What's shakin', bacon? Take this as a reminder to link up tomorrow for my weekly Sunday Confessions! If you have to, go write your post right now!! 

I wake my husband up with crepes

I look for new musicians on YouTube.
I debate whether or not I should try lipstick, and tell myself, "No. You would look like a clown."

I eat Nutella for breakfast.

I think I like cooking, then I regain my sanity.

I scope Blogland for layouts that I like, and make note of them to incorporate elements into future designs. There's so much inspiration out there. 

I go to Deviant Art and search for new brushes and patterns because I'm sick of the ones I have.

I get a little homesick and I miss these peeps (my supercool parental units).

I wake up and say, "Let's take a trip today." Then look at the bank account and see that I haven't been paid, so the trip will have to wait until next weekend. 10 points if you can guess where that is without cheating and following the "via" link. 

What do you do sometimes?


Unknown said...

I have no idea where that is but it looks so fun!! You are such a nice wife to wake him up with breakfast hahahaha I think I did that maybe twice (once was on his birthday so I should get points) before being pregnant and now poor guy isn't ever gonna get it hahahaha ;) Well, at least not til I'm able to stay home and be matronly all the time - ya know 50s style ;)

Keri said...

1. Nutella crepes?? 2. Your parents are wonder you are too! 3. I have no idea where that is but I wanna go.

Kelly said...

Crepes are my absolute favourite. Looking for a great dessert? Nutella on a crepe, add vanilla ice cream, and roll it up. SO GOOD. Especially when the crepe is still a little warm, it melts the ice cream a little... ahh I need to make some now!
And I love all of your salutations hahah!

Brielle said...

i love crepes! and your blog! i know you have already done one of these, but i just love your blog so much i had to tag you!


Dorothy Explora said...

i'd give you all the luck in the world for a life in germany! ;P

Jenny-O said...

It looks like the Heidelberg Schloss!!!! Are you going to Heidelberg?!!! Bring your camera... it's absolutely amazing!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Nutella, and I was just thinking the same thing about lipstick today. I saw a commercial with this girl dressed in dark clothes and an awesome coral color lipstick on and I wanted to look just like that. Of course if I tried it I'm sure it would love ridic!

Anonymous said...

1) i eat nutella for breakfast sometimes too :)
2) why do your parents not look a day over like 23??? im not kidding. can i please look like them one day?? (or you!?)

Anonymous said...

Hey Alex! If you are coming down to Heidelberg soon, let me know! I live and work there, and would love to meet up with you if you are in the area :)

Sara Louise said...

Waking up your husband with crepes is very nice of you :-)
And I never wear lipstick, because it always makes me look like a clown. (lipgloss is ok though)

Unknown said...

I'm using this post as inpiration over at my blog :-). Hope you don't mind!

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