Random. Vampire Bunnies. Books. Blisters.

Hi there! 

I have literally had the most random thoughts all morning, and I thought I'd share them with you. You're welcome.

- I had a dream last night that a vampire bunny killed me. Or brought me to the world of the undead where I then fed on other unfortunate humans. Seriously, though - it chased me through a forest and latched onto the flowy skirt I was wearing, but I was able to swish the skirt and swing it off. It eventually caught back up to me, though, and I stepped on it. Then, since it was a vampire bunny, it wasn't hurt, and bit my leg, and sucked my blood.
- I also had a dream last night that I went to Wal-Mart with some friends. I bought a bunch of random crap. Oh, the things you dream about as an expat.
- I have a blister the size of a small child on my foot. Okay, so I'm exaggerating a little bit. But it IS huge.
gross, right?! Can you see the size of that thing?!?! 
- I think I'm the only blogger in the world who is not writing a book. Or thinking of writing one. I'm reading one, though. Does that count?
- I'm confused by what is considered "professional" photography (and a good photo) in the small German town where I teach... I think the picture below speaks for itself.
- I'm refusing to get dressed or do my hair today. Wanna see how I plan on walking around for the next 10 or so hours?
- I really need to tweeze my eyebrows. They're furry little monsters. Do you guys say tweeze or pluck? I used to say pluck, but then someone told me it made them think of chickens, so now I say tweeze.
- I need to do homework. Boooooo.

- Sarah - when I thought of chickens, I thought of your blog. I hope you're not offended that chickens make me think of you...
- The most overused phrase in my vocabulary has to do with crack. I really like to tell people that I'm on crack, or they're on crack, or their grandma is on crack, even though it's not true.


Amy and the City said...

I always say pluck! I dont think Ive ever even though of saying tweeze...
Urgh I need to do homework too!
Amy xo

Abby and Mike said...

Can I just say that before I read the comment below the picture of you I was thinking to myself, "But her eyebrows still look awesome!" And then bam, you say they are furry monsters. Haha! Well I think they look awesome!

Alana Christine said...

Where do I start...
You have freaky dreams.
Sick blister!
bahahahahahahahahahahahaha. WHY would someone take that/frame that?

eef said...

Your eyebrows have nothing on mine--I would have to rip out about 3/4 of mine to make them look like yours! haha
I say "pluck" btw.

I didn't know we were supposed to write books and bloggers... crap. guess I better write one. haha

and that photo... wow.

Sarah Kate said...

I seriously busted out laughing so hard at the picture of the kid with the hot dog that it scared the chickens!!! They are in a completely different room than me, mind you. My laugh was that loud!

I feel so stinkin' special getting a shout out on your blog!!! :o) And it's totally cool if thinking of chickens makes you think of me. There are worse things to be remembered for... ;o)

Sarah Kate said...

Oh, and I say pluck. But I think I'm going to have to change that now. Thanks to you I'll think of my chickens every time i do my eyebrows now...

AndiSocial said...

Is that child holding a partially eaten hot dog? Weird

Ali said...

I just say attack for the eyebrows hahahaha mine get so nasty when I neglect them ;) And you know I also use the crack phrase ;) I just can't use it at work cuz then the kids might just repeat it and let's not open THHAT can of worms hahahaha

Kylie said...

Haha did you ever read that book Bunnicula in elementary school? I don't remember the details but it was something about the family dog thinking the new rabbit was a vampire. Strange. Anyways...I'm not writing a book! And what's with the random hot dog? Also, confession: I rarely touch my eyebrows. I'm sure they could use some grooming, but there isn't much there in the first place :P

Jennie said...

I say pluck but now I am wanting to say tweeze. Also, I am not currently writing a novel, but I have written one before, I think that that should count. Haha! Also I have a blister on my foot too! Twinning!

Breenah said...

Not only did you remind me of Monty Python (vampire bunny), but also Mean Girls. "Say crack again."

Now I need to watch both of them.

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

Well I'm not writing a book. Nor thinking of writing one. People barely read my blog posts... sheesh. haha. I've been having zombie dreams thanks to watching The Walking Dead. Don't watch it... UNless you wanna replace vampire bunnies with dead people. Nuff said.

Samantha said...

i'm not writing a book :)

his little Lady said...

oh gosh, i had a vampire dream last night too. well first they were zombies, but then they turned into vampires, and i was the acception to be allowed in their "world" but they had to constantly refrain themselves from biting me. SOOO weird, i know.
xo TJ

Sara Louise said...

I say tweeze, I'm a tweezer.
And vampire bunnies chasing you through the forest?? I think you're on crack (at least the bunnies weren't chasing you through Walmart because that would have been really confusing)

Danielle said...

That blister looks awful!!! And you are so CUTE!!

Kecia said...

Ohmygosh! What!? Is that kid holding a chewed upon hot dog in his picture!? That belongs on that Awkward Family Photos website! (If you haven't seen that site and need a laugh, do it now!)

Killed by a rabbit? Have you been watching Monty Python lately?



Keri said...

A chewed up hot dog?! Seriously??? Hahahaha!!!! NICE.

Anna said...

ha, that hot dog is messed up! how'd you get the blister? Is it a good story?

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