Pop, Shopping Carts, Tennis Shoes, and a fake British accent (that's for you, Natasha!)

Dude. I did it. 
I made a vlog.
Ignore the breakout. 
Ignore the fact that I'm a weirdo. 
Feel free to laugh at my expense. 
PS: I have not actually watched this video. You will be the first(s)! 


Unknown said...

I loved it! But "Pop" is "Coke" for me. Every kind of soda is "Coke" esecially in Florida. Even if it's not Coke, it's Coke. :-D

B said...

Oh my lordy, I couldn't even get through this video without laughing. You talking with your hands is hilarious/adorable because I do the same thing.

I'm now going to continue to watch because I need to hear you with an accent! Thanks for posting this. It's so fun.

Anonymous said...

Bwahahaha! Alyx! You're killing me!! I love your face on the frame when the video was over! ;o)

So sorry about the forehead breakout! You're still gorgeous though!!!

So, I'm curious...is your computer in your pantry? There was so much food behind you, I couldn't figure it out! :o)

Anna said...

Ha! I loved your rant! And vlog is just fun to say.
so, question: what do you call that space in your car's dashboard where the passenger sits? jockey box or glove compartment?

Dorothy Explora said...

@anna... GLOVE COMPARTMENT! doih. i've never heard it referred to as a -- JOCKEY BOX? o.O ahah.

and alyx... my luck with these giveaways will run out sooner or later! follow me on twitter and like my fbook if you wanna get the IN on which ones i'm entering!

winning 8 giveaways since i started entering since december is pretty darn LUCKY. ahah.

Jenny-O said...

YOU ARE SOOOO SPEAKING MY LANGUAGE!!!! But it may be because we are geographically sort of from the same area? Although not really... :) YESSSS!!

Kris said...

oh how cute and adorable are you?!! Tennis shoes, yes! They call them "trainers" in England, and I hate that!

Alex, Speaking Denglish said...

I say soft drink - sometimes cola - but ya I'm a total weirdo. I hope we can actually hang out someday so you can realize how often I actually use the word y'all.

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness! Cracking me up! :) Very nice first blog... Except you are way too hard on yourself! haha. Really though...

Natasha Louise Taylor said...

HAHAHAHAAHAHAH!! This has made my actual life! I will have to vlog sometime so you can hear that strong British accent and I'll have to try American!!! hahaha... I say pop!! no one says soda here really... but we all say trolley sorry about that, carts definitely in second though I have never heard buggy... and NOONE says sneakers here, maybe Tennis shoes, but we mostly call them trainers! Loved your vlog! :D

Keri said...

Awesome. That's what this is and what you are! Soooo funny and cute! And, I would not have even noticed the forehead if you hadn't brought it up! I have the same question as Sarah Kate...are you in your pantry?! Oh, and incidentally, I am with you on ALL OF THOSE words. But I have a question...what do you call a hat you wear in winter that is knitted out of yarn or some such material??

Sara Louise said...

"Using a 99c off brand German moisturizer wasn't the best idea" HA HA HA! No, it's probably not.
You're too cute :-)

Vapid Vixen said...

Oh holy crap!! I can't stop laughing. This was awesomeness incarnate. "You can wear them if you're sneaking up on someone..."
And way to sneak in the German accent right at the end there. Oh! And they are TOO called shopping buggies. Except is it buggy's? Either way, I was with you up until then.
This was funny, thanks for sharing.

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