Sunday Confessions Link-up

Happy Sunday, everyone!! 

I'm not sure if I'm ready for the end of the weekend, but it's coming either way, so I guess I'd better start getting ready! Ha! 

Anyway, as usual, it's time for you all to spill it! Don't worry - I'll be confessing, too. Grab a button and link on up!! 

1. I still have some Christmas decorations up. Ummm... I really have no excuse for this - I guess I should just say that they're up early for Christmas in July?
Ohmygosh. I just had a brilliant idea. I am so going to have a Christmas in July bloggy party where we all exchange gifts. Totally trademarking that right now. Stay tuned... because it's going to be awesome!! 

2. Remember this vlog? I make up song parodies like that all the time. Mike does, too, and occasionally we'll just sing about ridiculous things like poop. Because we're mature adults. 
3. My most-used word in the past week has been "Farfanoogin." Don't ask me what it means because I couldn't tell you. Husband made it up, and it has become a word that I use constantly. Again with the mature adult thing.
See? I told you I'm mature. Obviously. 
4. I'm a knuckle-cracker. Germans are weird about cracking joints, and whenever I crack my knuckles in public, everyone in the area turns and looks at me like I just shouted, "I HATE DAVID HASSELHOFF" at the top of my lungs [aka they look at me like I'm on crack].
5. I'm almost finished with both of my English classes, but have been avoiding them like the plague. I really should just buckle down and get them over with, especially since I have to have them done in the next couple weeks.
Go ahead and get to confessing! And someone please tell me I'm not alone with the Christmas decorations... 


Kell said...

HA. David Hasselhoff.
I find myself listening to Christmas music sporadically through the year.

Shauna said...

Great idea, Im totally up for the Christmas in July exchange. If you need help, Im in. Let me know!


Kylie said...

I made the wreath on my door to be a Christmas wreath, and it's still up...luckily it's just maroon with a cream flower, so it's not *too* Christmassy...but I keep meaning to switch it out for a new one. I totally have Valentine's decorations up though.

Jenny-O said...

hahaha well, Fahrvegnugen is a real word. Pretty close! You can read all about it hereügen

Daryl said...

oh hay - I'll cohost this awesome brilliant idea with you! GENIUS

Dearest Lou said...

Haha that's so funny I can't believe you still have decorations up! Also I would love to help co-host the Christmas in July idea it's brilliant! Shoot me an email if I make the cut ;P

Also I want to thank you so much for your sweet comment about my grandma means a lot dear!


Lacy in the Sky with Diapers said...

This made me laugh so hard, German's worship the Hoff (not my husband though).. haha and don't worry I didn't even put up Christmas decorations this year so I can't judge you!! and I would love to be a part of your Christmas in July!! yea!!

Keetha Broyles said...

"farfanoogin" (not sure it was spelled exactly like that - - - think it may have been a "v" instead of the middle "f" or something) was a word on an OLD VW commercial - - - Voltzwagon SAID it meant "driving fun"

Hmmmm - - - wonder if we could find those old commercials by googling.

Katrin said...

David Hasselhoff is our hero! :)
And yeah, I always freak out when David cracks his knuckles.

Sarah said...

I just had to crack my knuckles! Haha. I can't say I every really put up Christmas decorations in my apartment, so maybe I'm just really behind.

lynseysmith said...

oh my god...that picture of david hasselhoff is so awesome.
also, that's funny about the christmas decorations--and I LOVE the "Christmas in July" blog party idea! looking forward to it

Ali said...

My parents stil have the Christmas tree up hahahaha no ornaments on it, just the tree ;) They had to put it in the garage for the baby shower last week bahahahaha ;) So you are not alone!

Maria said...

We have a mini Christmas tree still up, it's got a scarf and mardi gras beads on it.

Keri said...

Seriously?! Puppies??? Whose idea was that?! OHHH probably the guy who took the picture of the kid with the gnawed-up hot dog.

Alex Butts said...

hahaha my host mom HATES when I crack my knuckles and I ahve the kids doing it now too, bad bad bad

Eloquent English said...

Oh my you still have Christmas decor up! LOL! You may as well leave them up for Christmas in July! JK Hope you had a great weekend! xoxo A-

Alana Christine said...

I don't have a single decoration left in my house, but a family down the street leaves their lights up YEAR ROUND. Like legitimately lit up and everything. Also, I pop my fingers, too, so I'm glad you warned me about the evil glares I might get someday...

Dorothy Explor'r said...

hey alyx... you knowm i always think of you now every time i win a giveaway... and it's because i'm SO not a lucky person in life - but in this blogosphere, i seem to be! ahah.

no complaints..! :)

E :-) said...

Your pictures make me laugh every time!

Elizabeth said...

You are so stinkin' hilarious, you Farfanoogin. ;)

Tracy said...

ew I hate the sound of knuckles cracking. It literally took me years to work up the courage to go to a chiropractor b/c of that! ew ew ew

Becky said...

I just took home some Christmas decorations I still had up in my don't feel bad, haha! And I love the Shakespeare picture, I'm going to save it to give me something to smile about when I have to take my Shakespeare class next semester.

Sara Louise said...

You ready for this weirdness??? I've used the word 'Farfanoogin' before. I have no idea where I heard it, but I've said it.

stilldark said...

Why, oh why does every American think we love David Hasslehoff???

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