Favorite Things Friday

You can find me in a guest post here today. 
So... I don't have a lot of side commentary today. Let's just get to the good stuff, shall we? 

Favorite Things Friday! 

1. Hunger Games! And even better - my genius idea of doing a movie review link-up this coming Monday! Tell your friends and everyone that you know - lets get a ton of people to link up so that we can all nerd out big time!! 
2. Spending the bright sunshiny day in Frankfurt yesterday with husband and friends. Yesterday was glorious not only because of HG, but also because it was like, 67 degrees and sunny. We hung out by the river, went to the park, ate brats, and had dinner with some friends!
recognize daryl ?

3. Enrolling in classes! I'm sort of terrified to have to do homework and reading and writing again, but I need to finish 6 credit hours of English before I am eligible to start my master's program (that I will hopefully get accepted to) in June. That gives me 2 months to read and analyze 9 of Shakespeare's works and learn how to critique and analyze literature. Holy balls. 

4. Swinging. I forgot how much fun it was to sit on a swing and feel like you're flying with [almost] no effort. I will admit, though, that i'm much heavier than I was the last time I was on a swing, and my arms sure felt that! Ha!

5. Smiling/ acting like an idiot/ getting excited about the little things. Guys - I had such a blast with my 8th graders today, and we were not doing anything interesting or exciting - we were talking about different types of texts (diary, news article, movie review, etc.). I just had a good time teaching the lesson, and that translated to them having a blast with one of the most boring things we have ever done. Because I was such a happy-go-lucky/smile crazed teacher today, their homework was to spend an hour outside in the sunshine this weekend.



Anna said...

Ah! I'm planning on watching HG Monday night!! So the question is: do I read all the reviews before or after?

Anonymous said...

You are the best teacher EVER!!!! I never got lucky with hw assignments like that!

Abbey said...

Good luck with the Shakespeare! If you get stuck on anything, Sparknotes has versions of a lot of the plays where the original language is right next to a modern interpretation. That way you can look between the two and figure out what exactly it means to be cuckolded or whatever.

Hopefully you'll be reading some of the comedies. They're much more fun :)

Kym said...

oof, i'm not seeing the movie until tuesday. i will really have to avoid your blog at all costs on monday. no offense, dear :)

and also, you sound like an awesome, fun, carpe diem (but not in a cliche dead poet's society kind of way) teacher. your students must adore you!

Bri Buzali said...

Isn't it crazy how much sunshine can brighten your day!?! I hope you have a good weekend! And you'll be able to get through school AND get into your masters program :)

Kylie said...

What a fun weekend so far :) You seem much happier with the change in weather!

lori said...

good for you for enrolling in classes! i've thought about trying to get my masters.... but it is SO intimidating. im really not sure if im up for it.

Becky said...

I want to go visit Frankfurt one day! It's definitely on my list of places to visit before I die. Or just to visit Germany in general. I'm so jealous of you!

Also, I'm forced into taking an intense Shakespeare class at my college next semester, so I'll soon be going through what you're going through. I'm not looking forward to at all...Shakespeare isn't my cup of tea.

Alana Christine said...

I've decided that you should have a german gummy bears giveaway! That i win! lol

Unknown said...

That sounds like the BEST day! Hunger Games, food with friends, SWINGS!! I love swings. :)

Natalia Lynn said...

I think I should come visit you! I don't know why this is just popping into my head, but how fun! How long will you be in Germany? I am leaving France May 15 for the summer but will most likely be back in september. And does your husband speak German? Not really related to the rest of this comment, just wondering!

his little lady said...

aw, yay, definitely things to be happy about. hunger games was incredible!! and who doesn't love swinging :)
xo TJ

Natasha Louise Taylor said...

SWINGS - Best ever! Actually the park is just the best ever, doesn't matter how old you get!!!

Courtney B said...

Alyx!! What a PERFECT day! So happy you got out to enjoy the scenery, gorgeous weather, hubs and friends! YAY!
Oh my lanta... we have to wait until MONDAY to see the movie! (If it was possible... I would KILL Eric's new work schedule. HATE IT!) I can't waaaaait!

Kndbbdjk said...

Good luck with school! I am trying to plow through because I know if I stop, I'll never go back. I hate homework with a passion because I like coming home and having "home" time (aka anything but homework time) so I will be happy when I graduate. P.S. I will so link up on Monday!!! I am seeing the movie tomorrow!

Lish @ Imprintalish said...

Ah! Great pics of your outside adventures-we had gorgeous weather here too!!! Congrats on the school thing, you'll be great!

Keri said...

So much fun! This post made me smile. :)

Sara Louise said...

I spy with my little eye a bag of Haribo! I'm a gummy freak and Haribo are my favorite! There is a Haribo factory and museum in Marseille and it's like my happiest place on earth :)

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