On Body Image.

Oh, how I love The Office and Michael Scott. 

So... what's up, dawgs?

If you haven't already, go check out the post I did on sweet Ashley's blog about baby fever. If I may, let me just tell you this - it's kinda funny. 

Oh, and guess what?! Thanks to some help from you guys, I won the photo contest held by Ma Nouvelle Mode. 

Now on to the juicy stuff. 

Dear Women of the World

What the crap is wrong with you? I mean... us. What the crap is wrong with us? Why do we allow ourselves to be brainwashed? Why do we let society's constructs of beauty affect the way we see ourselves? 

Why do we believe that one body type is better than another? Why do we see a "skinny b*tch" and automatically refer to her as just that? Why is it that just because she's thin, she's automatically joined the ranks of people who deserve the title of "witch with a capital B?" And on that note, why are bigger women ridiculed and called "whales" and turned away from in disgust? 

Here's my proposal. First, let's all try to QUIT JUDGING! Then... Throw your stupid scale out the window (just make sure there's no one walking by - you don't want a law suit). Instead of crying about the 1 pound you just gained, go for a walk. Quit trying crazy crash diets to lose a few pounds. Instead, try to eat a little bit healthier each day. Quit comparing yourself to the super-skinny size 0 in line next to you at the grocery store. Instead, realize that we all have different body types. Quit looking in the mirror and pointing out every little flaw. Instead, realize how beautiful your smile is, and take the time to give yourself 10 compliments. Quit thinking that just because someone is prettier than you, that they are better than you. They aren't. Quit wishing that you looked like someone else, and learn to appreciate what makes you you.

Quit thinking that beauty is skin-deep. Instead, realize that true beauty comes from within. 

This next part is going to be a smack in the face, so brace yourself. 

Quit feeling sorry for yourself. Quit thinking that you're not ___________ enough. End the pity party, and remind yourself that you're frickin' amazing. That you are a child of an incredibly loving Savior who would not waste his time making an ugly piece of crap. That you have people who love you just the way you are, and that there will always be someone that you think is better-looking than yourself. Grow up, get over it, and live life to its full potential instead of wasting your time wishing you were better. 



his little lady said...

love this! we are all beautiful! no matter what size and shape!
xo TJ

B said...

You, my dear, are as close to God as I'll ever get.....

Okay okay, J/K, but seriously. Fantastic post. These things should all be obvious, but they aren't. And they REALLY need to be said.

Unknown said...

love this alyx :) its so important for everyone to know they're beautiful - no matter what they look like. too bad the world is HORRIBLE at sending that message.

jessica said...


Unknown said...

You say it girl! I've really started to feel like this since getting pregnant. So long as I'm healthy enough for my baby it doesn't matter what I look like ;)

Unknown said...

You say it girl! I've really started to feel like this since getting pregnant. So long as I'm healthy enough for my baby it doesn't matter what I look like ;)

Kristen Victoria said...

So true! Thanks for saying it. Congrats on winning the photo contest :) And I freakin love The Office!

Unknown said...

amen sister!

Haley Brianna said...

I 110% agree!! Amen!

Hilary said...

word! now...it's all easier said that done. but thanks for the encouragement!!


Alana Christine said...

Does it smell like upsexy in Germany? ; )

btw I agree--we (women) hate on ourselves WAY too much.

Jennie said...

I love this! And I agree with almost all of what you have to say. You are sooo right to say that it's not healthy to judge others and compare bodies or body parts or put yourself down constantly.

I have pretty high self esteem. On the self worth scale, I think I'm pretttty great. It's almost always been high. I totally accept that even if I weighed 100 pounds, the smallest size jeans I could ever wear would still be a 10. Maybe an 8 if I'm lucky, but I'm almost positive that a 10 is the smallest I could ever be.

However. I am 100% correct when I say to myself, "Self, you are not thin enough." It's not because I have an unhealthy body image or because the media has distorted my thinking: I truly am not thin enough. I NEED to keep thinking that I am not thin enough, because the minute I have thought, "Hey, as far as fat people go, I'm not THAT fat.", is the minute that I start rationalizing my weight instead of creating an action plan to fix it and be at a healthy weight, not necessarily be skinny.

Anyway, I agree that we shouldn't be working ourselves up over things we can't change about yourself (I can't fix my different sized eyes or my grotesquely fat knuckles) and beating ourselves up over it. But at least for the women who are clinically overweight or obsese, it is so important to be healthy and to not rationalize their choices as "well I'm just big-boned/full-figured/curvy" and not change their lifestyles.

This is just what I've been thinking about recently! Loved the post!

Vivian said...

And it all starts since we are little girls. I find myself constantly refraining from making comments about my body (which I judge WAY TO MUCH) for the sake of my daughter. SO hard though...so hard. Great post Alyx!

Breenah said...

I love this. The way I feel about my body makes me kind of scared to be raising a daughter.

Anonymous said...

Passing through via Liz's bloghop. ^^

While I agree on some levels, as someone who suffers from an eating disorder since I was in my teens, it is very much easier said than done to 'get over it' sometimes. I have my good days and my bad days.

I do very appreciate the encouragement and am doing my best with my girlfriend's help. :)

Life's Little Moments said...

thanks for stopping by my blog! I am loving your blog girl! It is so cute!


ashley.warner said...

Did you see the office episode where he has the body image meeting? hilarious!!!!!
I loved this post. You're a strong example and woman! You go girl :)

Ps. I LOVEDDDDDDDDD your guest post today! You crack me up!!!


Natasha Louise Taylor said...

LOVE YOU ALyx, you are awesome. Thanks for giving us that well deserved smack in the face. We're all guilty at some point in our lives, ALL of us.. we are crazy, but yes, we are ALL beautiful, in some way!

Anonymous said...

Amen sista!!!! Strong is the new skinny. Strong bodies and strong minds are way sexier than size zeros.

I loved you before, but I love you even more now that you wrote this!!!! :o)

Ashley said...

i love this.... i just found you through blueyed owl!

momto8 said...

how true! and young girls try and live up to some photoshopped nonexistent model image...I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can!

Sweet Tea In Sicily said...

Read your post about baby fever....... BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Baby fever cured.... for now. Might start daydreaming again tomorrow though.


Alexis Kaye said...

amen girlfriend!

Alex, Speaking Denglish said...

Go girl!

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