It's Okay.

Ahoy, there, maties!! Pirate speak. It's awesome. If you're wondering why I come up with lame ways to start every post, this is why: I feel like it's rude not to say hello. If you're taking the time to read my blog, you deserve a greeting of some sort, right? And... I feel like it's boring to just say, "hello," or, "hey guys," every single day. Maybe I'm a weirdo, but I like variety. 
Anyway, I see this "It's okay" thing on Whitney's blog a lot, and today I'm having one of those days. I figured, hey, why don't I make it "okay" to have a crappy day and a ton to complain about by writing it off as an "It's okay" post? Genius. Before I begin, I would like to point out that that may or may not be what I am doing with this post, so read at your own risk.

It's okay....
that I wanted to punch a 16-year-old in the face today. Actually, make that two. I wanted to punch two 16-year-olds in the face. The picture below is what they would have seen if I didn't have such awesome self-control. And if there was no such thing as prison. Disregard the incredibly threatening old lady curtains, please. 
that I am tempted to eat my arm because I'm so hungry. Didn't get anything to eat today. Don't know why I'm sitting at my computer instead of standing over the stove. Oh, wait, yes I do...
that I hate cooking and think that it's stupid that it's the "woman's" job. Let's be honest here. My husband does a lot of the cooking around here because, quite honestly, I'm a crappy housewife. I hate the kitchen. And I hate making sandwiches. 
that I miss being in the United States where it's socially acceptable to drive half a block instead of walk it. Not that I have a car here, but if I did and I did that, people would think I was on crack. 

that I came home and went straight for the chocolate. Now, normally, I'm not a chocolate eater. Today was a chocolate day. That should tell you one of two things. It was either a) a super crappy day, or b) our kitchen is out of food and I was too lazy to go grocery shopping, and chocolate was the only thing that was easily accessible and edible. Unless you count paper, but I'm not five years old anymore. 
that I didn't go grocery shopping. Yep, it was b. 
that I ate paper when I was five years old. I had to address the issue. Don't worry, it didn't damage me at all. And... I'm sure that I looked at least as cute as that little monster when I was eating it, which makes it okay. 


Michelle said...

Ugh I know what you mean! Whenever I tell people that I don't clean, they act like I'm a horrible person. Who said that the woman has to do all the cleaning?

Unknown said...

My hubs does all the cooking, but he loves it so it was a great trade ;)
But I concur with the stupid stereotype.....I hate cleaning but I love when it's clean ya know? Ugh such a random contradiction!

And you should just come back home and play with me!! ;) I need a friend!!

Jenny-O said...

Personally, I LOVE your nature of "freak"ness! :) It is definitely ok to have days like this... as we both know all to well. And why not blog about it? It's a great stress reliever, and honestly, it's entertaining to read about in your mad-ass writing skills! (See what I did there)? Anyway, hope your day tomorrow is better. I know mine will be, since TWO of my classes are cancelled, again...yep. :)

B said...

I want to punch 16 year olds in the face on a normal basis, so I don't see anything wrong with that.
I also want to tell them to cut their hair and pull up their pants, the little freaks!

his little lady said...

ha, i definitely don't think that it should be the woman's job to cook all the time. and i want to know why you wanted to punch not only one but two 16-year-olds?
xo TJ

Breenah said...

I'm glad that I have a baby and that it's cold so I can have excuses for driving instead of walking. I hope tomorrow is better for you and ENJOY that chocolate!

Alana Christine said...

Punch him/her!
Don't eat your arm.
Tell your hubby to cook or he gets cereal.

And we now know why I'm not married.

Vivian said...

I go straight for the chocolate! Always! And I want to punch...punch all the time, hence the reason I've started taking a kickboxing class. You are SO FUN!

Natasha Louise Taylor said...

Totally okay to rant!! I did the chocolate thing too, but mine was because I was too tired to walk downstairs! maybe that's worse.
Thanks for the compliment today! It blew me away haha... Thanks so much! You are awesome too and You never fail at making me laugh!

Susie said...

My, those are some threatening old lady curtains.

I don't like making sandwiches, either. It feels like it takes forever! Maybe because every time I've made sandwiches, it's been for a canoe trip or something, so I'm making like a billion of them, and everyone wants their sandwich with different condiments on it. Pain in the ass. This post has inspired me to tell people to make their own damn sandwiches.

So thank you.

Anna said...

what? no picture of you eating paper? :)ha, your post totally cracks me up.

Kym said...

yes, you totally are a weirdo. and that's ok! :)


Kelly said...

Hah! I love the sandwich picture. And if I could I would use my car to get to the end of the driveway to get my mail...buuut that would probably take longer than just walking the short distance. Yes, I am generally that lazy.

Deidre said...

I quite enjoy cooking and am a much better cook than IC. but he is much cleaner than I am so it's a win win!

★ JASMINE ★ said...

I love your blog hun! I saw you when "blog walking"... hehe...

Happy to be your newest follower <3 Can't wait to read more!

Visit sometime, and follow back?


Shutterbug said...

LOL! i love your 'it's ok' list!

Unknown said...

I swear the ONLY time I ever enjoy cooking is when partnering up with my man to do it...or if I'm watching him do it. He loves it! Love your list. Makes me feel more normal :)

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