Shaking My Head at What I've Become...

If you know who that is in the picture above me, you're probably in the same boat as me. That's right, I've become... *shudder* a "Trekkie" (so much so that I googled that to make sure I spelled it right). 
I used to make fun of Mike when he would watch it until 2 a.m., telling him that he was such a nerd for liking the show, but now I'm just as bad as him. In fact, we are watching the show as I post this. 
I can't help it. I got sucked in. I mean, wouldn't you want to know if Captain Janeway and her crew or the Starship Voyager could safely and successfully return home after being stranded in the Delta Quadrant? I would, and I do. I'm hooked, man! I find myself thinking that "Chakotay Garner" would have a nice ring to it, and thinking things like, "Resistance is futile." What in the world have I become???


I'm considering learning Klingon. 


Diane said...

Whoa there. There's Trekkie and then there's extreme Trekkie, and learning Klingon is a bit extreme.

However, there is a video of a woman singing "I am a child of God" in Klingon that is pretty awesome.

ps welcome to the club :)

Unknown said...

Hah! (Old post, new comment - sorry about this, but I just can't resist a Trekkie post!)

It's a GREAT love to have. Great! I lovelovelove the ol' ST (so much so that Husband-Guy and I recently trekked to Calgary for their Comic and Entertainment Convention BECAUSE all of the original cast members (from season one) of ST: The Next Generation were slated to be there! GREAT series of shows!

Like Diane said, welcome to the club! :D

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