keeping a secret from you guys. No, I'm not pregnant! But... we are going on a trip! As a combined birthday present (my b-day + Mike's b-day), we have been given a trip to Scotland! I am so excited, and to be perfectly honest, that's the only thing keeping me going right about now. If I didn't have that to look forward to... I would be hopping the next plane to the good old USofA.
3. I [secretly] think racist blonde woman Asian jokes are funny. Jessica H., you'd better be reading this, because you're the reason I wrote that. Guys. Seriously. Watch this video and tell me it's not funny. 
Warning: There's a bit of foul language toward the end (and, ya know, in the title).

4. I spend way too much time on certain websites. They are... here. here. and here. If you have a boring job, you're welcome.

5. I have become a blog design-aholic. If you're reading this and you need a new blog design, shoot me an email by March 10th telling me you read this post and I'll give you 25% off a design. *For some reason the layout type similar to mine has been super popular, so that's really all that's in my portfolio, but if that doesn't float your boat, don't worry - it's not the only thing I know how to do.*

PS: If you have any questions for me that you want answered, ask! I'm going to start answering them in tomorrow's post! 


lori said...

i go WAY too long between washing our bedding.

jealous of your trip! when are you going??

kim @ a positive peace said...

omg, yes it has been too long since ive washed my actual comforter but it's too big to fit in any machines! i dont know how to do it !!

also, totes jealous of your scotland trip!! im thinking scotland/ireland this summer! :)

happy sunday!

Natalia Lynn said...

We went to Scotland last may! LOVED it! Where abouts will you be heading? - christie

erin e flynn said...

I never made it to Scotland, you'll have to take lots of photos and let us all know about it! =]

Chrissy said...

Scotland, wow, I've been there and I absolutely loved it! I bet you will enjoy it! xxx

Amy Harris said...

oh i am so pleased with the new websites you have brought into my life. sometimes work is insanely busy, and other times i literally sit there and do nothing... you can only blog and fb stalk so much. now i will have alternative modes of entertainment!! haha also. i'm a lot bit jealous of your scottland trip.

Alana Christine said...

I hate washing/changing my sheets & comforter ALMOST as much as I hate hanging up clothes...
hahaha. It's not like your body directly touches the comforter!
Also, I am so stinkin excited about your trip to Scotland!! That will be so much fun!

Niken said...

fill me in how the Spring Cleaning going, will you? haha.

Unknown said...

AWESOME ABOUT SCOTLAND!!! When are you going?!?2

I am so happy for you!!!

Michelle said...

Luckily my bf does ALL of the cleaning. Usually I have to tell him NOT to clean the blankets because he does it so much.

B said...



It's bound to be an awesome trip. I'm almost sure of it.

G and I were just talking about how we need to take a vacay. It won't be anything cool like Scotland, but yeah. We NEED this.

Allow me to vacation vicariously though you, K? K.

Keri said...

Just like every one else has said...I'M JEALOUS OF YOUR TRIP!! :) I can't wait to see pictures! So take lots and lots of them.

Abbey said...

I have been to the very castle that is pictured in Scotland. You'll love Scotland. I'm wishing I was there pretty constantly ever since I got back.

Breenah said...

Have fun in Scotland! One of these days I'll visit another country not via cruise ship.
I have the wasting time website constantly opening in a tab on the iPad and I've gone back to page 155 so far. You're ridiculous for introducing me to that.

Alex, Speaking Denglish said...


I dread washing duvet covers. They are such a pain to put back on blahhh

You will be glad to know that I figured out how to fix my no reply blogger nonsense. I unlinked my Google + profile and reverted back to the good ole blogger one, yayyyy

Mike Garner said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mike Garner said...

I am SO excited to be going back to bonnie Scotland with Alyx! I'll get to show her lots and lots... And maybe even see something new myself...

stephanie said...

how fun that you're going to Scotland! that has to be the best gift ever!

Sara Louise said...

I'm jealous of your trip to Scotland... where are you going? I lived in Dublin for six years and never took the short flight to Scotland, I'm officially a moron.
And I think I'm going to be taking you up on blog design soon... I need a change and I'm hopeless. You on the other hand are fantabulous :)

twiggy@thedirtlife said...

i just peed my pants a little watching that video.


also, i don't think i've washed our bed spread since it came from the store. yep.

Anonymously, Mine said...

Thank you! I have a boring job. I haven't washed my bedding in an embarassingly long time either. I like this confessions link up! I'm going to try to do it for next sunday!

Natasha Louise Taylor said...

Scotland!! So excited for you!!! I have some good memories up in Scotland! :)

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