Only in Germany.

What's hip-hop-happening, my gangster bloggy friends? Or "How do you do" if you prefer to be proper. 


Germany is such an interesting place. I'm sure you all know by now how much I love the Germans, in spite of all their silly quirks. Over the past couple weeks, I've remembered a few more things that make the Germans oh, so lovable.

So. Only in Germany....

- do people get a kilo of asparagus as a birthday gift. I'm not even kidding, you guys. Almost every German that I have ever met is obsessed with "Spargel." They buy it by the pound (or the kilo, even!), and they will eat it as often as humanly possible. And yes, someone I know really did get a kilo for her birthday.
- do people celebrate "Christi Himmelfahrt" (Ascension Day) by drinking beer all day. Seriously. There's a Fest today in a nearby town to celebrate Christ's ascension, and there will be (you guessed it) tons of beer, bratwurst, and cake. 
- do people eat "wedgie burgers" and clean their homes with "wacuums." I am not going to lie. I make fun of my students all the time for pronouncing their "Vs" like "Ws." In turn, they make fun of my American accent. We share the love. 

- do people wear socks with sandals and consider it fashionable. I hate to say it, but the stereotype is true. At least in this town it is. I think they're a little more fashionable in the big city. But not really.
- do people complain about four months between vacations being too long. What? You had a 3 week vacation in December/January and you had to wait until the beginning of May to take your next 2 week vacation?? That's awful. 

See? The Germans can be silly. But you bet your bottom dollar that I will have a bajillion posts like this once I get back to America and am dealing with that culture shock. 

So. What things "only" happen in your town? 

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Nikskie said...

asparagus for birthday present??? i won't be excited for asparagus, haha. i have to think really hard about things that only happen in my town after you mention all of the above. let me take my time...

Kecia said...

What happens only in my town? Well, in the newspaper a few weeks ago a woman was arrested for assaulting a police officer with a sex toy. Yes. A sex toy. And people wonder why I hate it here.

Only a couple months until I'm in Germany!


Katrin said...

haha, this is so hilarious, alyx!

i do love asparagus a lot! i never got it as a birthday gift though. but i don't understand that nobody shares my passion for spargel here.

david always makes fun of the way i say things like "wedgie burger". pretty mean. :)

but yeah, you don't have enough holidays here in america. come on, no vatertag, no pfingstmontag? do you love to work so much?

Ronida Veedor said...

i love eating asparagus but may not be able to eat that much. haha. my town, people would always love to pair anything fried with soysauce,vinegar,garlic and chili...i can't think of anything else. haha

Alana Christine said...

bahahahaha. It's always so interesting to see the habits of other cultures.

Breenah said...

I could totally get down with celebrating every holiday with beer :)
And WHAT is the point of wearing sandals if you're gonna wear socks? Stop being lazy and tie up some sneakers.

Amy Lynn said...

socks and sandals is one of my biggest pet peeves. hahaha it grosses me out!! it will be interesting to see how you feel about americans once you come back haha because i feel like we do some weirdo things!

San said...

Haha... that was spot on.
We do love our asparagus (the white kind!), because we can only have it for a couple of weeks a year in Germany... so everybody is obsessed about it (same with strawberries) for a few precious weeks.

I've seen the socks-sandal-phenomenon here in the States just as much as I have in Germany, so no difference there ;)

Regarding the vacation, I can only say... if you're used to 6 weeks vacation a year, it just seems really long, if you hadn't had any time off in four months LOL I really had a hard time to adjust when I moved here. Two weeks of vacation are NOT ENOUGH.

Ashley said...

Socks and sandals...oh please no.

lori said...

hahaha the asparagus. i mean i like it... but not THAT much.

and 5 weeks vacation a year?! maybe i should move to germany. i hear they get awesome maternity leave, too.

if you don't have a taker for the ad space, i'll swap with ya.

Sarah Kate said...

Really? That crazy over asparagus? That's kind of ridiculous.

You know, I can't even think of anything bizarre people do in my town. I guess I don't get out enough. I probably think the weird things are normal.

Thee FireWife said...

I've eaten wedgies! But they're like hoagies meets pannini's, on a pizza crust folded in half. In a word, yummilicious.

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Ewwwww socks with sandals. No no no!

Only in my town can people consider Fox news to actually be news ;-)

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

I'm all for a holiday just to drink beer... Maybe not related to anything religious though. That seems like an oxymoron. ;)

kimberly rae said...

asparagus huh? never been a fan but maybe im missing something!

& lol at socks with sandals. i feel like that was cool when i was 10. but probably not being that i was 10.

Kelly said...

Love the socks with sandals. I do see that one around here sometimes... but I do live in a small town, and it's not very often. But it's a hilarious fashion statement :)

Nicole Marie said...

One of my sisters in law nieces spent 10+ years in Germany as they were based there. Honestly it was the best thing ever for her. She learned so much. The doctor I am currently worth is from Germany and has hundreds of amazing stories to tell. He is heading to Germany for a week soon. Sounds like an amazing place that I wish to visit one day!

Socks & sandals? = blah!

asparagus = love ;)

Dearest Lou said...

What an interesting birthday gift! I also like the socks with sandals look but only with certain socks and sandals haha (:


K said...

that w/v thing killed me when I was in Sweden! when my cousin named his kid Melwin I couldn't help myself. Poor kid wouldn't have an easy time of it in the land of W's ;)

Nikki said...

Omg, very excited to see this...also du wohnst jetzt in Deutschland? I have to read your blog some more! I lived in Bayern when I was 16 and I can share many of these tidbits with you as well. Oh, and the reverse culture shock WILL happen in a major way. Germanized Ami's rock! Ich wohne jetzt in Kroatien mit mein Verlobter. Wir heiraten in 3 Wochen. OK - jetzt gehe ich um dein Blog weiter zu lesen!

kenanga said...

wow...nice sharing info about that......only in german....a lot info i want to read after this... thanks... visit my blog...


Laura said...

Socks with sandals? Ugh! Asparagus as a gift????? I would stay out of public restrooms!

Laura:: said...

Ok so I love some asparagus but as a gift? No thank you. And socks with sandals... Maybe they should watch Fashion Police with Joan Rivers on E! I can't wait to see what you have to say about the U.S. once you get back!!! I'm sure I could make a huge list just by living in Northeast Tennessee! If you have Netflix, I would recommend The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia. It's an interesting watch to say the least!

Also, I’ve tagged you in my 11/11 post. Head over to my blog and check it out then copy and paste, answer the questions and tag some of your friends!

Alex Butts said...

I swear Germans never have to work, which is maybe why I should stay here forever. SO many holidays and vacations. I laugh at my German friends all the time for this. They're all like "but we jsut work so hard when we are working" --- my butt.

Sal Kaye said...

I love Spargel!!! :)

And I hate socks & sandals.
Fortunately, it seems only the "older generation" are wearing this horrible combination.

Well, about Himmelfahrt... It's also Father's Day here in Germany and that's why beer is involved in large quantities... *lol*

Yeah, well, I have 29 days of vacation a year. Pretty cool, I think. :)
How many days do they get in the States?

Sal Kaye said...

Oh, 10 days is not much. :(
How many hours a week do you have to work (lumch breaks not included) in general?

Sara Louise said...

My mother-in-law bought a load of asparagus yesterday at the market and since that was a special occasion, she invited us over for dinner. I wish we treated vegetables as special occasions back in Texas.

picadaisy said...

Hehehe yeah, I've noticed that asparagus seems to be huge over here!

Keri said...

So they all have awesome smelling pee, too.

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