WIWW, Chicken Legs, & 7 Questions

FROM YESTERDAY'S POST: #3 WAS THE LIE!! Yes, I DID give a praying mantis a bath (hard to believe, because I would never think of touching a bug... I'm terrified of them), and I DID run around the playground as a child telling people to "Suck IT!!" While I did shoot spit-wads at people in elementary school, I never got detention for it, and I never got any in anyone's hair. We mostly just shot them at the ceiling.
Thanks for playing!! 

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 shirt, skirt: F21 watch: Fossil shoes: TOMS
I used to get called chicken legs in elementary school. I hated it. Looking at these pictures, though... I see it. And you know what?! I'm okay with it. 

In case you were wondering... Yes. I did just roll out of my bed and put this outfit on. Okay, I brushed my teeth, washed my face, and tweezed my eyebrows. But no - I didn't touch my hair. I thought I'd rock the bed-head look today.

Anyway. Time for Seven Questions with Gentri. 

1. You just invented the next big thing! What is it called and what does it do?
Ummm, pretty sure I invented both the shower radio and the tankini (in my mind) when I was like, 5. So obviously I'm really awesome at inventing great things. 
radio        tankini
The next big thing is going to be a Farfanoogin, and it is going to do my hair for me, because I'm a failure at doing hair (as my bed-head in the above photos conveys).

2. Are you a lover or a fighter?

Guys. I have to tell you something - when I am passionate about something, it gets messy. I am very opinionated, and I will let you know. I try not to start confrontation, but if it is started with me... I stand up for myself and fight back. 

3. It's almost mothers day- if you could tell your mom anything, what would it be?
I can tell my mom anything. Mom, are you reading?!?! I love you SO much, and I am so grateful for everything you've done for me. You are the strongest, most amazing woman I know, and I am the luckiest person alive because I can call you MOMMA!! 
4. Do you like your hair curly, wavy, or straight?
Whatever way I don't have to mess with it. Usually, that's up in a bun, but if I HAVE to wear it down, I like it wavy or curly. 

5. If it was your last day to live, what would you do?
Spend time with my loved ones, reminiscing, telling them how much I love them, making sure my will was ready, stuff like that.

6. What color are your eyes? Do you like the color?
My eyes are awesome. They change color depending on my mood. Husband thinks they're the most beautiful when I'm sad or have cried (they're a deep turquoise color then), but I just think it's cool that they change. 

7. Fish, beef, poultry, wild game, or tofu?
BEEF. It's what's for dinner. You didn't really expect a different answer, did you? Midwestern girl right here! 

And now for the mandatory funny picture: 
Did you guys get called any ridiculous names in elementary school? Have you come to terms with those things, or is it still something that you struggle with? Sorry if that's a little deep or personal - you don't have to answer if you don't want to! 


Laura said...

Cute pics! I will be the first to buy your new invention to do hair. I hate that it takes time to do. I think your hair looks good in the pics. My name is Laura so they used to call me "horror", they were right...I was a horror! I am not going to lie my brother still calls me that sometimes.

Jenny-O said...

Alyx!!! I love how your hair looked today!!! Down and wavy! It's absolutely gorgeous!

Katrin said...

Haha, love that picture! :)

And I have to say that I am really surprised that you touched praying mantis!

I remember that one guy in Grundschule once called me "Breitmaulfrosch". I don't know how to translate that. But yeah, I guess he thought that my mouth is too big. And I was really depressed because of that for a long time. But I guess it is not that bad...

Alex, Speaking Denglish said...

haha yes I kneww it on the lie! And seriously if that's your bed head I am beyond jealous. I should do a bed head post. Just wait and see...

Alex, Speaking Denglish said...

oh and as names go... i asked my dad to get my last name legally changed bc it was so terrible when i was in elementary school paha

Alana Christine said...

Still not sure why the thought of bathing a bug ever crossed through your mind...

