WIWW [Recycled] & a VERY Old Day Trip

It's nasty and rainy outside, so I'm being lazy and recycling an old WIWW outfit. Sorry if you've already seen this one. Linking up here
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shoes: Charlotte Russe jeans: Alloy belt: Primark scarf: ebay shirt: f21
Anyway. Today I was looking for an old WIW post, and I found some pictures from a day trip that I never shared with you. At least I don't think I did, so I'm going to share it with you now. I don't want you all to get tired of Scotland and Ibiza, so I'm going to spread those posts out quite a bit. 

Once upon a time, Michael and I went to a nearby town called Bad Nauheim. Below are some pictures and cool facts about the town. 

- Elvis was stationed here when he was in the army. That's a little memorial to him - it's right in front of the house/hotel that he lived in. Because he was famous, he didn't have to live in the barracks. 
- Bad Nauheim used to be a spa town, and many famous people would come here to be "healed." The area right below is where the rich people would come and spend a weekend or however long they were there. There are different "bath areas," and the fountain in the middle is a natural hot spring.  
- They have one of the biggest heart research centers in Germany (and maybe even Europe, but I can't remember).
- They have a huge, amazing park that is gorgeous.
- They have natural springs, and you can drink the water right out of the ground (but it tastes disgusting). The photo below was taken inside of an area where you can go in and taste test the water. The tree was just outside of that building. 
 Just in case you couldn't tell, it was definitely fall in these pictures - we went in the beginning of November last year. Apparently I'm a slacker when it comes to posting about past trips. Oh, well.

Have any of you tried natural spring/mineral water? Did you spit it out the second it hit your tongue? I may or may not have.


Just like yesterday, I have a little huge favor to ask of you all. I may end up bribing you with a gift card that would be awarded if I win. Obviously if I don't win, I can't afford to shell out the dough for that. But I digress. If you have a minute, could you please go here and vote for my video?

It's a bit complicated, so here are the instructions:
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Katrin said...

Beautiful pictures, Alyx!
I have tried natural spring water before, there is a fountain in a town close to mine. It was so disgusting, I can't tell you. It tasted like metal and old socks. Pfui!

Katie @ My Darling Days said...

You've got legs for dayssssss in this pic :)

Lauren Talon said...

Looks like a cute little town! I love the Elvis statue lol. :)

Lauren Talon said...

Oh and your guest post is up today lady :)

Raych said...

Holy 5 mile legs batman! I'm so jealous! My legs are stumps.

Dana Fox said...

wow that looks like such an amazing place!!
xo dana

Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful pictures! What a lovely place. I'm also a little obsessed with The King, so that made it even more interesting for me. :o)

I actually have had natural spring water when we went to The Fountain Of Youth in St. Augustine, FL. It was pretty awful. I'm pretty sure they should rename it to The Fountain Of Dead, Decaying Animals because that's what it tasted like.

Kylie said...

What a beautiful town! And yes, there is a natural spring we always stop at in Oak Creek, but the water tastes clean and it's refreshingly cold. It's delicious! Maybe it depends on what minerals are in the ground to make it taste differently.

Maria Larsen said...

Oh it sounds like a beautiful little town! And of course I'll go vote for you!

Abbey said...

Funny story--I was at the doctor Monday and a little old man was in the waiting room talking to whoever would sit next to him. He started talking about his time in the army and when he met Elvis, who he said had the most beautiful blue eyes for a man. The end. (Ok, not funny as in haha, but funny as in coincidental that Elvis in the army came up in both our lives recently. The end again.)

Dorothy Explora said...

that's a beautiful park, yes!

and i have tried spring mineral water... i didn't spit it out - but i also wasn't in line for seconds either. haha.

oh... and pssst.


his little lady said...

what? how didn't i know that elvis presley was in the army. very cool! and i can't believe people still leave flowers! what a gorgeous little town!
xo TJ

Kelly said...

I WANT THOSE BOOTIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Feel free to ship them to VA! Hehe!

Kelly said...

PS Did i ever tell you my good friend Ted was in Deutchland on a Fulbright? He now lives in Chicago. Love my randomness? Ha!

Unknown said...

Hmm... Interesting Elvis fact of the day! Cool that they have a memorial for him! Someone needs to put out new fake flowers! ;)

Brielle said...

ok i love your shoes!!!

Emily said...

Love the outfit and the gorgeous pictures!

Anonymous said...

Ok, are you like 7 feet tall in this picture? You are so pretty, so tall, and I am so jealous!

And your pics from your trip last fall look awesome! I would love to travel Europe again someday.

Anonymous said...

Also, tried to vote but I am so confused - I created an account but there is nothing that says "log in and vote" to the right of the picture, is there? and a slider ??? I can't find it. Sorry, I'll try again.

Brittany said...

Looks like a fun place to visit. thanks for the fun facts.

Sara Louise said...

Girl, you are working those boots!
And I can't believe there is a little memorial to Elvis, like he was general or something. It's so funny.

Keri said...

purple people eater! :)

Unknown said...

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