Blog Critique Review

Hey there, hi there, ho there!! 

I'm going to tell you all about something that I think is extremely important if you want your blog to be a little more... user friendly. 

Blog Critiques.

Folks, they're a good idea. I participated in one that was held over at Truly Lovely, and it was so great to get unbiased feedback about my blog design and layout. I had two lovely ladies, Chrissy and Morgan go through my blog and critique it based on the questionnaire at this site.

That's actually one of the reasons I'm changing up the size of my sponsor buttons this next month. I was told that, at first sight, it looked like a little too much, even though it was very well organized. Well, I'm hoping that with those nifty rectangular buttons, it will look a little more uniform and not quite as busy. 

Also, I don't know if you're the type to go look at the archives or search for something, but if you are, today is your happy day! I improved my archive so that it's easier to see past posts, and moved my search bar from an obscure location near the bottom of the sidebar to the top left hand side. It is now easier than ever to blog stalk me, folks! 

Moral of the story is this: Having somebody else review your blog is such a good idea. You may know what your blog looks like on your widescreen monitor, but did you know that I can't see half of your layout? You didn't? Or maybe your "sidebar" is down at the bottom of your page, and you had no idea, because it all works for you. My point is, don't be afraid to ask someone how your blog looks - it will probably do you more good than harm! 


erin e flynn said...

Yes, blog critiques are so helpful!

I recently wrote an article about screen resolutions hoping that some bloggers would realize that not everyone has the same resolution that they do... but no one even commented so either it was "TLDR" or i must have ticked them off!

B said...

This is actually a great idea!! Why have a I never thought of doing this before.

I hate to ask, but I'd love it if you could do one for my space. I think it's needed, and I'd love to hear your opinions on improvements I could make.

Why do I feel like a girl asking a date out to prom when I say this?

Anonymous said...

Blog critiques are a great idea! Sometimes I see things on blogs that are a little off or too cluttered, but I will NEVER tell them unless they ask. So now I'm asking. :o) Alyx - how's my layout? ;o)

Dorothy Explora said...

hook it up..! you ain't doing anything and are sick anyways! eheh.

plus, i'd appreciate it. don't feel the least bit reserved to just tell me it's already super awesome already. i mean, come on, my blog is so dope - it failed a piss test. lols.

alright... i blame my gangster-self tonight on your wiww blog. because, i'm the most gangster when i'm in my hoodie and sweats - and sick! and by sick, i mean totally ILL! and by ill - well, you nawm'sayn! ahah.

p.s. feel better! and i hope you had a lot of liquid with those pretzels and pb the night before. i can only imagine it coming back out if you didn't. ahaha.

Dorothy Explora said...

oh, and in case you're like michael - inject sarcasm... up there!

and if you're like me


Dorothy Explora said...

OMG... ahah, it registered it and took it out as actual code! lols.

yeah, i'm an IT GEEK by profession. ahah.

Haven said...

Wow. I've never thought about having anyone critique my blog. This would be really helpful for my Borderline blog. Who are good people to ask for this?

Kym said...

that's such an awesome idea. thanks for sharing - i'm going to keep my eye on truly lovely for another critique party.
and if you're so inclined, i'd welcome any critiques from you. i know my blog is in its formative toddler years, but i'm trying to learn to improve.
any suggestions?

feel better, my dear!

Unknown said...

Ooh! Good point! I never even thought about how ours would look on a thinner monitor! Thanks so much for participating Alyx and for linking up your review!!

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