Kym said...

oh, you are a strange one my dear!
in junior high i used to get called fraggle rock by one jerky boy. i wore this fabric headband nearly every day and i guess he thought i looked like mogly from the fraggles. which is fine, because she was sort of the mellow hippie of the group and that's pretty cool :)
also, some other kids called me kimbo the bimbo, but i think it was just because it rhymed. at least i always hoped that was why and that it wasn't an assault on my intelligence....
oh, and bug eye nye was another. yeah, i have big eyes that happen to rhyme with my last name.
(i'm noticing a rhyming pattern here)
so creative, those kids :)


Kym said...

oh, also, your hair looks absolutely gorgeous! you should ignore doing it more often. it really looks great!

kim @ a positive peace said...

love the bedhead look! that's what i do every single day! muahahah.

also, i got called more names than i can count because of my last name but i think it just built character, lol .. and definitely alex had it worse than me i'm sure!

Anonymous said...

I was right!!!!! I KNEW it!!! :o)

I would kill for your chicken legs! Do you know how much longer my paces could be running with legs that long?? ;o)

Uhhhm...nicknames. My maiden name is Cox. You can only imagine the names people came up with from middle school thru hs for me. Lovely. What's even worse, my parents originally wanted to name me Bae Julie and call me BJ. BJ Cox?!? Yeah...that's just MEAN! And I'm so not making this up.

Anna said...

YES! I guessed #3. :)
I love that outfit! I totally wish I were leggy. It's a good thing.
it's stilly, the only one I got was Anna Banana. The kids at school weren't that creative. (fun fact: my boss calls me Anna Banana!)

Brittany said...

That is pretty crazy about the praying mantis! haha.

Gentri said...

I would love to have chicken legs like that! So glad you played along again! :D

Jamie said...

Your legs are gorgeous!

twiggy@thedirtlife said...

you are so long and lean!! if that's what it means to be called chicken legs...then...BOC BOCK!!

call me chicken, please.

Why Girls Are Weird said...

Beef is TOTALLY what's for dinner! Mm I could go for a burger or steak right now!

Christie said...

I am kind of obsessed with the skirt you are wearing! super cute. My full Maiden name was Christie Jean Blackwell and a boy decided to call me Crusty Green Blackhead.....i think its pretty funny actually. www.manouvellemode.com

lori said...

thank you for inventing the tankini. they're kind of my favorite.

lori said...

thank you for inventing the tankini. they're kind of my favorite.

Keri said...

NOT FAIR how skinny you are.
NOT FAIR how pretty you are.
NOT FAIR you get called chicken legs...I'll trade your chicken for my cottage cheese!


Anonymous said...

What she said in the comment above...LOL. I don't think anyone ever called me names except for "F-Martinez" (maiden name) I was the girl that no one cared about. I wasn't memorable. No one bothered me. No one remembers me. That kind of hurts too.

Dana Fox said...

i, too, was called chicken legs for half of my existence. it took a while before i would even wear a pair of shorts!
xo dana

Kelly said...

mwahahah I think it's awesome you gave a praying mantis a bath. Hilarious.

Emily said...

My eyes change colour too - but not with my moods but with the clothes I wear. It would be cooler if I had mood eyes - like a mood ring.

Unknown said...

LOVE that skirt! Adorable.

Nicole said...

I adore your personality girl (:

Sara Louise said...

I'd like to go ahead and place an order for one Farfanoogin please.

Katie said...

That's your bedhead?! Oh man, girl I wish. And there's a shower radio?! Oh man. I wish I'd known this sooner. My life has just been drastically changed.

Katie @ My Darling Days said...

hahaha, oh Alyx, you crack me up! i love your bed-head look, why can't my hair look like this when I wake up? it's usually just a rat's nest. and BEEF is where it's at, right on girl!

Katie @ My Darling Days said...

hahaha, oh Alyx, you crack me up! i love your bed-head look, why can't my hair look like this when I wake up? it's usually just a rat's nest. and BEEF is where it's at, right on girl!

Elisha said...

haha, I have chicken legs toooo. :P seriously. thanks for commenting on my blog!! <3 I LOVE yours!!

Kelly said...

ACK! Your eyes FREAK me out! LOLOL!

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