Favorite Things Friday

Yes, I know I already posted today. I realized, though, that I didn't do my Favorite Things Friday post, and that made me kind of sad, so here I am again. 

My Favey-Faves for Today: 

1. Taco Soup. I'll put up the recipe sometime this weekend, but this is my all-time favorite soup, and this recipe became a family favorite about 15 years ago when I brought it home from Mrs. Godown's 2nd grade class. 
2. Belts. Seriously - they are probably my favorite accessory, second only to scarves. 
3. All things yarn. Warm, cozy, wonderful yarn! Sweaters, hats, scarves, gloves, you name it - I probably love it! Especially as the temperature outside is constantly dropping.
4. Slippers. As I start to freeze my butt off more and more each day, I'm loving the fact that slippers exist. Cute ones are the best, and even though we have heated floors, I still love the things.
5. Poinsettias. Prettiest Christmas flower ever. And I got one from our landlord for my birthday. 

Happy Black Friday, Everyone!!!! Don't forget to enter my giveaway here


Unknown said...

i wish i could be in america for black friday.. sighhhh

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brooke field said...

Poinsettias are beautiful, and a lovely part of Christmas

Michelle said...

Love all of this!

The Dayleys said...

I'm so glad to hear that you love Poinsettias!! It makes me sad that not many people our age appreciate them. I grew up with them... my grandpa has grown them for years and years. I work for him and this year at our garden center we have 15 varieties! It's one of my most favorite parts of Christmas :)

Christine Morente said...

The taco soup looks incredible. Would love the recipe!

Have a great weekend!


Laura Darling said...

Oh yum. I need to make some taco soup this weekend.

A Brew of Blessings said...

Love your favorite things, especially the slippers. I definitely had to buy some while shopping last night because my shoes failed me & caused me to have some mean blisters, not fun. ha

Lovin' your blog! I'm your newest follower :)

... said...

I love ALL of these things too!! :) I want some cozy warm slippers right about now!

martinelli said...

I love your blog.

Anonymous said...

I wish I live in the US so i can also wear some cozy, thick sweaters and hats and slippers! the taco soup, on the other hand, looks so delicious!

Sigh! Happy thanksgiving to you...

pls do visit my blog if you have time. you'll like it :)


-Courtney Lane- {blog} said...

Hi there! I just found your blog for the first time...you're adorable! And I love this post. Especially all the yarn things...I live in an old house in Seattle that has single paned windows and it's always FREEZING so cozy winter clothes are a must. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!


Jenni Austria Germany said...

i'm a belt and scarf girl too. those are my go-to accessories, as opposed to jewelry/shoes (you know..like normal girls).

Sarah said...

The taco soup looks delicious!

Alexis Noelle said...

Taco soup is my favorite! Just found your blog, love it!

teresweetstyle said...

great belts, i love them!

have a nice day!


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