I Stole This Post Idea.

Hi, my name is Alyx, and I'm a lazy blogaholic. 

I'm a bit distracted at the moment, due to moving and landlord issues, so don't hate me because of the totally, 100% stolen post idea. Seriously. I'd cry. And... I stole this idea from my lovely Blogger of the month, Jennie.

Today we will be taking a walk down memory lane. Basically, I will be showing you guys how stupid I was in high school, because that sounds fun, right? No? Okay, you can click away now. 

Before I do that, though, let me remind you about Christmas in July! Signup is open till June 20th. 

And... in case you're interested in reading about what the expat life is really like... you should head over here to Katie's awesome bloggy. 

Now we're off to see the Alyx, the Alyx of Memory Lane (I hope you sang that to the tune of "We're off to see the Wizard," because that just totally fits). 
I went to senior prom with a good friend because no one asked me, and there was no way I was going stag. 
What? You guys didn't play dress up when you were 15?? 

This was in Germany when I was a junior in high school.

Senior picture. 

Phone sex. Get it?? HA. HA. HA! 

I don't even know. I just thought you guys would enjoy seeing what I really look like. 

This was the only school dance I ever got asked to... and it wasn't even at my school. 

About ten minutes after this picture was taken, I went and told a guy that I liked his pants, but that they would look better on my floor. I was totally joking. He thought I was funny[looking], so we ended up having a sort of "thing" that ended in a kiss by the hippos at the zoo. Romantic, no? 

Oh, you know. Just a nice butt shot from below. 
This is pretty much the story of my life.
So... there you go. You have now seen high school Alyx, in all her glory. Or some of it. Or really not very much at all. Basically.... I was exactly the same as I am now. Only not as awesome. The awesomeness thing has grown with time. 

Obviously I'm kidding. 


Amy @ My Life and Other Nonsense said...

LOVE it! You were adorable. That prom picture is classic.

Katie @ My Darling Days said...

Something tells me that "grown-up" Alyx hasn't changed one bit from "high school" Alyx. And I love it. You are hilarious. Thanks for guest posting today, so I can recover from Florida :)

Raych said...

When we were moving I found a bunch of pics from high school. I scanned those puppies and they went directly on Facebook complete with tags. Pretty sure when I arrive at my 10 year reunion this weekend I'll be met with pitch forks and fire. I happen to find high school pictures hysterical.

Katrin said...

Thank you for sharing the pictures, Alyx! I love them!

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

What fabulous pics!!! :)

Madeline Grace said...

I will probably in turn steal this post idea from you! lol I love these pictures though!

Anonymous said...

HAHA! Sad that I don't have any of my high school pics :(

Alana Christine said...

bahahahaha. I just love you and your dorky former self ; )

Keetha Broyles said...

No, no, no - - - you were NOT stupid "back in the HS day," you were simply full of joie de vivre!

riana. said...

I think this is why I feel like I know you so well...you totally remind me of myself.
Love the pictures!

Brianna said...

Love a woman confident enough to show off her high school self :) You won't catch me doing that!! Too many zits, too many dorky moments!

Michelle said...

Haha I love all of these!

Courtney B said...

HA HA! I seriously would've LOVED to be your friend in high school. I'm positive there was never a dull moment with YOU around :)

Unknown said...

Gotta ton of those awkward moments too! :-D

kim @ a positive peace said...

lol! love this! omg, i have only like 2 pics of me in HS because i'm too old! i think it would be a really fun idea to see everyone when they were in HS ... also, i cant wait to go to florida this summer so i can bust out the pics of me when i was in elementary...that's where the real horror, i mean, fun, begins! hahah

Unknown said...

You're hilarious! Now I'm thinking I need to show off MY amazingness in high school ugh hahahaha

Kym said...

I love these photos! Thanks for sharing your silliness with us :) And believe it or not, but I actually kind of adore the one of "what you really look like". It might be the awesome blond hair. Or maybe I can just relate to that spaced out, face smooshed against a wall feeling. Plus I had that same MC Escher calendar when I was in high school too.

Also, I'm going to email you with my button very soon cos I'm a butt and just realized that it's almost June! (sorry!!)


Breenah said...

So glad you don't have any pictures of me from HS! You're hilarious!

Rolled Up Pretty said...

Ha ha LOVE looking at old pictures, ESPECIALLY high school ones, SO CUTE!

Why Girls Are Weird said...

Haha, you are awesome Alyx, thanks for sharing!

Bri Buzali said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these old pictures haha and I totally think if we lived in the same place we would totally be awesome awkward friends!

his little lady said...

ha, i loved going down memory lane. you are absolutely adorable, girl!!
xo TJ

Kelly said...

You are REALLY so fantastic!!!!! I LOVE this post!!! I might rip off the idea too!!!! Hehe!! I was awesome as well!! Bahahahaha!!!

RadiantKristen said...

I wish I let people capture my crazy high school days on film. I didn't allow that until college. Your pictures are so fun! Enjoyed getting to see that you probably aren't that different now than you were then =)

Anonymous said...

Yep, same old Alyx!!! :o) I love the HS flashback, but I am way too chicken to post 10-year-old pics on here for you.

Sooo, the guy you went to the dance with in the blue dress has some seriously plump lips. Tell me you kissed those. ;o)

Anonymous said...

Let me clarify - I meant where YOU were wearing the blue dress, not your date in the blue dress. ;o)

Kelly said...

I have a feeling we would have been bffs in high school. And I have to admit, I make faces much like yours in the last photo more often than I should.... Yup. And proud of it. :)

Unknown said...

Your posts never fail to make me smile AND laugh (loudly might I add)!

Love this post idea - there's nothing wrong with getting inspiration from other bloggers. I'm glad you did! :)

Dearest Lou said...

This is such a brilliant idea! Also is there anyway that I can have access to see who has signed up for the Christmas in July? I'm curious to see who has or hasn't yet so I know how hard I need to keep pushing it (:

Vapid Vixen said...

Hahahaha!! I love it. And I love that you haven't changed. And I love that your HORRIBLE pick up line ended in a kiss. And you were right about your awesomeness getting even more awesome.

Ashley said...

I love the senior photo. Pretty sure mine was taken on the exact bridge. Except probably not.

Unknown said...

You were just as pretty as you are now! It's so much fun to look at old photos! :)

Nicole said...

You are not alone - we were all stupid in HS, I think. At least me, my brother & all of our friends were :)

twiggy@thedirtlife said...

i have SO MUCH to say. first of all, i was never asked to prom and i was stood up at my first winter formal. i win.

your date? woa. those are some lips.

that scream mask still scares me. longest running nightmare of my life is from that stupid movie.

i never had senior photos because by the time i was a senior, my parents had pulled me out of highschool and started homeschooling me. again...i win.

Nikki said...

Hahahah this is so fun! I love seeing your silly pics :)

I was a junior when I did my year abroad in Germany...it's a good time in life to be there ;)

Anonymous said...

Alyx I totally love you girl! I needed this smile today =)

Unknown said...

That's too fun! :) I'm too wimpy to sort through and scan in my high school pics! hahaha. Digging that pink prom dress though! I wore pink to my senior prom too... ;)

Alex, Speaking Denglish said...

Old photos are da bomb. I've gotta do one of these. Love those "really good idea at hte time" photos

Natasha Louise Taylor said...

I totally played dress up at 15 hahahhaaaaaa, still do.
Phone sex, lol. You are funny Alyx

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