On Being a Giant.

I know, I know. 2 posts in one day. In my defense, though, the first post really involved no effort, and I did it because I was lacking inspiration. You know what's funny, though?

I just got inspired. BAM. Just like that. 

I want to start off by sharing something with you all. I got a rockin' pair of shoes on Saturday. No, this post is not just about my shoes. Seriously though, they are awesome. Dead sexy, even. What, you want to see them? Okay, here's a picture of me and my awesome shoes (psh, no... I didn't just run and go get dressed up to show them to you in an impromptu photo sesh). That being said... Sorry for the awful lighting. 
ANYWAY... Let me tell you something about these shoes. More specifically, let me tell you about me in these shoes. I am about 6'5.5" in these puppies. I believe that qualifies me as a giant. 

You may be thinking to yourself, "Psh. Whatever, Alyx. Go ahead, wear your heels, be a freak... but why blog about it?" Well... I guess just to get it out there. 

Dear Normal and/or Short People of the World,
Yes, I know I am tall. I don't play basketball - never have, never will. I play volleyball for fun, but never on a team. No, the weather isn't any different up here. Six inches doesn't make a difference in the climate. Yes, I can get whatever is on the top shelf down for you, but only if you ask nicely. Please don't look up at my face, then immediately look down at my shoes to see if I'm wearing flats or heels. For some reason, that really annoys me. 

Also, I love to wear heels. If and when you see me wearing heels and you say, "Why are you wearing heels? You're tall enough as it is," I will want to punch you in the face. I don't need your input on my shoe collection. What?! My legs are freakishly long? No, I didn't know that. I didn't search for years trying to find a pair of jeans long enough to keep these things warm in the winter, either. But thanks for letting me know that my hip is higher than your boobs. 

Finally, I would just like to say this: PLEASE make toilet seats higher. I swear one of these days I am going to get stuck on the toilet because it is so close to the ground. While we're on the subject of making things higher... let me also mention countertops. I'm going to look like the hunchback of Notre Dame before too long if this issue isn't fixed, although I guess if I live the rest of my life stuck on a too-short toilet, that won't really be an issue. 

Alyx the Giant
This picture makes me look extra tall. I thought it appropriate for this post. 

All you tall ladies out there - LISTEN UP. It's okay to wear heels. It's okay to embrace your height. Don't slouch around and be embarrassed because of it - work it. Also... if you're taller than me and we happen to meet one day, I will probably give you a weird look, because it freaks me out. I'm just not used to it. Sorry in advance.


Michelle said...

Your outfit is so cute! I'm super short, so I pretty much have to wear heels or I am hidden.

Vapid Vixen said...

I had to wear flats on my wedding day because he didn't want to be shorter than me. :(

We're no longer married. :)

Mckenzie Jean said...

hahaha, amen!
I'm 5'9", and I hate when people say "you're tall!"

wow? really? I never noticed until you just said that. Thank you for enlightening me.

hahah, so annoying!

Hilary said...

This made me laugh! you're so very lucky to have long, long legs! i'm about 5' tall...so I probably have all the reverse complaints. Glad you own your height! :) -- Hilary


Lydia said...

Hear hear!!! I'm 5'10 and I also wear heels and don't play basketball...I also hate it when people say "oh I had no clue you were that tall" when I stand up. I would never tell someone "oh I didn't realize how short...how fat...how odd...you are." Sigh :)

Carina Schoen said...

I think you're cute as a button! And I am loving those shoes. Thanks for the laugh :)

Alana Christine said...

bahaha. Love it! I have the opposite problem. BTW, those shoes are to die for!

Stesha said...

I have to have those shoes!!!!!

Classic & Bubbly

Petchie said...

Love those heels!!! They are so cute!!


Kim Luke said...

I'm about 5'6 but taller than 90% of my friends... i always feel awkward in heels around them... thanks for giving me the confidence ive been looking for!!!


Sarah said...

Haha. This is such a great post!

Unknown said...

I love this post! I'm 5'11" and I get the same comments. The worst is when people start off conversations by asking "so how tall are you?".

-Courtney Lane- {blog} said...

Haha! I'm only 5'1 so this is a funny post to read! Have a great week!

Courtney Lane

Ayuni said...

i'm shorter than you but that shoes is so awesome!

Lish @ Imprintalish said...

Your hilarious! I am jealous..because at 5'2.5" I dislike heels...so unfortunate..I like the look of them, but not the feel...my husband is 6'3...yep we look weird together. LOL...

Unknown said...

This really hits home for me beacuse my fella and I are the exact same height, 5' 8" and he never wants me to wear heels, he's so self conscious. It doesn't bother me in the least so I hope he grows out of it!

xo Shane

Natasha Louise Taylor said...

This is awesome! I am the opposite and a height of 5'2 but seriously whatever the height people make comments, Just love being you! And those shoes are sexy!!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE those shoes! And your dress!! And that you're tall!! :o) I honestly hadn't even noticed, but I guess that's probably normal since it's hard for people to look tall or short in 2D on a computer screen. ;o)

Michelle Clark (AKA Miss Banana Pants) said...

First off. . .I love the shoes. And secondly. . .you crack me up because what you say is so familiar. I myself have scoured through rack after rack of pants looking for a LONG/TALL. And I'm only 5'8! But I feel your pain because my baby sister is 5'11 and wears heels on a daily basis making her about 6'3. She owns it. She has learned to hold her head high. Thanks for the chuckle this evening! Rock it TALL, girl!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the shoes, and this post made me laugh, I'm ALMOST 5'2" and I wish I had some of your height, i'd still rock the heels too though!

Anonymous said...

My friend is 6'7". So I'd say that SHE is a giant. ;)

riana. said...

Me encantar!! Lol I'm 5'11" and deal with the same stuff. I hate when people tell me I shouldn't wear heels because I'm already tall enough!! Thanks for posting!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad you found me on BBN! I have to say thanks to this post I am excited to see more from your blog. I am no stranger to extremely tall people. One of my great friends back in Hawaii is 6'6" and my Husband is 6'1". I however, am a tiny 5'1" YIKES! You should have seen some of the looks me and my friend would get while shopping or whatever. Priceless! She like you embraced her height! I think it's awesome!

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