Things I Loved about Today

Today was a wake up at noon and lounge around in sweats and my favorite Nebraska tee shirt kind of day. I love being a total bum every once in a while.
Hubby and I had breakfast (yes, breakfast) at 2 p.m. I made delicious crepes, and we reveled in the fact that it was technically brunner* time, and we were eating our first meal of the day... in our pajamas.
I found an awesome website called Rock my Run dot com where you can download free workout mixes. I got 2 awesome mixes to add to my workout music collection.
I got to exercise to my new workout mixes. I left one playing, and after my shower, I heard Hubby singing at the top of his lungs to "Love is a Battlefield" by Pat Benatar. It put a huge smile on my face.
Date night. Our first REAL date night since we've been here, and it was fabulous. We went to a pizzeria in town, and the food was great!
Walking to said Pizzeria. It's about a 15 minute walk from our apartment, and the air was cool and crisp. It was nice to hold Hubby's hand inside the pocket of his leather coat and talk about life.
Being able to watch "30 Rock" on Netflix. That show is awesome, and I have already brought myself to tears from laughing so hard.
[Cheesy warning] Spending the whole day with my other half. He is seriously my bestest friend in the whole world, and I'm lucky to have him. I love that he tells me I'm beautiful when I'm wandering around the apartment without makeup on and my hair gross. I love that he teaches me how to do things like make crepes. I love that he is here with me, and I love that he's trying to learn a language that he never would have had an interest in before. I love him.

*brunner: a word that Alyx and Mike made up together. It is a hybrid of the words "breakfast, lunch, and dinner." It is an awesome word, and you should strive to use it as often as humanly possible without sounding like a freak for using the word too much. 

I think that this was a pretty good Friday. Wouldn't you say so?

Yes, I know this is an old picture. I still love it. :)